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Mental Health Programs. (Pre/Post EB-NE Assessment)
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Mental Health Programs. TOTAL DEPARTMENT 70
Mental Health Programs. Mental health case management, including, but not limited to, counseling (individual, family and group), skills training, wrap-around services, and placement, for the purposes of addressing an identified mental health need.
Mental Health Programs. (Pre/Post EB-NE Assessment) EXECUTED by Sponsor this day of , 2022, the "Date of Sponsor Execution.” APPROVED AS TO FORM THIS LANCASTER COUNTY, NEBRASKA day of , 2022. A Political Subdivision, Sponsor BY: for XXX XXXXXX Xxxxxxxxx County Attorney BY: Xxx Xxxxxx, Chair Lancaster County Board of Commissioners ATTACHMENT A PURPOSE The HUB - Central Access Point for Young Adults Volunteer Coordination The purpose of this grant contract is to provide funding for the Grantee’s Youth Community Service Program. This project will address the difficulty youth on probation and diversion have in finding community service opportunities and provide the follow-up necessary to insure the youth completes the community service. The Grantee will assist youth on probation and diversion by finding appropriate volunteer opportunities at local agencies. Additionally, the Grantee will serve as an intermediary between the youth and the agency, thus increasing the chances of success for the youth. Successful completion of the community service requirement will aid in getting youth back on track and out of the juvenile justice system. Community Service also helps reduce the most common risk factor for juveniles, unstructured/unsupervised time and bad peer influences. This program will help enhance the current graduated sanctions and pre-trial diversion system. ATTACHMENT B
Mental Health Programs. (Pre/Post EB-NE Assessment) 17 May EXECUTED by Grantee this day of , 2022. Family Service Lincoln Digitally signed by Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Date: 2022.05.19 10:00:38 -05'00' Xxxxxx X Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Digitally signed by Xxxxxx R
Mental Health Programs. (Pre/Post EB-NE Assessment) EXECUTED by Grantee this 13 day of May , 2022. CenterPointe A Non-profit Corporation, Grantee BY:
Mental Health Programs. (Pre/Post EB-NE Assessment) 7th July EXECUTED by Grantee this day of , 2023. Family Service Lincoln Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Digitally signed by Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Date: 2023.07.07 10:05:01 -05'00' Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Digitally signed by Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Date: 2023.07.07 09:57:05 -05'00' A Non-profit Corporation, Grantee BY:
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Mental Health Programs. (Pre/Post EB-NE Assessment) EXECUTED by Grantee this 17 day of May , 2022. The Mediation Center Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Digitally signed by Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Date: 2022.05.17 17:31:27 -05'00'

Related to Mental Health Programs

  • Mental Health The parties recognize the importance of supporting and promoting a psychologically healthy workplace and as such will adhere to all applicable statutes, policy, guidelines and regulations pertaining to the promotion of mental health.

  • HEALTH PROGRAM 3701 Health examinations required by the Employer shall be provided by the Employer and shall be at the expense of the Employer. 3702 Time off without loss of regular pay shall be allowed at a time determined by the Employer for such medical examinations and laboratory tests, provided that these are performed on the Employer’s premises, or at a facility designated by the Employer. 3703 With the approval of the Employer, a nurse may choose to be examined by a physician of her/his own choice, at her/his own expense, as long as the Employer receives a statement as to the fitness of the nurse from the physician. 3704 Time off for medical and dental examinations and/or treatments may be granted and such time off, including necessary travel time, shall be chargeable against accumulated income protection benefits.

  • Mental Health Services This agreement covers medically necessary services for the treatment of mental health disorders in a general or specialty hospital or outpatient facilities that are: • reviewed and approved by us; and • licensed under the laws of the State of Rhode Island or by the state in which the facility is located as a general or specialty hospital or outpatient facility. We review network and non-network programs, hospitals and inpatient facilities, and the specific services provided to decide whether a preauthorization, hospital or inpatient facility, or specific services rendered meets our program requirements, content and criteria. If our program content and criteria are not met, the services are not covered under this agreement. Our program content and criteria are defined below.

