License and Maintenance Fees Sample Clauses

License and Maintenance Fees. A. As compensation for the license and the maintenance and support services provided under this Agreement, Licensee will pay to Aether the fees specified on the Summary Page.
License and Maintenance Fees. In partial consideration of the ---------------------------- licenses granted to STC in Sections 4.1 and 4.2.1 above, STC shall pay to SRI a license fee of ******** upon the execution of this Agreement. During the term hereof, STC shall also pay to SRI an annual maintenance fee of ******* on each anniversary after the completion of the Development Period until the First Commercial Sale of a Product. Such license and maintenance fees are non-refundable and non-creditable against future royalties.
License and Maintenance Fees. Source Code License Fee for this License/product Schedule: N/A --------------------------------------------------------- Object Code License Fees for this License/Product Schedule: ---------------------------------------------------------- For the Server Bundled Product: Percentage of Net Sales Price License Fee: [**] per copy/unit of the Server Bundled Product licensed or otherwise distributed by or for OEM. For the Single-User Bundled Product: Percentage of Net Sales Price License Fee: [**] per copy/unit of the Single-User Bundled Product licensed or otherwise distributed by or for OEM. Prepayment of License Fees under this License/Product Schedule: -------------------------------------------------------------- [**] payable as follows: [**] upon execution of this License/Product Schedule; and [**] within sixty (60) days after execution of this License/Product Schedule. Present Annual Maintenance Fee for this License/product Schedule: ---------------------------------------------------------------- [**] SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS ---------------------------- The following Special Terms and Conditions shall apply to the Bundled Product covered by this License/Product Schedule:
License and Maintenance Fees. 9 Article 5 - Development of Licensed Products................................... 10 5.1
License and Maintenance Fees. 4.1.1 Within ninety (90) days following the Effective Date, Pacific Beach shall pay to UCB a one-time license fee equal to Oxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx dollars ($100,000).
License and Maintenance Fees. Licensee shall pay one-time license and maintenance fees ("Milestone Payments") for the achievement of certain goals set forth in Exhibit 4.1 to Licensor within ten (10) business days after each of the events specified in Exhibit 4.1.
License and Maintenance Fees. 18 4.1 License and Maintenance Fees............................................................. 18
License and Maintenance Fees. Customer shall pay the license, maintenance, and other fees set forth in Exhibit A.
License and Maintenance Fees. 7.1 As compensation to Licensor for the License granted to Licensee hereunder, Licensee shall pay Licensor a license purchase fee in the amount of $10,000 per Installed Location, which shall be due and payable to Licensor (a) with respect to each Bakery and Commissary, upon execution of the Franchise Agreement relating thereto between Licensee and BFC, and (b) with respect to each office of an Operating Partner Entity, (i) upon execution of this Agreement for each such office then listed on Exhibit B and (ii) upon commencement of the operations of each such office, for each such office later added to Exhibit B, as amended from time to time.
License and Maintenance Fees. Licensee agrees to pay to XXXX a license fee of $225,000 due and payable as follows: the first installment of $10,000 shall be due within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date of this Agreement, and the remaining $215,000 shall be due on the earlier of: (i) thirty (30) days after Licensee raises $5,000,000 or more of new equity financing or (ii) the first anniversary of the Effective Date of this Agreement. A maintenance fee of $25,000 shall be due annually on each anniversary of the Effective Date of this Agreement beginning on the first anniversary and continuing thereafter for the term of this Agreement.