Liabilities of the Sample Clauses

Liabilities of the. COMPANY The Company does not have any liabilities or obligations, whether accrued, absolute, contingent or otherwise, except (a) to the extent reflected or taken into account in the Current Balance Sheet and not heretofore paid or discharged, (b) liabilities incurred in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice since the date of the Current Balance Sheet (none of which relates to breach of contract, breach of warranty, tort, infringement or violation of law, or which arose out of any action, suit, claim, governmental investigation or arbitration proceeding), (c) liabilities incurred in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice prior to the date of the Current Balance Sheet which, in accordance with GAAP consistently applied, were not required to be recorded thereon, and (d) all obligations and liabilities under the Contracts set forth on Schedule 3.12, which obligations accrue after the Closing in the ordinary course of business. Schedule 3.11 lists all indebtedness owed by the Company to a bank or any other Person, including, without limitation, indebtedness for borrowed money (including principal and accrued but unpaid interest) and remaining payments on capitalized equipment leases.
Liabilities of the. PARTIES 6.1. The Parties are responsible for non- compliance with the terms of the Contract, its incomplete or improper performance in accordance with international law and this Treaty. 6.2. For violation of the conditions stipulated in Section 4 of the Treaty, Franchisee shall pay the Franchisor a penalty in the amount of 1% (One percent) of the unpaid (untimely paid) amount. 6.3. For a systematic (more than 1 time) violation of Section 4.1. Of the Contract, Franchisee shall pay the Franchisor a fine in the amount of 1% (One percent) of the amount of the Nominal Lump-sum Payment under this Agreement and immediately terminate the actions violating the Agreement. 6.4. For the disclosure of Franchisee to third parties of confidential information during течение действия Договора и до истечения 3 лет с момента окончания действия настоящего Договора, несанкционированное Франчайзером, последний вправе потребовать от Франчайзи возместить причиненные таким разглашением убытки, а также уплатить штраф в размере 10% (десяти процентов) от суммы Номинального Паушального взноса. Франчайзи имеет право выставить регрессные требования по возмещению полученных убытков виновнику разглашения конфиденциальной информации, если ущерб был нанесен Франчайзеру представителем Франчайзи, которого Франчайзи направлял на обучение, сертификацию и лицензирование. Номинальным паушальным взносом Стороны по данному Договору договорились считать максимально- заявленный на рынке Франчайзером Паушальный взнос за пользование КИП в формате Локальной франшизы, который объявлен Франчайзером на момент совершения Франчайзи действий, подлежащих применению Номинального Паушального взноса, и который размещен на официальных сайтах Международной образовательной сети MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL (; и сайтах, занимающихся продвижением и продажей данной франшизы, с которыми у Xxxxxxxxxxx существуют договорные отношения. Для справки: На момент заключения данного Договора Номинальный паушальный взнос, объявленный на официальном сайте франшиз Международной образовательной сети MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL (www.miniboss- составляет 50000 (Пятьдесят тысяч) евро 00 центов. Номинальная величина ежемесячных роялти составляет 1000 (Одна) тысяча евро 00 центов. the validity of the Agreement and before the expiration of 3 years from the date of termination of this Agreement, unauthorized by the Franchiser, the latter shall have the right to demand from Franchisee to ...
Liabilities of the. Parties towards each other Research collaboration agreements typically contain a ‘fit for purpose’ provision. This provision should include the specific reason why the material, information or advice made available under this agreement is made available ‘as is’, meaning without any warranty or representation (factual statements). In case of a research collaboration, the reason would be the experimental nature of the work done under the Project.
Liabilities of the. Buyer Subject only to the limitations in Clauses 8 and 9, the Buyer shall be liable for all costs, charges, expenses, liabilities and obligations in respect of the Sale Assets, and relating to that period, from and after the Effective Date and the Buyer shall accept and discharge all liabilities for abandonment, mudpit disposal and site restoration and rehabilitation which have accrued or accrue on or after the Effective Date as a result of any acts or omissions or operations within the Area prior to the Effective Date. The Buyer shall reimburse and indemnify Seller against any such costs, charges, expenses, liabilities and obligations that are paid or incurred by Seller except to the extent an adjustment has been paid or allowed under this Agreement.
Liabilities of the. Parties Shall one of the Parties fail to fulfill its contractual obligations, the respective Party shall pay damages to the other Party for the entire prejudice, according to the Czech legislation in force, unless the Party failing to fulfill its contractual obligations can prove that this non-performance of the obligations is independent of its will and that it is not caused by negligence. The liability of the Parties that is not covered by this Agreement shall be stated according to the applicable Czech legislation in force. Under no circumstances will any Party be responsible or liable with respect to any subject matter or this Agreement, whether pursuant to indemnification obligation or otherwise, for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages. 14.4. The Client expressly disclaims any and all liability whatsoever in connection with the Sponsor Drug or the Protocol except to the extent that such liability arises from the Clienťs negligent act, omission ar willful misconduct. 14.5 THE INSTITUTION AND THE INVESTIGATOR ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE INVESTIGATIONAL PRODUCT IS EXPERIMENTAL IN NATURE AND NEITHER THE CLIENT NOR THE SPONSOR MAKE ANY WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE INVESTIGATIONAL PRODUCT, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NONINFRINGEMENT. SPONSOR´S INDEMNIFICATIONN OBLIGATIONS WITH REGARD TO THE STUDY SHALL BE GOVERNED EXCLUSIVELY BY THE SEPARATE INDEMNITY LETTER ISSUED BY THE SPONSOR AND ATTACHED TO THIS AGREEMENT AS APPENDIX NO. 8. Duration of the Agreement The Agreement takes force and effect on the date of the latest signature by the parties and is concluded for the period necessary for the Study. The Client, after consulting and obtaining approval of the Sponsor, has the right to terminate this Agreement at any time after first issuing a written notification to the lnstitution at least thirty (30) calendar days before the termination date. The Client after consulting and obtaining approval of the Sponsor, has the right to terminate this Agreement immediately, but after notifying the lnstitution, if the Client and/or Sponsor are of the opinion that the safety of the Subjects is endangered or if the Client receives from the lnstitution a notification according to paragraphs 4.7, 6.1, 6.2, 6.9, 9.5 of the Agreement. The lnstitution has the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect, but after notifying the Client and the Sponsor, if ...

