Legal succession Sample Clauses

Legal succession. (1) Either Party shall be authorised to assign the rights and obligations under this Master Agreement to a third party. The prior consent of the other Party shall be required for any such assignment. Said consent shall be denied only if the third party cannot reliably guarantee that this Master Agreement will be fulfilled or if there is good cause to justify refusing said consent.
Legal succession. 22.1. The rights and duties arising here from may be transferred to a third party with the consent of the other contractual party. The consent may not be rejected, if the third party provides a guarantee that it is able to meet the obligations arising here from.
Legal succession. In cases of legal succession (e.g. where the Lead Partner changes its legal form), the Lead Partner is obliged to transfer all duties under this contract to the legal successor.
Legal succession. In the event that terranets bw assigns its tasks set out in this contract and/or in further supplementary agreements connected to this contract to a newly founded company of which it is a shareholder, the bidder, when signing this contract, declares his consent that the contractual rights and obligations, once the requirements have been met, are transferred to this company. Terranets bw shall duly inform the bidder of such a transfer. In the event that tasks are assigned to a third party, in which terranets bw does not participate directly or indirectly, the bidder shall consent to said assignment insofar as the third party in the same way as terranets bw guarantees to fulfil the contractual obligations.
Legal succession. The rights and obligations under this Agreement transfer, give entitlement to and oblige directly the Parties' legal successors and assignees.
Legal succession. The complete or partial transfer of contractual rights and/or obliga- tions by the contractor shall require ONTRAS' prior consent in written or text form. Consent shall only be refused by ONTRAS with good cause.
Legal succession. 18.1 The Lead Partner is allowed to assign its duties and rights under this contract only after prior written consent of the Managing Authority and the Monitoring Committee.