Xxxxxxx Sample Clauses

Xxxxxxx. A. Owner to advise, if so requested, the relief schedule of Vesselssenior officers (Master, C/E, C/O and 1/E) and provide to Charterer the CV of each joining officer showing work experience.
Xxxxxxx. (a) The Employer agrees to maintain the following minimum xxxxxxx requirements per shift for the vessels M.V. Issaquah, M.V. Chelan, M.V. Kittitas, M.V. Kitsap,
Xxxxxxx. 16.01 The following are minimum press complements on Lithographing (offset) Presses. All press sizes referred to are for maximum sheet sizes capable of being fed through the press.
Xxxxxxx. Solely as between Owner and Charterer, the master, officers and crew of the Vessel and all other persons at any time during the Charter Period on board the Vessel shall be deemed to be engaged and employed exclusively by Charterer or Permitted Subcharterers and shall be deemed to be and remain the Charterer's or Permitted Subcharterers' servants, navigating and working the Vessel solely on behalf of and at the risk of the Charterer or such Permitted Subcharterers. Owner shall not have any interest in any hire, freight or salvage moneys earned by the Vessel or received by Charterer or any Permitted Subcharterer.
Xxxxxxx a) The ship shall be competently and adequately manned so as to ensure its safe operation and the maintenance of a three-watch system whenever required, but allow the Company to implement some degree of flexibility to meet operational contingencies. However, the ship shall in no case be manned at a lower level than the vessel's safety xxxxxxx certificate.
Xxxxxxx. When a Local Union is unable to dispatch a sufficient number of Welders to man a mechanized welding project, the Employer agrees to utilize other classifications of Employees under this Agreement to perform such work before obtaining Welders from an outside source pursuant to Article V(G)(4). Such Employees shall be hired in accordance with the hiring procedures set forth in Article V of the NPLA, and otherwise subject to all terms and provisions of the NPLA. All Employees performing such work shall be paid as a Welder.
Xxxxxxx. The COMPANY shall determine the number of Despatchers and Ship Planners to be employed and the manner in which the work is to be performed. This includes increasing or decreasing the number of Despatchers and Ship Planners at anytime as required by the COMPANY. However, the COMPANY will at all times ensure that the duties of the Despatchers and Ship Planners is manageable and their responsibility is reasonable.