Maintenance Documentation Sample Clauses

Maintenance Documentation. Contractor shall specify and describe routine and preventive maintenance guidelines and procedures and troubleshooting procedures in the Operations Manual. A corrective maintenance manual shall also be provided, in which the failure and maintenance reporting procedures and philosophy are indicated.
Maintenance Documentation 

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Product Documentation Subject to Section 6.1, Alvogen shall control the content and type of, and procurement of, at its own expense, all Product Documentation (and any changes or supplements thereto) for Product in the Territory.
Licensed Documentation If commercially available, Licensee shall have the option to require the Contractor to deliver, at Contractor’s expense: (i) one (1) hard copy and one (1) master electronic copy of the Documentation in a mutually agreeable format; (ii) based on hard copy instructions for access by downloading from the Internet
Maintenance Agreement The parties will abide by the terms of the Maintenance Agreement including the capacity to dispute the classification in accordance with the Maintenance Agreement (Information Appendix C).
Maintenance Support State Street shall use commercially reasonable efforts to correct system functions that do not work according to the System Product Description as set forth on Attachment A in priority order in the next scheduled delivery release or otherwise as soon as is practicable.
Technical Documentation Except to the extent applicable Laws require a longer retention, Contractor shall maintain and shall cause its Subcontractors to maintain all technical documentation relative to the Equipment and the Owner Equipment for a period of three (3) years after the Final Completion Date. Contractor shall give Owner thirty (30) Days prior written notice before destroying or disposing of any such documentation or records and a reasonable opportunity for Owner during such period to make copies of any such documentation.
Aircraft Maintenance TIMESHAROR shall be solely responsible for securing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, preventive maintenance and required or otherwise necessary inspections of the Aircraft and shall take such requirements into account in scheduling the operation of the Aircraft. Performance of maintenance, preventive maintenance or inspection shall not be delayed or postponed due to any scheduled operation of the Aircraft unless such maintenance or inspection can safely be conducted at a later time in compliance with the sound discretion of the pilot-in-command.
Maintenance of Licenses The Owner Trustee will obtain and maintain any licenses that the Administrator informs the Owner Trustee are required to be obtained or maintained by the Owner Trustee under the laws of any State in connection with the Owner Trustee’s duties and obligations under the Transaction Documents.
Maintenance Obligations At the time any Digital Cinema Equipment is used to deliver Services hereunder, whether using a Dual Interface Architecture or the ACE Solution, LLC shall have no further obligation to maintain the Low Resolution Projection System in that auditorium or to remove or dispose of such projection system. LLC shall continue to be responsible for maintaining the Equipment, including the LLC Equipment and any remaining Low Resolution Projection Systems in use at such Digitized Theatre, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, as identified on Schedules 2, 3 and 4. FM shall continue to be responsible for maintaining all FM Equipment, including the Digital Cinema Equipment.
Notifications of Outages and Maintenance In the event that a Registry Operator plans maintenance, it will provide notice to the ICANN emergency operations department, at least, twenty-­‐four (24) hours ahead of that maintenance. ICANN’s emergency operations department will note planned maintenance times, and suspend Emergency Escalation services for the monitored services during the expected maintenance outage period. If Registry Operator declares an outage, as per its contractual obligations with ICANN, on services under a service level agreement and performance requirements, it will notify the ICANN emergency operations department. During that declared outage, ICANN’s emergency operations department will note and suspend emergency escalation services for the monitored services involved.
Software and Documentation Licensee may make as many copies of the Software necessary for it to use the Software as licensed. Each copy of the Software made by Licensee must contain the same copyright and other notices that appear on the original copy. Licensee will not modify the Documentation. Documentation may: (a) only be used to support Licensee’s use of the Software; (b) not be republished or redistributed to any unauthorized third party; and (c) not be distributed or used to conduct training for which Licensee, or any other party, receives a fee. Licensee will not copy any system schema reference document related to the Software.