MANUFACTURE, QUALITY AND PACKING. 3.1. The Company agrees to supply to the Buyer the Goods on the terms of the Contract.
MANUFACTURE, QUALITY AND PACKING. 5.1 Oncimmune shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to ensure its contracted manufacturer maintains sufficient manufacturing capacity, stocks of raw materials and packaging, to enable it to meet Biodesix’s Forecasts.
MANUFACTURE, QUALITY AND PACKING. 4.1 The Supplier shall at all times maintain sufficient manufacturing capacity, stocks of raw materials and packaging, and stocks of Products to enable it to meet the Distributor's forecasted requirements to Products as notified to the Supplier in accordance with Clause 3.1.


  • API If the Software offers integration capabilities via an API, your use of the API may be subject to additional costs or Sage specific policies and terms and conditions (which shall prevail in relation to your use of the API). You may not access or use the API in any way that could cause damage to us or the Software, or in contravention of any applicable laws. We reserve the right in our sole discretion, to: (i) update any API from time to time; (ii) place limitations around your use of any API; and (iii) deny you access to any API in the event of misuse by you or to otherwise protect our legitimate interests.

  • Image Quality The image of a check or item transmitted to us using RDC must be legible. The image quality of the items must comply with the requirements established from time to time by ANSI, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board, or any other regulatory agency, or other clearinghouses.

  • Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale Packaging materials and containers in which a good is packaged for retail sale shall, if classified with the good they contain, be disregarded in determining whether all the non-originating materials used in the production of the good undergo the applicable change in tariff classification set out in the Annex IV.03.

  • Training Materials Training Materials will be provided for each student. Training Materials may be used only for either (i) the individual student’s reference during Boeing provided training and for review thereafter or (ii) Customer’s provision of training to individuals directly employed by the Customer.

  • Marketing Materials (a) During the term of this Agreement, the Sub-Adviser agrees to furnish the Manager at its principal office for prior review and approval by the Manager all written and/or printed materials, including but not limited to, PowerPointÒ or slide presentations, news releases, advertisements, brochures, fact sheets and other promotional, informational or marketing materials (the “Marketing Materials”) for internal use or public dissemination, that are produced or are for use or reference by the Sub-Adviser, its affiliates or other designees, broker-dealers or the public in connection with the Series, and Sub-Adviser shall not use any such materials if the Manager reasonably objects in writing within five business days (or such other period as may be mutually agreed) after receipt thereof. Marketing Materials may be furnished to the Manager by first class or overnight mail, facsimile transmission equipment, electronic delivery or hand delivery.

  • Product Quality Borrower agrees to maintain the quality of any and all products in connection with which the Trademarks are used, consistent with commercially reasonable business practices. Upon the occurrence of an Event of Default, Borrower agrees that Lender, or a conservator appointed by Lender, shall have the right to establish such additional product quality controls as Lender, or said conservator, in its reasonable judgment, may deem necessary to assure maintenance of the quality of products sold by Borrower under the Trademarks.

  • Manufacturing Services Patheon will perform the Manufacturing Services for the Territory for the fees specified in a Product Agreement in Schedules B and C to manufacture Products for Client. Schedule B to a Product Agreement sets forth a list of cost items that are included or not included in the Price for Products; all cost items that are not included in the Price are subject to additional fees to be paid by the Client. Patheon may amend the fees set out in Schedules B and C to a Product Agreement as set forth in Article 4. Patheon may change the Manufacturing Site for the Products only with the prior written consent of Client, this consent not to be unreasonably withheld. Patheon’s percentage of manufacturing exclusivity for the Product will be set forth in the Product Agreement. Patheon will be entitled to any applicable manufacturing tax credits that arise from performing the Manufacturing Services under this Agreement. In performing the Manufacturing Services, Patheon and Client agree that:

  • Service Quality The Transfer Agent shall maintain a quality control process designed to provide a consistent level of quality and timeliness for its call center, correspondence services and transaction processing.

  • MARKETING MATERIALS AND REPRESENTATIONS The Participant represents, warrants, and agrees that it will not make any representations concerning Fund Shares, the Trust or the Funds, other than those contained in the Funds’ then current Prospectuses or in any promotional materials or sales literature furnished to the Participant by the Distributor. The Participant agrees not to furnish or cause to be furnished to any person or display or publish any information or materials relating to Fund Shares (including, without limitation, promotional materials and sales literature, advertisements, press releases, announcements, statements, posters, signs, or other similar materials), except such information and materials as may be furnished to the Participant by the Distributor and such other information and materials as may be approved in writing by the Distributor. The Participant understands that the Fund will not be advertised or marketed as an open-end investment company, i.e., as a mutual fund, and that any advertising materials will prominently disclose that the Fund Shares are not individually redeemable. In addition, the Participant understands that any advertising material that addresses redemption of Fund Shares will disclose that Fund Shares may be tendered for redemption to the issuing Fund only in Creation Units. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Participant may without the written approval of the Distributor prepare and circulate in the regular course of its business research reports that include information, opinions, or recommendations relating to Fund Shares (i) for public dissemination, provided that such research reports compare the relative merits and benefits of Fund Shares with other products and are not used for purposes of marketing Fund Shares and (ii) for internal use by the Participant.

  • Manufacturing Intrexon shall have the option and, in the event it so elects, shall use Diligent Efforts, to perform any manufacturing activities in connection with the Aquaculture Program that relate to the Intrexon Materials, including through the use of a suitable Third Party contract manufacturer. To the extent that Intrexon so elects, Intrexon may request that AquaBounty and Intrexon establish and execute a separate manufacturing and supply agreement, which agreement will establish and govern the production, quality assurance, and regulatory activities associated with manufacture of Intrexon Materials. Except as provided in Section 4.1, any manufacturing undertaken by Intrexon pursuant to the preceding sentence shall be performed in exchange for cash payments equal to Intrexon’s Fully Loaded Cost in connection with such manufacturing, on terms to be negotiated by the Parties in good faith. In the event that Intrexon does not manufacture Intrexon Materials or bulk quantities of other components of AquaBounty Products, then Intrexon shall provide to AquaBounty or a contract manufacturer selected by AquaBounty and approved by Intrexon (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld) all Information Controlled by Intrexon that is (a) related to the manufacturing of such Intrexon Materials or bulk qualities of other components of AquaBounty Products for use in the Field and (b) reasonably necessary to enable AquaBounty or such contract manufacturer (as appropriate) for the sole purpose of manufacturing such Intrexon Materials or bulk quantities of other components of AquaBounty Products. The costs and expenses incurred by Intrexon in carrying out such transfer shall be borne by Intrexon. Any manufacturing Information transferred hereunder to AquaBounty or its contract manufacturer shall not be further transferred to any Third Party, including any Product Sublicensee, or any AquaBounty Affiliate without the prior written consent of Intrexon; provided, however, that Intrexon shall not unreasonably withhold such consent if necessary to permit AquaBounty to switch manufacturers.