  • Health Promotion Effective January 1, 2014, the Employer shall provide a voluntary employee incentive program that offers taxable cash payments not to exceed $300 per employee per calendar year to employees who participate in health promotion activities and programs offered by the Employer. The Employer shall establish the specifics of the programs through the Health Benefit Committee. This provision shall expire on June 30, 2015 unless mutually agreed otherwise by the parties. All approved vendors contracted with the health plan administrator shall be permitted to provide services on state premises for employees.

  • HEALTH CARE PLANS ‌ Notwithstanding the references to the Pacific Blue Cross Plans in this article, the parties agree that Employers, who are not currently providing benefits under the Pacific Blue Cross Plans may continue to provide the benefits through another carrier providing that the overall level of benefits is comparable to the level of benefits under the Pacific Blue Cross Plans.

  • Health Promotion Incentives The Joint Labor-Management Committee on Health Plans shall develop a program which provides incentives for employees who participate in a health promotion program. The health promotion program shall emphasize the adoption and maintenance of more healthy lifestyle behaviors and shall encourage wiser usage of the health care system.

  • Health Promotion and Health Education Both parties to this Agreement recognize the value and importance of health promotion and health education programs. Such programs can assist employees and their dependents to maintain and enhance their health, and to make appropriate use of the health care system. To work toward these goals:

  • Hospital This plan covers behavioral health services if you are inpatient at a general or specialty hospital. See Inpatient Services in Section 3 for additional information. Residential Treatment Facility This plan covers services at behavioral health residential treatment facilities, which provide: • clinical treatment; • medication evaluation management; and • 24-hour on site availability of health professional staff, as required by licensing regulations. Intermediate Care Services This plan covers intermediate care services, which are facility-based programs that are: • more intensive than traditional outpatient services; • less intensive than 24-hour inpatient hospital or residential treatment facility services; and • used as a step down from a higher level of care; or • used a step-up from standard care level of care. Intermediate care services include the following: • Partial Hospital Program (PHP) – PHPs are structured and medically supervised day, evening, or nighttime treatment programs providing individualized treatment plans. A PHP typically runs for five hours a day, five days per week. • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – An IOP provides substantial clinical support for patients who are either in transition from a higher level of care or at risk for admission to a higher level of care. An IOP typically runs for three hours per day, three days per week.

  • Dental Program The State will provide a dental plan for the employees and their family. The coverage shall be $1,200 under the dental program to be effective upon the expiration of the current dental program. Effective January 1, 2009, the following dental change shall be in effect: Dental plan crown coverage shall be changed to 80%.

  • Behavioral Health Behavioral health services, with the exception of Medicaid Rehabilitation Option (MRO) and 1915(i) services, are a covered benefit under the Hoosier Healthwise program. The Contractor shall be responsible for managing and reimbursing all such services in accordance with the requirements in this section. In furnishing behavioral health benefits, including any applicable utilization restrictions, the Contractor shall comply with the Mental Health Parity and Additions Equity Act (MHPAEA). This includes, but is not limited to:  Ensuring medical management techniques applied to mental health or substance use disorder benefits are comparable to and applied no more stringently than the medical management techniques that are applied to medical and surgical benefits.  Ensuring compliance with MHPAEA for any benefits offered by the Contractor to members beyond those otherwise specified in this Scope of Work.  Making the criteria for medical necessity determinations for mental health or substance use disorder benefits available to any current or potential members, or contracting provider upon request.  Providing the reason for any denial of reimbursement or payment with respect to mental health or substance use disorder benefits to members.  Providing out-of-network coverage for mental health or substance use disorder benefits when made available for medical and surgical benefits. The Contractor shall assure that behavioral health services are integrated with physical care services, and that behavioral health services are provided as part of the treatment continuum of care. The Contractor shall develop protocols to:  Provide care that addresses the needs of members in an integrated way, with attention to the physical health and chronic disease contributions to behavioral health;  Provide a written plan and evidence of ongoing, increased communication between the PMP, the Contractor and the behavioral health care provider; and  Coordinate management of utilization of behavioral health care services with MRO and 1915(i) services and services for physical health.

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