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  • Liabilities of the Company Except as stated in this Section 8, the Company shall have no liability for damages of any kind arising out of or related to events, acts, rights or privileges contemplated in this Agreement.

  • LIABILITIES OF THE PARTIES 11.1. Should the Buyer breach the terms of payment stipulated in the Contract and corresponding additional agreements, the Buyer shall pay to the Seller liquidated damages of 0.05% of the amount outstanding per full calendar day of the payment delay. Should the Buyer fail to make 100% payment of Goods cost within 2 days of the time stipulated for payment, the Seller has the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate the Contract by written notice to the Buyer and without further liability upon the Seller. Should the Buyer breach the terms of signing of additional agreements both on provisional price and on final one, and the terms of fulfillment of final settlement, indicated in cl.8.3, the Seller reserves the right at its sole discretion, not to nominate the future Goods lots with further postponement of the delivery or decrease of the whole amount under the current Contract and / or to terminate the Contract without further liability upon the Seller.

  • Liabilities If this Agreement is terminated pursuant to this Section, such termination shall be without liability of any party to any other party except as provided in Section 4 hereof, and provided further that Sections 1, 6, 7 and 8 shall survive such termination and remain in full force and effect.

  • Responsibilities of the Company 3.3.1 The Company shall provide participants of CopyTrade with a complete package of services according to the Customer Agreement. The Company is liable for proper performance of technological solutions according to the Customer Agreement.