Maintenance of Accessory Dwelling Unit Sample Clauses

Maintenance of Accessory Dwelling Unit. Owner shall (a) maintain and operate the Accessory Dwelling Unit so as to provide decent, safe and sanitary housing in compliance with all applicable City codes (and consistent with federal housing quality standards if Option 2 is chosen above in Section 4); and (b) make any required repairs or provide any required cleanup.

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  • PUBLIC WORKS AND BUILDING SERVICES CONTRACTS Work being done under a resulting Authorized User Agreement may be subject to the prevailing wage rate provisions of the New York State Labor Law. Such work will be identified by the Authorized User within the RFQ. See “Prevailing Wage Rates – Public Works and Building Services Contracts’ in Appendix B, Clause 10, OGS General Specifications. Any federal or State determination of a violation of any public works law or regulation, or labor law or regulation, or any OSHA violation deemed "serious or willful" may be grounds for a determination of vendor non-responsibility and rejection of proposal. The Prevailing Wage Case Number for this Contract is PRC# 2014011745. The Prevailing Wage Rates for various occupations and General Provisions of Laws Covering Workers on Article 8 Public Work Contract can be accessed at the following NYS Department of Labor website: xxxxx://  Insert PRC# 2014011745 in the box provided and click Submit.  Click Wage Schedule located underneath the main header of this page. The PDF file may be searched to obtain the Prevailing Wage Rate for a specific occupation. SHORT TERM EXTENSION In the event a replacement Contract has not been issued, any Contract let and awarded hereunder by the State, may be extended unilaterally by the State for an additional period of up to 3 months upon notice to the Contractor with the same terms and conditions as the original Contract including, but not limited to, prices and delivery requirements. With the concurrence of the Contractor, the extension may be for a period of up to 6 months in lieu of 3 months. However, this extension terminates should the replacement Contract be issued in the interim. PROCUREMENT INSTRUCTIONS Authorized Users should refer to the documents attached as Appendix G – Processes and Forms Templates for specific instructions on the usage of this Contract. OGS reserves the right to unilaterally make revisions, changes, additions and/or updates to the documents attached as Appendix G - Processes and Forms Templates without processing a formal amendment and/or modification. SPECIFICATIONS During the term of the Contract, the Authorized User may request Product specifications for particular items that have been included by the Contractor in its Pricing Pages. These specifications will be provided by the Contractor at no cost.

  • Equipment Maintenance You shall be solely responsible for obtaining and properly maintaining its equipment and system requirements, their electrical services, and data systems, internet connectivity and any other equipment or items necessary to receive MDC. Credit Union shall not be liable to you, in any other manner whatsoever, for any type of errors, losses. Damages or other claims related to your failure to do so.

  • Supply and Maintenance of Equipment It is the responsibility of the Employer to furnish and maintain all equipment, machinery and supplies required by employees in the performance of their duties. Employees shall not suffer any loss in salary in the event that they cannot carry out their normal duties by reason of the Employer failing to properly maintain equipment, machinery or supplies or by reason of power failures or other circumstances not attributable to the employees.

  • Maintenance of Services 5.1 Services resold pursuant to this Attachment and BellSouth’s General Subscriber Service Tariff and Private Line Service Tariff and facilities and equipment provided by BellSouth shall be maintained by BellSouth.