MAX AVERAGE Sample Clauses

MAX AVERAGE. Gavilon offers two variations for the Min-Max Average Price Contract: Min-Max Average with Auto Price Out Min-Max Average without Auto Price Out There are a few key differences that you should be aware of when deciding which variation is right for you.

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  • Excess Spread On or before each Transfer Date, the Servicer shall instruct the Trustee in writing (which writing shall be substantially in the form of Exhibit B hereto) to apply Excess Spread with respect to the related Monthly Period to make the following distributions on each Transfer Date in the following priority:

  • Reserve Percentage For any Interest Period, that percentage which is specified three (3) Business Days before the first day of such Interest Period by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (or any successor) or any other governmental or quasi-governmental authority with jurisdiction over Agent or any Lender for determining the maximum reserve requirement (including, but not limited to, any marginal reserve requirement) for Agent or any Lender with respect to liabilities constituting of or including (among other liabilities) Eurocurrency liabilities in an amount equal to that portion of the Loan affected by such Interest Period and with a maturity equal to such Interest Period.

  • Holiday During Vacation If a holiday, named under Article 7 of this Agreement, falls within the vacation period of an employee, he shall be granted an additional day's pay in lieu of the holiday.

  • Original Class A Percentage The Original Class A Percentage is 96.79331905%.

  • Funding Availability This Contract is at all times subject to state appropriations. The Department makes no express or implied representation or guarantee of continued or future funding under this Contract. The Department has, as of the date of the execution of this Contract, obtained all requisite approvals and authority to enter into and perform its obligations under this Contract, including, without limitation, the obligation to make the initial payment or payments required to be made under this Contract on the date or dates upon which such initial payment or payments may otherwise be disbursed during the current contract period, (i.e., Sept ember 1, 2015, through August 31, 2017). The Grantee acknowledges the Department’s authority to make such payments is contingent upon the Texas Legislature's appropriation to the Department of sufficient funds and the availability of funds to the Department for such purpose. If the State of Texas or the federal government terminates its appropriation through the Department or fails to pay the full amount of the allocation for the operation of any grant or reimbursement program hereunder , or the funds are otherwise unavailable, the Department may immediately and without penalty reduce payments or terminate this Contract, in whole or in part. Upon termination of the Contract or reduction of payments, the Grantee shall return to the Department any unexpended funds already disbursed to the Grantee. Neither the Department nor the State of Texas shall incur liability for damages or any loss that may be caused or associated with such termination or reduction of payments. The Department shall not be required to give prior notice for termination or reduction of payments.

  • ACCUMULATION UNIT VALUE The initial accumulation unit value of each Sub-Account was established at $10. The accumulation unit value of a Sub-Account on a Valuation Date is calculated by multiplying the accumulation unit value as of the immediately preceding Valuation Date by the net investment factor as described in the Net Investment Factor provision below. The dollar value of an Accumulation Unit will vary in amount depending on the investment experience of the Portfolio and charges taken from the Sub-Account.

  • Measurement Period An employee’s status as full-time or part-time shall be determined on the basis of the employee’s average weekly hours during the fifty- two-week measurement period ending on the date in October 2014 and in each succeeding year as specified by the Employer’s Corporate Benefits Department. No employee shall fail to be classified as full-time due to time spent on FMLA, or Military (USERRA) leave. Employees who have been employed for less than one year as of the measurement date shall be classified as full-time or part-time in accordance with the procedures used by the Employer to classify partial-year employees under the Standard Benefits Plans.

