Medical Payments Sample Clauses

Medical Payments the Company shall make a cash payment each month during the thirty (30) month period commencing after the Executive’s Termination Date, equal to the full monthly premium for the medical and health benefits described in Section 4.3.2(v) above minus the active employee cost of such coverage, such amount to be grossed-up for any applicable income taxes;
Medical Payments. I f Coverage C Medical Payments is not otherwise excluded, the Medical Payments provided by this Policy are amended as follows: The Medical Expense Limit in paragraph 7. o f SECTION III - LIMITS OF INSURANCE is replaced by the following Medical expense Limit: The Medical Expense Limit provided by this Policy shall be the greater of:
Medical Payments. This insurance applies only when a Medical Payments Limit is indicated in the Declarations
Medical Payments. The Company shall reimburse Consultant for the cost of medical insurance premiums payments made by Consultant for himself and for his spouse for dental, vision and supplemental Medicare (B) premium payments, both pursuant to COBRA, for a period not to exceed eighteen months beginning July 1, 2009.
Medical Payments. 5. Leakage, seepage, and wind-driven rain.
Medical Payments. To pay covered medical expenses subject to limitations and exclusions of the policy and declarations which are not covered by any other health plan or medical insurance for loss sustained by any person not hereinafter excluded by reason of the payment by or on behalf of such person of reasonable; medical, surgical, ambulance, hospital, professional, nursing and funeral expense, resulting from bodily injury caused by an accident to such person as a result of operating, being carried in or upon or getting onto, or alighting from a watercraft described, and incurred within one year of the date of the accident.
Medical Payments. If any person is injured while boarding, on board, or alighting from the insured Vessel, we will pay reasonable medical and/or funeral expenses if incurred within one year after the date of the injury.
Medical Payments. A. LIMITS OF INSURANCE is amended to delete Paragraph 7. (the Medical Expense Limit) and replace it with the following: