Local Roads Sample Clauses

Local Roads. – Local Roads are designed to accommodate only low volumes of traffic at low speeds and generally only serve local area trips. Local Roads will generally have a right-of-way width between 18 metres and 20 metres, however this may be reduced in circumstances where adequate snow storage capacity can be provided within the right-of-way and/or alternative development standards have been approved by the Town. Sidewalks are required on one side of all Local Roads with the exception of cul-de-sacs serving fewer than 20 residential dwelling units.Unbuilt, proposed Local Roads are also identified conceptually on Schedule E and include those roads which are planned but not yet built as of April 27, 2020. Thelocation of these roads is shown for information purpose and are subject to change through the development review process.c) Private Roads are those roads that provide access to development on private property and are not under the jurisdiction of the municipality. This includes lanes on private property serving existing development and condominium roads providing access to units within a condominium development. Policiesd) Schedule E, together with the policies of this Section, form the basis for the provision of roads within Keswick, including right-of-way widths, access controls and design policies. Notwithstanding, the Town is not obligated to construct proposed local roads identified on Schedule E within a specific time-period.e) The road network will be developed under the principle of complete streets. This requires that both the construction of new roads and the reconstruction and repair of existing roads include appropriate facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, public transit, and private vehicles.f) The road network shall be designed to provide views of the Natural Heritage System and Parks Network where possible, to assist in the creation of a sense of place.g) A grid pattern of Regional and Collector Roads that takes into account transportation needs, natural features and existing and proposed land uses, shall be used to provide the community with an efficient road network.
Local Roads. Objectives: Building Canada will support investments in local roads: • To improve road safety, mobility and sustainability; • To promote the rehabilitation of bridges, tunnels and other structures; • To support economic and community development. For large-scale investments, new capacity projects will be limited to major arterials and urban bypasses, and will require transit features as a key component. Projects must be compatible with official development plans or other strategies to promote the sustainable development of the municipal area in which they take place. The sub-categories which are eligible for funding are:
Local Roads. The remainder of the roads in the Town are classified as local two lane traffic roads with a minimum right of way width of 20 metres designed primarily to provide land access to abutting property and to discourage the movement of through traffic. Right-of-way widths may be reduced, subject to the approval of Council, where the reduced width forms part of design considerations for new residential development. Alternative development standards and neo-traditional planning approaches will be considered on a case by case basis.
Local Roads. Local roads are intended to primarily serve slow speeds and volumes and to provide access to abutting lands and connections to the higher road classifications. Local roads are to be planned so that future development expansion will not require the conversion of local roads to collector or arterial roads. Local roads may be commercial/industrial or residential depending upon the type and extent of the development and zoning they serve. Local roads may be terminated by a “cul-de-sacwhere necessary due to topographic or other constraints.
Local Roads. The Contractor shall comply with all local ordinances regarding weight limitations and street cleaning during construction operations. A specified truck route shall be provided to the Contractor designating streets to be used for ingress and egress to and from the site. Any damage to the local roads caused by the Contractor shall be repaired or replaced to at least equivalent to that which existed prior to the damage at the Contractor's expense. 100.04 Existing Facilities The Contractor shall provide protection of existing facilities from damage of any kind during thecourse of construction operations. Any damage of any kind during the course of construction which is not scheduled for removal or replacement, if caused by the Contractor's operations under this contract, shall be repaired or replaced at the Contractor's expense. All existing sidewalks, driveways, entrances, ditches, culverts, lawns, active utilities, signs, fences, field tiles, sheds, and other miscellaneous property which is removed to allow construction, or damaged by construction, shall be restored to condition at least equivalent to that which existed prior to starting the work unless additional arrangement are made satisfactory to the owner of the property. No additional compensation will be allowed for these items beyond what is provided for in the bid tabulation. 100.05 Storage of Materials The Contractor shall be responsible for all materials furnished by them and their material suppliers and shall replace at their expense all such materials that are found to be defective in manufacture or that are damaged in handling. The Contractor shall be responsible for the safe storage of piping materials furnished by or to them, accepted by them, and intended for the work, until it has been incorporated in the complete project. 100.06 Contractor's Responsibility The Contractor shall be held strictly responsible that all parts of the work shall be acceptable to the Owner. The Contractor at his expense will replace any defects that develop in the work within one (1) year from the date of final acceptance of the work. To this end, the Contractor is advised to purchase material under a guarantee from the Manufacturer, guaranteeing proper service of material under conditions established by the drawings, specifications and local conditions at the site of work. The Contractor shall assume all responsibility for relaying or repairing all pipe, cables, or other obstructions of an improvement nature, dam...
Local Roads. Approval to move on local roads must be obtained from the appropriate local road authority.
Local Roads. The City acknowledges and agrees it has approved the cross section design of local roads in the Project as shown in the Community Plan, Except as otherwise provided in the Community Plan and in this Agreement, such roads shall be constructed according to the City’s Standard Technical Specifications and Drawings Manual.
Local Roads. Mayowood Estates Drive SW from Station 16+00 to 34+50; Field Point Lane SW; and Mayo Ridge Lane SW are classified as local roads. Accordingly, the Town Board approved the following road geometics:
Local Roads. Local roads are streets with the lowest traffic volumes. They are designed to offer access to farms, ranches, and residences, connecting driveways to collectors or arterials. Most of the roads in the County are classified as local roads. There are two types of local roads based upon ADT’s: