Medical Payments Sample Clauses

Medical Payments the Company shall make a cash payment each month during the thirty (30) month period commencing after the Executive’s Termination Date, equal to the full monthly premium for the medical and health benefits described in Section 4.3.2(v) above minus the active employee cost of such coverage, such amount to be grossed-up for any applicable income taxes;
Medical Payments. All reasonable and necessary expenses incurred within 2 years from the date of the accident for:
Medical Payments. This insurance applies only when a Medical Payments Limit is indicated in the Declarations
Medical Payments. It is hereby noted that the policy is extended to cover Medical Payments in respect of each Research subject who sustains Bodily injury arising out of their participation in a Clinical Trial when such injury was incurred during the Period of Insurance. The Research subject must submit to medical examination, at the Insurer’s expense and by physicians of its choice, as often as is reasonably required. A limit of USD 10,000 applies to each and every person. These payments will not exceed the applicable Limits of Liability. It is hereby noted and agreed that the Insurer will make these payments regardless of fault. A deductible of NIL applies to each and every person. Medical Payments meaning reasonable expenses for: · first aid administered at the time of the Bodily injury; or · necessary medical, surgical, x-ray and dental services, including prosthetic devices; or · and necessary ambulance, hospital professional, nursing and funeral expenses. Authorised Signatory Forming part of Certificate No. 1600454
Medical Payments. Plaintiff acknowledges that Plaintiff’s medical condition is uncertain and is subject to change. Plaintiff accepts those risks. Plaintiff shall be responsible for the payment of all medical expenses except as set forth herein. Defendant-Insurer’s obligation as medical compensation shall be limited to payment of: □ All related and authorized medical expenses through the date of this MSA per the approval of the NCIC □ All related and authorized medical expenses through the date of this MSA as reflected in the attached list of medical expenses □ Defendant-Insurer shall pay no medical expenses of any nature, as is contemplated in 11 NCAC 23A .0502 □ Other:
Medical Payments. We will pay up to the Medical Payments limit of liability stated on the certificate of insurance, regardless of fault, for necessary medical expenses caused by an incident, other than a medical incident, provided that:
Medical Payments. $10,000.00. The Contractor must submit via email, to the Department’s Contract Manager, notice of any cancellation or nonrenewal at least ten (10) calendar days prior to cancellation or nonrenewal. In the event of cancellation or nonrenewal, the Contractor will be responsible for securing a replacement insurance policy in accordance with this section.
Medical Payments. Insuring Agreement Subject to the limits of liability, if you paid the premium for Medical Payments Coverage when due, we will pay the usual and customary charge for reasonable and necessary medical and funeral services because of bodily injury:
Medical Payments. This insurance applies only when a Medical Expense Limit is indicated in the Declarations Page.
Medical Payments a. Medical treatment xxxxxxxx (physician, pharmacy, hospital, physiotherapist, etc.) shall be reviewed for correctness, approved for payment and paid within 60 days of receipt.