Merchant Network Upgrades Sample Clauses

Merchant Network Upgrades. If the Interconnection Customer is an Option (B) Interconnection Customer, the Interconnection Customer may elect to have a party other than the applicable Participating TO construct some or all of the LDNU and ADNU that the Interconnection Customer has the obligation to fund and that are not subject to reimbursement. Such LDNU and ADNU will be constructed and incorporated into the CAISO Controlled Grid pursuant to the provisions for Merchant Transmission Facilities in CAISO Tariff Sections and 36.11.

Related to Merchant Network Upgrades

  • Network Upgrades The Transmission Owner shall design, procure, construct, install, and own the Network Upgrades described in Attachment 6 of this Agreement. If the Transmission Owner and the Interconnection Customer agree, the Interconnection Customer may construct Network Upgrades that are located on land owned by the Interconnection Customer. Unless the Transmission Owner elects to pay for Network Upgrades, the actual cost of the Network Upgrades, including overheads, shall be borne initially by the Interconnection Customer.