Material breach by the Company Sample Clauses

Material breach by the Company. Xx. Xxxxxxxxxxx will be entitled to recover any loss, injury, or actual damages in the event of any material breach of this Agreement by the Company, including any unexcused late or non-payment of any amounts owed under this Agreement, or any unexcused failure to provide any other benefits specified in this Agreement. In the event of a breach or threatened breach by the Company of any of its material obligations to him under this Agreement, Xx. Xxxxxxxxxxx will be entitled, in addition to any other remedies provided in this Agreement, to specific performance of the Company’s obligations and any other applicable equitable or injunctive relief. Despite any breach by the Company, its other duties and obligations under this Agreement will remain in full force and effect.
Material breach by the Company. In the event the Company commits a material breach of its obligations under this Agreement, including a breach of any of the obligations set forth in Section 2.4 and not including for a breach as described in Section 11.2(a), and fails to cure that breach within [ *** ] after receiving written notice thereof (by certified US mail), PureTech may terminate this Agreement immediately upon written notice to the Company.
Material breach by the Company. By Schwab, in the event that the Company commits a material breach of this Agreement (other than a breach of payment obligations under this Agreement or a breach of Section 2.4), and (i) the breach is incurable or (ii) the Company fails to cure such breach within ninety (90) days of receiving a notice of default from Schwab (or such longer period as Schwab may reasonably agree if said breach is incapable of cure within such ninety (90) days) (the "Cure Period"), by giving a notice of termination to the Company within thirty (30) days of first becoming aware of such breach (if such breach is incurable) or in the thirty (30) day period commencing at the end of the Cure Period, with termination of this Agreement to become effective upon delivery of the notice.
Material breach by the Company. By Xx. Xxxx, at any time by written notice to the Company, upon any material breach by the Company of the terms hereof which continues uncured for a period of at least thirty (30) days after a demand for substantial performance is delivered to the Board by Xx. Xxxx which specifically identifies the manner in which Xx. Xxxx believes the Company has materially breached this Agreement.

Related to Material breach by the Company

  • Material Breach A material breach for purposes of this Agreement shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Material Breach of Contract In the event Contractor fails to deliver the product and services as contracted for herein, to the satisfaction of the City of Sparks or otherwise fails to perform any provisions of this Contract, the City, after providing five (5) days written notice and Contractor’s failure to cure such breach within the time specified in the notice, may without waiving any other remedy, make good the deficiencies and deduct the actual cost of providing alternative products and/or services from payment due the Contractor. Non-performance after the first notice of non-performance shall be considered a material breach of contract.

  • Breach by Seller In the event Seller shall fail to fully and timely perform any of its obligations hereunder or shall fail to consummate the sale of the Property for any reason, except Purchaser’s default, Purchaser may: (1) enforce specific performance of this Contract; or (2) request that the Escrow Deposit, if any, shall be forthwith returned by the title company to Purchaser.

  • Waiver by the Company The Company irrevocably waives acceptance hereof, presentment, demand, protest and any notice not provided for herein, as well as any requirement that at any time any action be taken by any Person against any Eligible Subsidiary or any other Person.

  • TERMINATION BY MPS - BREACH BY CONTRACTOR If Contractor fails to fulfill its obligations under this Contract in a timely or proper manner, or violates any of its provisions, MPS shall thereupon have the right to terminate it by giving five (5) days written notice before the effective date of termination of the Contract, specifying the alleged violations, and effective date of termination. The Contract shall not be terminated if, upon receipt of the notice, Contractor promptly cures the alleged violation with five (5) days. In the event of termination, MPS will only be liable for services rendered through the date of termination and not for the uncompleted portion, or for any materials or services purchased or paid for by Contractor for use in completing the Contract.

  • Other Termination by the Company If the Company terminates Executive’s employment without Cause before this Agreement terminates, or Executive terminates his employment for Good Reason (defined below) before this Agreement terminates, the Company will pay Executive a payment having a present value equal to the compensation and other benefits he would have been entitled to for the remainder of the term if his employment had not terminated. All payments made pursuant to this Section 9(b) shall be completed no later than March 15 of the calendar year following the calendar year in which Executive’s employment terminates.

  • Breach A breach of the contract clauses above may be grounds for termination of the contract, and for debarment as a contractor and subcontractor as provided in 29 C.F.R. § 5.12.

  • Termination for Material Breach Each Party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement in its entirety immediately upon written notice to the other Party if the other Party materially breaches its obligations under this Agreement and, after receiving written notice identifying such material breach in reasonable detail, fails to cure such material breach within sixty (60) days from the date of such notice (or within thirty (30) days from the date of such notice in the event such material breach is solely based on the breaching Party’s failure to pay any amounts due hereunder); provided, however, in the case of a breach or violation that cannot be cured within such sixty (60) day period, the non-breaching Party may terminate this Agreement following such sixty (60) day period only if the breaching Party shall have failed to commence substantial remedial actions within such sixty (60) day period and to use reasonable efforts to pursue the same. Any right to terminate under this Section 5.2 shall be stayed and the cure period tolled in the event that, during any cure period, the breaching Party shall have initiated dispute resolution in accordance with Article 13 of the Option Agreement with respect to the alleged breach, which stay and tolling shall last so long as the breaching Party diligently and in good faith cooperates in the prompt resolution of such dispute resolution proceedings. Each Party shall be entitled to offset, against amounts payable to the other Party under this Agreement, any amounts of damages determined, in a final decision by the applicable court action or other legal proceeding, to be owed to such Party by the other Party based on the other Party’s material breach of this Agreement.

  • Termination by the Company for Cause or by the Executive without Good Reason The Company may terminate the Executive’s employment pursuant to the terms of this Agreement at any time for Cause (as defined below) by giving the Executive written notice of termination. Such termination shall become effective upon the giving of such notice. Upon any such termination for Cause, or in the event the Executive terminates his employment with the Company without Good Reason (as defined in Section 6(c)), then the Executive shall have no right to compensation, or reimbursement under Section 4, or to participate in any Executive benefit programs under Section 5, except as may otherwise be provided for by law, for any period subsequent to the effective date of termination. For purposes of this Agreement, “Cause” shall mean: (i) the Executive is convicted of, or pleads guilty or nolo contendere to, a felony related to the business of the Company; (ii) the Executive, in carrying out his duties hereunder, has acted with gross negligence or intentional misconduct resulting, in any case, in material harm to the Company; (iii) the Executive misappropriates Company funds or otherwise defrauds the Company including a material amount of money or property; (iv) the Executive breaches his fiduciary duty to the Company resulting in material profit to him, directly or indirectly; (v) the Executive materially breaches any agreement with the Company and fails to cure such breach within 10 days of receipt of notice, unless the act is incapable of being cured; (vi) the Executive breaches any provision of Section 8 or Section 9; (vii) the Executive becomes subject to a preliminary or permanent injunction issued by a United States District Court enjoining the Executive from violating any securities law administered or regulated by the SEC; (viii) the Executive becomes subject to a cease and desist order or other order issued by the SEC after an opportunity for a hearing; (ix) the Executive refuses to carry out a resolution adopted by the Company’s Board at a meeting in which the Executive was offered a reasonable opportunity to argue that the resolution should not be adopted; or (x) the Executive abuses alcohol or drugs in a manner that interferes with the successful performance of his duties.

  • Termination by the Company Subject to Section 13(f) hereof, the Company shall have the right, by giving three (3) days’ notice as hereinafter specified to terminate this Agreement in its sole discretion at any time after the date of this Agreement.