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Ministry of Planning. 5. Ministry of Family Affairs and Promotion of the Status of Women. RPF
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Ministry of Planning. The Recipient plans to supplement the reform program with additional measures to address the special needs of disadvantaged groups, and is considering separately what new mechanisms to utilize to bring its budget resources to bear to help meet the needs of these special segments of the population. Another strand of the Recipient’s housing sector policy therefore involves the reform of its housing subsidy schemes. Appropriate subsidy schemes for the Recipient’s disadvantaged groups would be analyzed, such as the use of rental vouchers, purchase vouchers, saving incentives and sites and services urban upgrading programs. Alternate mechanisms would be evaluated in terms of their ability to reveal preferences in the market, opportunity costs of resources, and the most effective modes of production. SCHEDULE 4 Consultants' Services Employment of Consultants
Ministry of Planning. Development and Reconstruction 6. Ministry of Community Development ...

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  • MINISTRY INITIATIVES OSSTF/FEESO education workers will be an active participant in the consultation process at the Ministry Initiatives Committee. Ministry Initiatives Committee shall meet at least quarterly each year to discuss new initiatives, including implications for training, resources. C14.00 PROVINCIAL FEDERATION RELEASE DAYS

  • Procurement Planning Prior to the issuance of any invitations to bid for contracts, the proposed procurement plan for the Project shall be furnished to the Association for its review and approval, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of Appendix 1 to the Guidelines. Procurement of all goods and works shall be undertaken in accordance with such procurement plan as shall have been approved by the Association, and with the provisions of said paragraph 1.

  • Department of Agriculture United States Department of Agriculture at 0-000-000-0000, 000-000-0000, or xxxx:// to determine those specific project sites located in the quarantined area or for any regulated article used on this project originating in a quarantined county. Regulated Articles Include

  • Training and Development 14.1 The parties are committed to, and acknowledge the mutual benefit to the employer and employee of planned human resource development and the provision and participation in relevant development opportunities (including accredited training).

  • MINISTRY/SCHOOL BOARD INITIATIVES ETFO will be an active participant in the consultation process to develop a Ministry of Education PPM regarding Ministry/School Board Initiatives.

  • Strategic Planning Facilitate the effective alignment of IT requirements/ Information Resource Management (IRM) plans with strategic business plans and program initiatives. Management Improvements: Development and implementation of improved systems and business practices to optimize productivity and service delivery operations (e.g., analysis, and implementation of improvements in the flow of IT work and program processes and tool utilization, including business system analysis, identification of requirements for streamlining, re-engineering, or re-structuring internal systems/business processes for improvement, determination of IT solution alternatives, benchmarking).

  • Tourism 1. In this field, the objective of the cooperation will be to strengthen the promotion of the tourist potentialities of the Parties, as well as to facilitate the information exchange and the conservation of natural and cultural attractions. 2. The Parties will develop tourism through: (a) strengthening of public and private institutions related to the development of tourism; and (b) promotion of the main tourist destinations of each Party.

  • Training and Education SECTION 1 – Law Enforcement Supervisors’ Training The state and the PBA recognize the importance of supervisor training programs to develop management skills in our law enforcement supervisors. The state will make a reasonable effort to continue existing training programs in law enforcement techniques and to develop new programs in performance review techniques, supervisory skills, and managerial techniques.

  • General Administration 13.1 The Managers shall handle and settle all claims arising out of the Management Services hereunder and keep the Owners informed regarding any incident of which the Managers become aware which gives or may give rise to claims or disputes involving third parties.

  • Protection Planning Annually, sub-geographic area Unit Administrators will determine efficiencies to be gained from reciprocal assistance and acquisition of protection services. Operating plans will document decisions. Plans should be reviewed, and agreement reached concerning such items as placement of crews, engines, air tankers, helicopters, fixed and aerial detection, regulated use, closures and other joint fire suppression efforts.

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