MEASURES OF THE GOVERNMENT OF CUBA. To implement the curricular policies described above, the Cuban edu- cation system has formulated regulations governing the day-to-day work of teachers and students. The documentGuidelines for strengthening the establishment of val- ues, discipline and civic responsibility through the school” indicates that through the teaching-educational process...“all the teaching staff has to be trained to make the corresponding adjustments in the syllabi and curricula, to master the contents being promoted and to fully understand that the establishment of values is not just another specific subject in the syllabus, but a concept that should be present and manifest throughout the whole system of class work and activities”... (MINED, 1998). The subject for the teaching of values has been designed to be set up in each school by integrating the administrative staff, the teachers of Civic Education and other leaders and methodologists. The Ministry of Education provides guidance on the contents and draws up the materials to be used. For the different levels of teaching and the Higher Pedagogical Institutes, the Ministry of Education (MINED, 2000) proposes that political and ideological education be developed across all subjects and the whole school routine by incorporating the following approaches: work on methodology to guarantee a political and ideological approach to the contents of the subjects. daily information on national and international events by reading the press, watching television news bulletins and adhering strict- ly to a 10-minute information slot per day with students before starting the first session of classes. sessions of analysis and debate with institutional and student leaders, teachers and students. dissemination of the ideas, theses and presentation of contents in the topics under study. It is also proposed to complement the foregoing with open debates, military marches, revolutionary acts, the commemoration of anniver- saries, research, honorary academic chairs, historical places, etc. For class planning, teachers need to make the political and ideological approach to their subject content explicit and to reveal the potential of the ideas and educational influences which each subject can con- tribute to patriotic, revolutionary, communist education, to strengthen- ing values, for citizenship education and defense education. Furthermore, for planning political and ideological education consid- eration is given to the stages of analysis, developm...


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