  • RESERVE PRICE The property will be sold on an “as is where is basis” and subject to a reserve price of RM669,000.00 (RINGGIT MALAYSIA: SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY NINE THOUSAND ONLY) and the Conditions of Sale and subject to the Consent being obtained by the Purchaser from the Developer and other relevant authorities, if any. DEPOSIT :- All intending bidders are required to deposit with the Auctioneer, prior to the auction sale 10% of the reserve price by BANK DRAFT only in favour of BANK KERJASAMA RAKYAT MALAYSIA BERHAD and the balance of the purchase money to be settled within Ninety (90) Days. For online bidders please refer to the Terms and Conditions and manner of payment of the deposit at CONSENT TO TRANSFER: The subject property will be sold subject to the consent to Transfer and/or Assignment being obtained by the successful purchaser from the relevant authorities if applicable. Note: Particular of the property was based on Valuation report and facility agreements which to the best of our knowledge is true. However bidder should conduct an official search on the parent title of the subject property at the land office and/or other relevant authorities and not takes the particular as conclusive. The contract shall not become null and void if there are any discrepancies of the particular of the property. For further particulars, please apply to Messrs Suhaimi Yahya & Co Solicitors for the Assignee/Bank at Xx. 0-0, Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx 00, Wangsa Link, Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur. (Ref No. SY/BKRM(PJS)/LIT/010/2021/L) Tel No: 00-00000000, Fax No. 00-00000000 or the under mentioned Auctioneer:- MESSRS ESZAM AUCTIONEER SDN BHD (760902-H) MOHD NIZAM BIN XXXX XXXXXX (P.J.K) Suite X-00-00, 00xx Xxxxx, Xxxxx X, Xxxxx Xxxxxx 0 (Licensed Auctioneer) 00, Xxxxx Xxx Xxxx Xxxx, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. TEL NO: 00-0000000 H/P NO: 000-0000000/000-0000000 FAX NO: 00-0000000 E-mail: Web site : Our Ref: EZ/LACA/BKRMB/212/2021/MNS/mas PERISYTIHARAN JUALAN DALAM PERKARA PERJANJIAN JUALAN HARTANAH, PERJANJIAN BELIAN HARTANAH XXX SURAT IKATAN PENYERAHAKKAN KESEMUANYA BERTARIKH 03HB MAC, 2006 ANTARA BANK KERJASAMA RAKYAT MALAYSIA BERHAD PIHAK PEMEGANG SERAHHAK/BANK XXX XXXXXX ARIFFIN BIN ZAKARIA (NRIC NO: 621128-10-8523/6982201) PIHAK PENYERAHHAK/PELANGGAN Menurut kuasa xxx xxx xxxx telah diberikan kepada Pihak Pemegang Serah Xxx xxx dibawah Perjanjian Jualan Hartanah, Perjanjian Belian Hartanah Xxx Surat Ikatan Penyerahakkan Kesemuanya Bertarikh 03hb Mac, 2006 diantara Pihak Penyerahhak/Pihak Pelanggan xxx Pihak Pemegang Serahhak/Bank adalah dengan ini diisytiharkan bahawa Pihak Pemegang Serahhak dengan dibantu oleh Pelelong yang tersebut dibawah ini akan menjual secara :- LELONGAN AWAM PADA HARI RABU, 24HB NOVEMBER, 2021, JAM: 2.30 PETANG LELONGAN SECARA ATAS TALIAN DI ESZAM AUCTIONEER SDN BHD (eZ2Bid) Bakal pembida xxxx mengemukakan bidaan untuk hartanah dalam talian melalui xxxxx web xxx xxxx daftar sekurang-kurangnya satu (1) hari bekerja sebelum hari lelong untuk tujuan pendaftaran & pengesahan. Bakal pembeli adalah selanjutnya tertakluk kepada terma-terma xxx syarat-syarat di NOTA:- Semua pembeli dinasihatkan supaya mematuhi catitan berikut sebelum membuat tawaran dalam lelongan tersebut:

  • Market Capitalization At the time the Registration Statement was or will be originally declared effective, and at the time the Company’s most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K was filed with the Commission, the Company met or will meet the then applicable requirements for the use of Form S-3 under the Securities Act, including, but not limited to, General Instruction I.B.1 of Form S-3. The Company is not a shell company (as defined in Rule 405 under the Securities Act) and has not been a shell company for at least 12 calendar months previously and if it has been a shell company at any time previously, has filed current Form 10 information (as defined in Instruction I.B.6 of Form S-3) with the Commission at least 12 calendar months previously reflecting its status as an entity that is not a shell company.

  • Target Fair Market Value The Company agrees that the Target Business that it acquires must have a fair market value equal to at least 80% of the balance in the Trust Account at the time of signing the definitive agreement for the Business Combination with such Target Business (excluding taxes payable and the Deferred Underwriting Commissions). The fair market value of such business must be determined by the Board of Directors of the Company based upon standards generally accepted by the financial community, such as actual and potential sales, earnings, cash flow and book value. If the Board of Directors of the Company is not able to independently determine that the target business meets such fair market value requirement, the Company will obtain an opinion from an independent investment banking firm or another independent entity that commonly renders valuation opinions with respect to the satisfaction of such criteria. The Company is not required to obtain an opinion as to the fair market value if the Company’s Board of Directors independently determines that the Target Business does have sufficient fair market value.