Minor Repairs and Maintenance Sample Clauses

Minor Repairs and Maintenance. The tenant must perform minor repairs so long as the ancillary costs do not exceed DM 1,000.00 plus currently applicable VAT in each case, and if the net repair amounts for each year do not exceed a net rental payment for one month.
Minor Repairs and Maintenance. Where possible are to be performed by vehicle operators, eg. Painting of hubs, wheels and rear of trailers, changing light globes and electrical plugs etc. Vehicle operators are to wash and polish equipment as requested.
Minor Repairs and Maintenance. 3.20. You agree to carry out minor repairs and maintenance to your Home including (but not limited to):-  the replacement of all cracked or broken glass resulting from damage caused by you;  the re-fixing of loose window handles and stays;  the replacement of loose internal door locks, latches, handles, hinges, defective letter boxes and locks where the keys have been lost;  the replacement or refixing of hat and coat hooks, loose architraves, skirting boards, picture and Dado rails, curtain battens and shelving;  the replacement or refixing of wall and floor tiles and tiles on fire surrounds or hearths;  the replacement of WC seats, sink and bath plugs and toilet roll holders;  the unblocking of sinks, basins and bath wastes where the blockage is within your Home; and  the replacement of smoke alarm batteries. Alterations

Related to Minor Repairs and Maintenance

  • Repairs and Maintenance Grantor agrees to keep and maintain, and to cause others to keep and maintain, the Collateral in good order, repair and condition at all times while this Agreement remains in effect. Grantor further agrees to pay when due all claims for work done on, or services rendered or material furnished in connection with the Collateral so that no lien or encumbrance may ever attach to or be filed against the Collateral.

  • Repair and Maintenance Except in the case of damage to or destruction of the Leased Premises, the Building, the Outside Areas or the Property caused by an act of God or other peril, in which case the provisions of Article 10 shall control, the parties shall have the following obligations and responsibilities with respect to the repair and maintenance of the Leased Premises, the Building, the Outside Areas, and the Property.

  • REPAIRS; MAINTENANCE The Owner hereby gives power to the Agent to supervise repairs, improvements, alterations, and decorations to the Property as well as purchase and pay bills for services and supplies. The Agent shall obtain prior approval of the Owner for all expenditures over $ for any single item. Prior approval for lesser amounts shall not be required for monthly or recurring operating charges or if emergency expenditures over the maximum are, in the Agent’s opinion, needed to protect the Property from damage, prevent injury to persons, avoid suspension of necessary services, avoid penalties or fines, or suspension of services to tenants required by a lease or rental agreement or by law, including, but not limited to, maintaining the Property in a condition fit for human habitation as required by applicable law.

  • Construction and Maintenance There are on-going maintenance, renovation and construction projects taking place in and around the residences. The work typically takes place during regular business hours, but may begin earlier or extend into evenings or weekends. On-going construction or renovation projects will continue through midterm and final exam periods. The University will take measures to ensure that prudent construction practices are followed, but there may be noise, dust and temporary interruption of some services. Residents may be required to temporarily or permanently relocate to facilitate construction or renovation to their residence area. There will be no compensation or reduction to your residence fees due to disruption and/or relocation.

  • Installation and Maintenance Except for the bi‐directional and production metering equipment owned by the City, all equipment on Customer’s side of the delivery point, including the required disconnect device, shall be provided and maintained in satisfactory operating condition by Customer and shall remain the property and responsibility of the Customer. The City will bear no responsibility for the installation or maintenance of Customer’s equipment or for any damage to property as a result of any failure or malfunction thereof. The City shall not be liable, directly or indirectly for permitting or continuing to allow the interconnection of the Facility or for the acts or omissions of Customer or the failure or malfunction of any equipment of Customer that causes loss or injury, including death, to any party.

  • Planned Maintenance (a) Subject to any modification or amendment of this Agreement made pursuant to Section 4.2(c) or Section 7.3(d), Planned Maintenance occurring during the Delivery Term shall be coordinated and scheduled in accordance with this Section 9.6. Seller shall perform all Planned Maintenance (including Major Planned Maintenance) in a manner that optimizes the generation and benefits to Buyer of the Contract Energy, Storage Energy, and other Products (e.g., during off-peak periods and low-irradiance periods) and, without limiting the foregoing, either

  • Installation, Inspection, and Maintenance The Contractor is responsible for installation and maintenance of the BMPs as a part of its Bid. The Design Professional shall obtain the services of a qualified testing laboratory to inspect the BMPs in accordance with the permits, the costs of such inspections to be borne by the Owner. In the event of Abnormal Weather Conditions or force majeure, the Contractor shall be compensated for re-installation of BMPs at established Unit Prices.

