Medicaid Notification of Termination Requirements Sample Clauses

Medicaid Notification of Termination Requirements. Party shall follow the Department of Vermont Health Access Managed-Care-Organization enrollee-notification requirements, to include the requirement that Party provide timely notice of any termination of its practice. Encounter Data: Party shall provide encounter data to the Agency of Human Services and/or its departments and ensure further that the data and services provided can be linked to and supported by enrollee eligibility files maintained by the State.

Related to Medicaid Notification of Termination Requirements

  • RECORD RETENTION REQUIREMENTS To the extent applicable, Vendor must comply with the record retention requirements detailed in 2 C.F.R. § 200.333. The Vendor further certifies that it will retain all records as required by 2 C.F.R. § 200.333 for a period of 3 years after grantees or subgrantees submit final expenditure reports or quarterly or annual financial reports, as applicable, and all other pending matters are closed.

  • Certification of Funds; Budget and Fiscal Provisions; Termination in the Event of Non-Appropriation This Agreement is subject to the budget and fiscal provisions of the City’s Charter. Charges will accrue only after prior written authorization certified by the Controller, and the amount of City’s obligation hereunder shall not at any time exceed the amount certified for the purpose and period stated in such advance authorization. This Agreement will terminate without penalty, liability or expense of any kind to City at the end of any fiscal year if funds are not appropriated for the next succeeding fiscal year. If funds are appropriated for a portion of the fiscal year, this Agreement will terminate, without penalty, liability or expense of any kind at the end of the term for which funds are appropriated. City has no obligation to make appropriations for this Agreement in lieu of appropriations for new or other agreements. City budget decisions are subject to the discretion of the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors. Contractor’s assumption of risk of possible non-appropriation is part of the consideration for this Agreement. THIS SECTION CONTROLS AGAINST ANY AND ALL OTHER PROVISIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT.