Lessee Compliance Sample Clauses

Lessee Compliance. Lessor shall not be required to tender possession of the Premises to Lessee until Lessee complies with its obligation to provide evidence of insurance (Paragraph 8.5). Pending delivery of such evidence, Lessee shall be required to perform all of its obligations under this Lease from and after the Start Date, including the payment of Rent, notwithstanding Lessor's election to withhold possession pending receipt of such evidence of insurance. Further, if Lessee is required to perform any other conditions prior to or concurrent with the Start Date, the Start Date shall occur but Lessor may elect to withhold possession until such conditions are satisfied.
Lessee Compliance. During the Lease Term, Lessee shall be obligated to comply in all material respects with the Record Agreements and the Permitted Liens, provided, however, it being understood and agreed that Lessee shall not be responsible for (A) any obligations, charges or liabilities arising out of the Underlying Lien Claims, the Permitted Lessor Liens, or any other matters of record that were voluntarily created or imposed by, through or under Lessor or an Affiliate of Lessor after the Effective Date in violation of this Lease, or (B) any fees or charges to extend the term of any BLM Easement, which is governed by the last sentence of subsection (iii), above.
Lessee Compliance. The last sentence of Paragraph 3.4 is hereby deleted.
Lessee Compliance. Lessee shall, at Lessee's expense, promptly comply with all Governmental Laws relating to the Demised Premises in effect during the Term or any part of the Term regulating the use by Lessee of the Demised Premises.
Lessee Compliance. Lessee shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations of any public authority affecting the Site and the Equipment and the use thereon and promptly correct, at Lessee's sole expense (including without limitation payment of any fines or penalties), any noncompliance. Lessee shall, at its own cost, obtain all Federal, state and local permits and licenses necessary to operate under this Lease. If, as a result of Lessee's operations or use of said Site hereunder, any statute, law, ordinance, rule, regulation or requirement is violated, Lessee shall be responsible for any and all penalties, fines, costs and expenses, imposed upon or incurred as a result of such violation or violations.