Medical Staff Bylaws Sample Clauses

Medical Staff Bylaws. Resident shall comply with the Bylaws, Rules, and Regulations of the Medical Staff of Hospital and other applicable policies and procedures.
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Medical Staff Bylaws. Seller has delivered or made available to Buyer correct and complete copies of the bylaws and rules and regulations of the medical staff of the Hospital.
Medical Staff Bylaws. “Medical Staff Bylaws” means the bylaws adopted by the Hospital and its Medical Staff to govern the relationship between the Hospital and the Medical Staff.
Medical Staff Bylaws. User acknowledges and agrees that any violation of Hospitals’ medical staff bylaws by User or any User-Enabled Third Party in regard to the use or disclosure of PHI obtained through the System is deemed a material breach of this Agreement.
Medical Staff Bylaws. The VHA Handbook provides updated VHA procedures regarding credentialing and privileging, to include incorporating: VHA policy concerning VetPro; the Expedited Medical Staff Appointment Process; credentialing during activation of the facility Disaster Plan; requirements for querying the FSMB; credentialing and privileging requirements for Telemedicine and remote health care; clarifications for the Summary Suspension of Privileges process in order to ensure both patient safety and practitioner rights; and the credentialing requirements for other required providers.
Medical Staff Bylaws. Buyer hereby adopts as the Medical Staff Bylaws for the Hospital, effective as of the Closing, the Medical Staff Bylaws in effect on the Closing Date and hereby extends to the Medical Staff of the Hospital as of the Closing Date, the same medical staff privileges and membership status they enjoyed on the Closing Date, subject to any existing peer review or other proceedings.
Medical Staff Bylaws. The Medical Staff shall propose and adopt by vote bylaws, rules, and regulations for its self-governance, which shall be effective only when approved by the Board of Managers. The Medical Staff shall report directly to the Board of Managers. The Medical Staff Bylaws shall create an effective administrative unit for the organization and governance of the Medical Staff to regulate it in discharging its functions and responsibilities as assigned to it by the Board of Managers. The Medical Staff Bylaws shall, among other things, provide:
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Medical Staff Bylaws. There shall be bylaws, rules and regulations, and amendments thereto, for the Medical Staff that set forth its organization and government, all with standards acceptable to the Board of Managers and licensing bodies and accrediting bodies. Proposed bylaws, rules and regulations should be recommended by the Medical Staff, subject to approval by the Board of Managers. The power of the Board of Managers to adopt or amend Medical Staff Bylaws, rules and regulations shall not be dependent upon ratification by the Medical Staff provided the Medical Staff is so notified, and provided the amendments are first submitted to the Medical Executive Committee of the Medical Staff for review and comment.
Medical Staff Bylaws. The Bylaws of the Medical Staff of the Medical Center.
Medical Staff Bylaws 
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