Licenses and Authorizations Sample Clauses

Licenses and Authorizations. All rights associated with the licenses, licensing agreements, permits, easements, registrations, domains, IP addresses and authorizations issued or granted to Seller by any governmental authority with respect to the operation of the Business, including, without limitation, those licenses and authorizations listed on Schedule 1.1(d) attached hereto, and all applications therefor, together with any renewals, extensions, or modifications thereof and additions thereto;
Licenses and Authorizations. (a) Tritel and its Subsidiaries hold all licenses, permits, certificates, franchises, ordinances, registrations, or other rights, applications and authorizations required to be filed with or granted or issued by any Governmental Authority, including, without limitation, the FCC or any state authority asserting over Tritel, its Subsidiaries and their respective properties and assets, that are required for the conduct of their businesses as currently being conducted (each, as amended to date, the "Tritel ------ Authorizations"), other than such licenses, permits, certificates, franchises, -------------- ordinances, registrations, or other rights, applications and authorizations the absence of which would not, individually or in the aggregate, be reasonably likely to have a Tritel Material Adverse Effect or prevent or materially impair or delay the ability of Tritel to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby. Tritel has made available to TeleCorp a true, complete and correct list of such Tritel Authorizations.
Licenses and Authorizations. Schedule A attached hereto includes a true and complete list of the Licenses and any other licenses, permits, and authorizations of any governmental or regulatory authority currently held by the Seller for the Stations. The Licenses constitute all of the licenses and authorizations used in the operation of the Stations as now operated and the Licenses are now and on the Closing Date will be in full force and effect and with no material impairment by any act or omission of the Seller. There is not now pending or, to the knowledge of Seller, threatened, any action by or before the FCC to revoke, cancel, rescind, modify, or refuse to renew any of the Licenses, or any investigation, order to show cause, notice of violation, notice of apparent liability of forfeiture or material complaint against Stations or Seller. In the event of any such action, or the filing or issuance of any order, notice or
Licenses and Authorizations. A. The Property Manager shall obtain and keep in full force and effect all licenses, permits, consents and authorizations as may be necessary for the maintenance, operation, management, repair, servicing or occupancy of each Property. All of such licenses, permits, consents and authorizations shall be in the name of the applicable Owner Subsidiary, if required in writing by the Company.
Licenses and Authorizations. All licenses, Permits and authorizations required to own the Assets and to conduct the business of the Newspaper are held by Sellers are in full force and effect with no violations of any of them having occurred, other than violations that would not have, and would be reasonably expected to have, a Material Adverse Effect. All such material licenses, Permits and Authorizations are listed in Schedule 3.7. Except as disclosed in Schedule 3.12, no proceeding is pending or, to the knowledge of Sellers, threatened in writing, seeking the revocation or limitation of any such license, Permit or other authorization.
Licenses and Authorizations. The Company and each of its employees or independent contractors is the holder of all valid licenses, approvals, orders, consents, permits, registrations, qualifications and other rights and authorizations required by law, ordinance, regulation or ruling of any governmental regulatory authority necessary to operate its/his/her business. A true, correct and complete list of such licenses, permits and other authorizations (if any), is set forth on Schedule 2.9, true, complete and correct copies of which have been provided to the Purchaser. No violation, default, order or deficiency exists with respect to any of the items listed on Schedule 2.9.
Licenses and Authorizations. Each Borrower possesses all Licenses and other Authorizations necessary or required in the conduct of its businesses and/or the operation of its properties. Each material Authorization is valid, binding and enforceable on, against and by such Borrower. Each material Authorization is subsisting without any defaults thereunder or enforceable adverse limitations thereon, and no Authorization is subject to any proceedings or claims opposing the issuance, continuance, renewal, development or use thereof or contesting the validity or seeking the revocation thereof. Schedule 3.9 accurately and completely lists each material Authorization of each Borrower, together with relevant identifying information describing such Authorizations.
Licenses and Authorizations. All licenses, permits and other authorizations issued by the FCC or any other state or federal regulatory agency pertaining to the Station, including, without limitation, those licenses, permits or authorizations listed in Section 1.1(a) of the disclosure schedule delivered by Seller to Buyer and dated of even date herewith (the "Disclosure Schedule"), together with any renewals, extensions or modifications thereof and additions thereto made between the date of this Agreement and the Closing Date (the "Licenses"). The Licenses include the right to use the call letters of the Station, including but not limited to the call letters KRBT(FM).
Licenses and Authorizations. Technology and its Subsidiaries --------------------------- have obtained all licenses, permits and certificates and all other approvals, orders, authorizations and consents and have made all declarations, filings and registrations which are necessary for the ownership by Technology and its Subsidiaries of their respective Properties and for the conduct by Technology and its Subsidiaries of their respective businesses, except for those, which, if not obtained or made, could not reasonably be expected to have a material adverse effect on the Borrowers' ability to perform this Agreement and the Security Agreement. No approval of or filing with any Governmental Authority is or will be necessary for the valid execution, delivery or performance by the Borrowers of this Agreement or for the performance by any of the Borrowers of any of the terms or conditions hereof or thereof, except for such approvals as have been obtained.