Limits on Use of the Sick Leave Bank Sample Clauses

Limits on Use of the Sick Leave Bank. The use of the Sick Leave Bank shall be limited to the personal illness or injury of the staff member and not to the illness or death of any other person. The Sick Leave Bank shall not be available for use in conjunction with any illness due to elective surgery, cosmetic surgery, infertility, abortion or vasectomy, provided that if complications should arise from such surgery or condition which give rise to catastrophic, prolonged illness, the Sick Leave Bank shall be applicable to any absence due to such illness. The maximum number of days which may be drawn from the Sick Leave Bank by a single staff member shall be equal to twenty (20) work days. A staff member can access the Sick Leave Bank annually except in the following situation: a staff member shall not have access to an additional Sick Leave Bank withdrawal in a third consecutive fiscal year after utilizing the Bank for two consecutive fiscal years. A staff member withdrawing from membership in the Bank will not be able to withdraw the contributed days.

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  • Sick Leave Bank The purpose of sick leave bank benefits is to provide compensable leave coverage to teachers who are absent due to extended disability because of serious personal illness or injury. Teachers shall become eligible to receive sick leave bank benefits when they have been absent from work for ten (10) consecutive working days AND have exhausted all of their personal accumulated sick leave days. The requirement of being absent for ten (10) consecutive days is waived for individuals eligible for a FMLA or disability leave. The sick leave bank shall contain a maximum of 270 days. An eligible teacher shall receive the current contractual rate of pay while disabled for a period not to exceed 180 contracted teaching days, with committee review every forty five (45) school days. The sick leave bank committee will consist of three (3) representatives designated by the Association and two (2) representatives of the Board and the superintendent. In the case of a tie the issue will be heard by the full board of education. Application for sick leave bank benefits shall be made in writing to the sick leave bank committee through the Superintendent and shall include medical verification. The Superintendent shall convene the committee within five (5) work days. When a determination is made, the applicant will be informed in writing, with copies to the Superintendent, business manager and committee members. The administration office shall do all paperwork and record keeping. No eligible applicant will be denied the days that he/she has contributed. A record of each teacher's contribution shall be maintained by the administration office. The administration office shall furnish the association with a written statement at the beginning of each school year setting forth the total number of days in the sick leave bank and the number of sick leave days each member has contributed to the bank. The teacher shall pay back to the sick leave bank a minimum of three (3) days per year for each year worked until all days borrowed are repaid to the bank or the bank becomes full. Payment shall begin at the commencement of the school year that the teacher returns to work by deducting three (3) days from the teacher's yearly allotment for that year and from succeeding years until the amount borrowed is repaid. All payments of loaned sick leave bank days will be waived if the teacher is laid off, or retires due to illness, age, or death prior to payment in full. If a teacher resigns or is dismissed for any other reason while in debt to the sick leave bank, that teacher must pay the school district the equivalent of substitute pay during time of illness for each day owed to the bank. The days paid for by the teacher will revert to the sick leave bank. used: To establish and continue the sick leave bank, the following procedures will be

  • Abuse of Sick Leave Misuse of leave, violation of orders, directives, or contractual requirements concerning the use of sick leave and other forms of leave used in lieu of sick leave are cause for disciplinary action.

  • Vacations and Sick Leave The Executive shall be entitled to paid annual vacation leave in accordance with the policies as established from time to time by the Board of Directors, which shall in no event be less than four weeks per annum. The Executive shall also be entitled to an annual sick leave benefit as established by the Board for senior management employees of the Bank. The Executive shall not be entitled to receive any additional compensation from the Bank for failure to take a vacation or sick leave, nor shall he be able to accumulate unused vacation or sick leave from one year to the next; provided, however, such Executive may carry forward from year to year a maximum of ten days of unused vacation leave.

  • Extended Sick Leave When an employee’s salary continuation and short-term disability pay have been exhausted, the employee may request to be placed on extended sick leave if the employee continues to be unable to perform the duties of their position due to the illness or accident. Such request must be made thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of short-term disability payments. Extended sick leave may continue for up to eighteen (18) months from the employee’s last day worked. The time period may be extended by mutual agreement of the University and the POAM. If the employee is released to return to work during his/her extended sick leave, he/she will be offered the next available position for which he/she is qualified. Such position shall be equal in hours to the position previously held, unless otherwise agreed between the University, the employee, and the POAM. The University will pay the cost of COBRA medical coverage during the first twelve (12) months of extended sick leave.

  • Sick Leave Use Sick leave will be charged in one-tenth (1/10th) of an hour increments and may be used for the following reasons:

  • Use of Sick Leave a. An employee, other than a casual employee, with responsibilities in relation to a class of person set out in subparagraph (ii) of paragraph (c) of this sub-clause, who needs the employee’s care and support shall be entitled to use, in accordance with this sub-clause, any current or accrued sick leave entitlements provided for in clause 18 of the award, sick leave, for absences to provide care and support for such persons when they are ill. Such leave may be taken for part of a single day.

  • Catastrophic Leave Bank The City agrees to establish a Catastrophic Leave Bank to assist employees who have exhausted accrued leave time due to a serious or catastrophic illness or injury. The Catastrophic Leave Bank (CLB) will allow the bargaining unit employees to donate time to affected employees within and outside the unit, so that he/she can remain in a paid status for a longer period of time, thus partially ameliorating the financial impact of the illness, injury or condition. This donated time will be placed in a CLB and drawn down from the CLB by the eligible employee. Eligibility To be eligible for this benefit, the receiving employee must: 1) Be a regular full time employee, 2) Have sustained or have an immediate family member who has sustained a life threatening or debilitating illness, injury or condition which may require confirmation by a physician, 3) Have exhausted all accumulated paid leave including vacation, holiday, sick leave, and/or compensatory time off, 4) Be unable to return to work for at least 30 days or in the case of the condition affecting the immediate family member, that member must be in need of prolonged and significant personal care; and 5) Conformed with the requirements of the Family Medical Leave Act and/or Worker's Compensation.

  • Paid Sick Leave The parties to this agreement hereby expressly waive the provisions of the City of Seattle Ordinance 123698, requiring paid sick leave, City of Tacoma Ordinance 28275 requiring paid leave, and/or any city, state or county ordinance, rule or regulation granting paid sick leave to the employees under the jurisdiction of this Agreement, assuming that said ordinance, rule or regulation allows for such a waiver. The parties will collaborate to prevent further such provisions from being adopted by political entities within the jurisdiction of this agreement.

  • Leave Bank The Employer agrees to begin exploration of creating and maintaining an account or mechanism to permit donation of Paid Time Off hours from members of the bargaining unit to bargaining unit employees who are on family or medical leave and who have exhausted or are projected to exhaust their accrued leave before they are able to return to work.

  • Sick Leave Policy It is the policy of the State of Ohio to not unreasonably deny sick leave to employees when requested. It is also the policy of the State to take corrective action for unauthorized use of sick leave and/or abuse of sick leave. It is further the policy of the State that when corrective and/or disciplinary action is taken, it will be applied progressively and consistently. It is the desire of the State of Ohio that when discipline is applied it will serve the purpose of correcting the performance of the employee.