Limited Warranty for Consulting and/or Engineering Services Sample Clauses

Limited Warranty for Consulting and/or Engineering Services. Company will provide consulting and/or engineering services in accordance with generally accepted professional practices using reasonable care and skill consistent with that ordinarily exercised by members of the profession under similar conditions. However, due to the nature of the Services being provided, Company cannot fully guarantee the success of the Customer’s project(s) for which Company’s consulting and/or engineering services are being provided. In the event that Company commits an error or omission with respect to, or incorrectly performs, consulting and/or engineering services, Company shall use commercially reasonable efforts to correct such error or omission, or re-perform such consulting or engineering services at not cost to Customer. Customer acknowledges that its sole and exclusive remedy, and Company’s sole and exclusive liability, for any defect or error in consulting and/or engineering services shall be correction, re-performance or substitution of such consulting and/or engineering services by Company.