Linguistic Sample Clauses

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Prescription Safety Glasses Prescription safety glasses will be furnished by the employer. The employer retains the authority to establish reasonable rules and procedures regarding frequency of issue, replacement of damaged glasses, limits on reimbursement costs and coordination with the employer’s vision plan.
Orientation The Employer shall provide planned and paid Orientation Programs of such content and duration as it deems appropriate taking into consideration the needs of the Employer and the Nurses involved. Such Nurses will not be considered part of core staffing during their Orientation Program nor will they be provided with primary assignments.
Cultural Resources If a cultural resource is discovered, the Purchaser shall immediately suspend all operations in the vicinity of the cultural resource and notify the Forest Officer. Operations may only resume if authorized by the Forest Officer. Cultural resources identified and protected elsewhere in this contract are exempted from this clause. Cultural resources, once discovered or identified, are not to be disturbed by the Purchaser, or his, her or its employees and/or sub- contractors.
Credentialing The Provider will maintain written documentation confirming that each individual providing services under this agreement has and maintains the requisite credentials. Any change in status regarding any credentialing requirements must be reported in writing, by the Provider to the Department's Credentialing Contracted Agent, within thirty days.
Credentials The names and credentials of the individuals who: (1) designed the statistical sampling procedures and the review methodology utilized for the Claims Review and (2) performed the Claims Review.
Safety In relation to Safety Obligations:
Feedback 14.1 You may, at Your sole discretion, provide Your input regarding the Services, products, services, business or technology plans, including, without limitation, comments or suggestions regarding the possible creation, modification, correction, improvement or enhancement of the Services, products and/or services, or input as to whether You believe Our development direction is consistent with Your own business and IT needs (collectively “Feedback”). We shall be entitled to use Feedback for any purpose without notice, restriction or remuneration of any kind to You and/or Your Representatives.
Benchmarking The Parties shall comply with the provisions of Framework Schedule 12 (Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking) in relation to the benchmarking of any or all of the Goods and/or Services. NOT USED
Safety Glasses Section 1. The City shall supply prescription safety glasses with plastic lenses to employees who are required to wear safety glasses and who are members of the classifications contained in Appendix C to this contract. Safety glasses which are authorized must be industrial grade safety glasses which meet or exceed the requirements of ANSI Specification Z87.1. All employees who are required to wear safety glasses shall also be required to wear side shields, either permanent or snap-on, whenever an eye hazard exists. Solid tinted glasses will not be approved unless required by prescription. Photogray, progressive, scratch coating and/or anti-glare lenses may be considered for those employees who primarily work outdoors or as prescribed. In the event that additional classes are identified as needing either prescription safety glasses or protective eyewear, such classes may be added to the classification list in Appendix C upon approval of PAGE and the City.
Training and Education [REGIONAL ENTITY] may provide training and education to Registered Entities, as it deems necessary, in support of its performance of delegated functions and related activities under this Agreement. NERC may also provide training and education programs to Registered Entities on topics relating to NERC’s responsibilities as the ERO.