Majority of Members Sample Clauses

Majority of Members. Except as otherwise provided in the Declaration, any action taken by the Association shall require the assent of a majority of Members. As used in these Bylaws, the term "
Majority of Members. In no instance where action is authorized by written consent of Members will a meeting of Members be called or notice be given; however, a copy of the action taken by written consent shall be sent promptly to all Members and filed with the records of the Company.
Majority of Members. MAJORITY OF MEMBERS" shall mean: 1 . 13 . 1 Those members of the ASSOCIATION holding fifty- one percent - (51o) of the votes of each class of membership for so long as there are two (2) classes of memberships in the ASSOCIATION pursuant to Article III of this DECLARATION. 1 . 13 .2 Upon the conversion of Class B memberships into Class A- memberships pursuant to said Article III those members of the ASSOCIATION holding fifty-one percent (510) of the votes . M:\Clients\7.7.86\000\doc\fi.nal.\ccr.s.1.
Majority of Members. Except as otherwise provided in the Declaration, any action to be taken by the Association shall require the assent of a majority of Members. As used in these Bylaws, the term "majority of Members" shall mean those Members holding greater than fifty percent (50%) of the votes entitled to be cast by the Members present, or represented by proxy, at a meeting at which a quorum is present.
Majority of Members. As used in these Bylaws, the term “majority of Members” shall mean those Members of the Association holding at least fifty-one percent (51%) of the outstanding votes of the Association.

Related to Majority of Members

  • Voting Rights of Members The Members shall have voting rights as defined by the Membership Voting Interest of such Member and in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. Members do not have a right to cumulate their votes for any matter entitled to a vote of the Members, including election of Directors.

  • Powers of Members The Members shall have the power to exercise any and all rights or powers granted to the Members pursuant to the express terms of this Agreement. Except as expressly provided herein, the Members shall have no power to bind the Company and no authority to act on behalf of the Company.

  • Consent of Members Each Member hereby expressly consents and agrees that, whenever in this Agreement it is specified that an action may be taken upon the affirmative vote or consent of less than all of the Members, such action may be so taken upon the concurrence of less than all of the Members and each Member shall be bound by the results of such action.

  • VOTES OF MEMBERS 23.1 Subject to any rights or restrictions attached to any Shares, every Member present in any such manner shall have one vote for every Share of which he is the holder.

  • Rights of Members (a) Each Member irrevocably waives any right that it may have to maintain an action for partition with respect to the property of the Company.

  • Transfers of Membership Interests (a) A Member may not transfer, assign, sell, pledge, hypothecate or otherwise dispose of any of the attributes of his, her or its Membership Interest (collectively, a “Transfer”), in whole or in part, to any Person without the prior written consent of the Board of Managers, which consent the Board of Managers may withhold in its sole discretion, and any attempted Transfer of a Membership Interest shall be null and void ab initio unless effected in accordance with this Article XI.

  • Action by Members Without a Meeting Action required or permitted to be taken at a meeting of Members may only be taken without a meeting if the action is approved by written consent of the requisite Percentage Interests describing the action taken, signed by every Member entitled to vote, and delivered to the Manager of the Company for inclusion in the minutes or filing with the Company records. Action taken under this Article shall become effective at such time as the requisite Percentage Interests of the Members entitled to vote have provided written consent (unless the consent specifies a different effective date), regardless of whether the Member participated in any meeting in which such matters were discussed. The correct date for determining Members entitled to take action without a meeting shall be the date the first Members signs a written consent.

  • Duties of Members Each Member shall use his or her best efforts to promote the business of the LLC.

  • Approval by Limited Partners of Merger or Consolidation (a) Except as provided in Section 14.3(d), the General Partner, upon its approval of the Merger Agreement, shall direct that the Merger Agreement be submitted to a vote of Limited Partners, whether at a special meeting or by written consent, in either case in accordance with the requirements of Article XIII. A copy or a summary of the Merger Agreement shall be included in or enclosed with the notice of a special meeting or the written consent.

  • Shareholders Voting Powers and Meetings The Shareholders shall have power to vote only (i) for the election or removal of Trustees as and to the extent provided in Section 4.1, (ii) with respect to such additional matters relating to the Trust as may be required by federal law including the 1940 Act, or any registration of the Trust with the Commission (or any successor agency) or any state and (iii) as the Trustees may otherwise consider necessary or desirable in their sole discretion. Provisions relating to meetings, quorum, required vote, record date and other matters relating to Shareholder voting rights are as provided in the By-Laws.