Membership and Voting Sample Clauses

Membership and Voting. AMTSO Members will publicly, but non-exclusively, support the Purposes, though not necessarily each action, of AMTSO, and will agree to abide by the obligations set forth in this Agreement, including the payment of membership fees set forth below. Entity Members will be permitted to vote with the Membership at Large to the extent permitted by the Bylaws and applicable law. Individual Members will not be permitted to vote with the Membership at Large, as set forth in the Bylaws.
Membership and Voting. Each of the Public Entity Members of the Governance Committee shall be represented on the Governance Committee by one elected official of such entity and one alternate who shall also be an elected official. No individual person may be appointed as the primary or alternate representative of more than one Party. If MPRWA ceases to exists, then the cities that are members of the MPRWA at the time of the MPRWA’s termination shall collectively choose a “city representative” that will take the place of the MPRWA representative on the Governance Committee. Cal Am shall be represented by the President of Cal-Am or the President’s alternate, whom the President may designate to act on his or her behalf at anytime. The Governance Committee shall appoint a “Chair” and “Vice-Chair” from the primary (non- alternate) elected officials appointed to the Governance Committee. Each of the Public Entity Members of the Governance Committee shall have a single equal vote in decision-making. Cal-Am shall not have a vote for purposes of the issuance of decisions or recommendations by the Governance Committee. However, Cal-Am shall, unless it abstains from doing so, state its preference with respect to any decision or recommendation made by the Governance Committee (the “Cal-Am Preference”) at the time that any decision or recommendation is made by the Governance Committee and the Cal-Am Preference shall be recorded within the meeting minutes together with a summary of any explanation provided by Cal-Am for the Cal-Am Preference.
Membership and Voting. The qualification of members, the manner of their admission to membership and termination of such membership, and the method of voting by the members shall be governed by the provisions of Article 4 and Article 5 of the Association’s Articles of Incorporation, as supplemented by the provisions of these Amended and Restated By- laws.
Membership and Voting. The initial Cooperative Governing Board shall include fourteen
Membership and Voting. Section 1 - Membership. Every person or entity who is a record Owner of a fee or undivided fee interest in any Lot which is subject by covenants of record to assessment by the Association, including contract sellers, shall be a member of the Association. The foregoing is not intended to include persons or entities who hold an interest merely as security for the performance of an obligation. Membership shall be appurtenant to and may not be separated from ownership of any Lot which is subject to assessment by the Association. Ownership of such Lot shall be the sole qualification for membership, and such membership shall continue until such time as the Owner’s ownership terminates, at which time his or her membership shall automatically cease. Proof of membership (such as a deed), if called for by the Association or its managing agent, must be provided to the Secretary of the Association (or other designated representative) prior to any rights of membership being exercised.
Membership and Voting. (1) Membership in SHL shall be open to all adults who are interested in fostering amateur ice hockey activities. An adult is anyone eighteen (18) years or older.
Membership and Voting. The Severance Administration Committee shall serve as plan administrator. The Severance Administration Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) members. The Severance Administration Committee shall act by a majority of its members at the time in office, and such action may be taken by a vote at a meeting, in writing without a meeting, or by telephonic communications. Attendance at a meeting, in person or by telephone, shall constitute waiver of notice thereof. A member of the Severance Administration Committee who is a Participant of the Plan shall not vote on any question relating specifically to such Participant. Any such action shall be voted or decided by a majority of the remaining members of the Severance Administration Committee. The Severance Administration Committee shall designate one of its members as the Chairman and shall appoint a Secretary who may, but need not, be a member thereof. The Severance Administration Committee may appoint from its members such subcommittees with such powers as the Severance Administration Committee shall determine.
Membership and Voting. Every Owner of a Condominium is a Member of the Association (each a “Member”) and has one membership for each Condominium in the Project owned by such Owner. If the Owner of the a Condominium shall be more than one (1) Person, all such Persons shall have a membership in the Association and be deemed Members, but the voting rights in the Association attributable to that Condominium may not be split and shall be exercised by one (1) representative selected by such Persons as they, among themselves, may determine. In the event such Persons are unable to agree among themselves on any matter put to a vote as to how the vote shall be cast, such Persons shall not be entitled to vote on the matter in question. If only one such Person casts a vote, it will thereafter be conclusively presumed for all purposes that such Person was acting with the authority and consent of all other co-Owners of such Condominium. To this end, only one (1) vote is allocated to each Condominium, regardless of the number of Persons that hold an ownership interest in such Condominium. In all events, each Member’s voting rights are subject to Grantor’s proxy rights during the Initial Development Period.
Membership and Voting. The qualifications for membership in the Association along with the appurtenant voting rights and other privileges due Owners are set forth in the Declaration. Each Owner (whether one or more persons or entities) of a Lot shall, upon virtue of becoming an Owner, automatically become a Member of the Association. Except as set forth in the Declaration, each 1 BYLAWS Lot (except Lots owned by Declarant) shall have only one vote. The Member who casts the vote for a Lot is a "Voting Member." Declarant shall be entitled to seven votes for each Lot it owns, until such time as each such Lot is sold, at which time the new Owner shall be entitled to one vote.
Membership and Voting. The initial Cooperative Governing Board shall include fourteen (14) voting members, appointed by the Appointers of the following Parties in the following numbers: County (2), Marina (2), Seaside (2), Del Rey Oaks (1), Monterey (1), State Parks (1), UC (1), CSUMB (1), MPC (1), MPRPD (1), and MCWD (1). Because County, Marina and Seaside each have been apportioned a greater amount of Fort Ord development lands than the other Parties who may appoint voting members to the Cooperative Governing Board, (and because CFD Special Taxes collected from development projects on land under these parties’ ownership, jurisdiction, or control provided most of the funding for the Habitat Endowment), each may appoint two (2) voting Cooperative Governing Board members. Each voting Cooperative Governing Board member shall have one (1) vote for each decision relating to the governance, budget, or administration of the Cooperative. BLM shall be the sole non-voting member.