  • USE AND MAINTENANCE Lessee will use the Equipment with due care and only for the purpose for which it is intended. Lessee will, by qualified personnel, use, maintain, repair, modify (to the extent permitted or required herein) in accordance with prudent practices (but in no event less than the same extent to which Lessee maintains other similar equipment owned or leased by it) and for the purpose for which such Equipment was designed, in compliance with insurance policies, manufacturer's specified maintenance programs, warranties and applicable laws, and shall keep the Equipment in as good repair, condition, appearance and good operating order as when originally received by Lessee, ordinary wear and tear excepted, and will furnish all required labor, repairs, replacements and parts of the Equipment as may from time to time become worn out, lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged or unfit for use, all at its sole expense. Lessee shall enter into and maintain in force, for the term of each Lease (after the expiration of any applicable manufacturer’s warranty), a maintenance contract with the manufacturer of the Equipment or with a service organization satisfactory to Lessor and provide Lessor with a copy of such contract and all supplements thereto upon Lessor’s request. Lessee shall take all actions necessary to cause the Equipment to remain eligible for any maintenance program of the manufacturer, including the purchase of all replacements, upgrades and enhancements relating to the Equipment and the software used on, embedded in or with the Equipment, that are required by the manufacturer for such eligibility. Lessee shall, at its expense, make all modifications and improvements to the Equipment required by law. Lessee may, at its sole cost and expense, make any modifications to the Equipment, provided that such modifications (a) are readily removable without causing damage to the Equipment, (b) do not reduce the value, utility, marketability or remaining useful life of the Equipment, and (c) are of a kind that customarily are made by lessees or purchasers of equipment similar to the Equipment. All parts, alterations, additions, attachments, upgrades, modifications and improvements to the Equipment (or any component thereof) shall, when installed or made, automatically and immediately become the property of Lessor and part of the Equipment for all purposes; provided, that any modification not required by law shall if requested by Lessor be removed by Lessee and any damage to the Equipment resulting from such removal and the cost thereof shall be borne by the Lessee and repaired prior to the return of the Equipment to the Lessor. The Equipment shall not be used outside of the United States without Lessor's prior written consent.

  • MAINTENANCE, REPAIRS, OR ALTERATIONS The Tenant shall, at their own expense and at all times, maintain premises in a clean and sanitary manner, and shall surrender the same at termination hereof, in as good condition as received, normal wear and tear excepted. The Tenant may not make any alterations to the leased premises without the consent in writing of the Landlord. The Landlord shall be responsible for repairs to the interior and exterior of the building. If the Premises includes a washer, dryer, freezer, dehumidifier unit and/or air conditioning unit, the Landlord makes no warranty as to the repair or replacement of units if one or all shall fail to operate. The Landlord will place fresh batteries in all battery-operated smoke detectors when the Tenant moves into the premises. After the initial placement of the fresh batteries it is the responsibility of the Tenant to replace batteries when needed. A monthly "cursory" inspection may be required for all fire extinguishers to make sure they are fully charged.

  • Road Maintenance Purchaser shall maintain roads, commensurate with Purchaser’s use, in accor- dance with Road Maintenance Requirements in C5.31 and the Road Maintenance Specifications. Performance of road maintenance work by Purchaser may be required prior to, during, or after each period of use. The timing of work accomplishment shall be based on Purchaser’s Op- erating Schedule under B6.31. When two or more commercial users are simultane- ously using the same road where Forest Service is not requiring maintenance deposits, the commercial users will develop maintenance responsibilities and arrangements for accomplishing the work. Forest Service must agree to this plan. If the commercial users cannot agree on main- tenance responsibilities, Forest Service shall resolve the differences. If Purchaser elects to use different roads than those listed in C5.31, Forest Service shall determine Pur- chaser’s commensurate share of road maintenance and revise road maintenance deposits in C5.32. If Forest Service cannot perform its full commensu- rate share of road maintenance, Forest Service shall make a cash payment to Purchaser for performance of such work. Unless agreed in writing, prehaul maintenance shall be completed on any portion of road prior to hauling on that portion. Maintenance, as used in this contract, does not include road reconstruction or repairs of an extraordi- nary nature.