LEASED PREMISES 3.1 Sample Clauses

LEASED PREMISES 3.1. Grant. In consideration of and pursuant to the covenants, agreements and conditions set forth herein, Landlord does hereby lease, let, demise and rent unto Tenant, and Tenant does hereby rent and lease from Landlord, on and subject to the terms, conditions and provisions of this Lease, the Leased Premises, for the Term set forth in Article V hereof. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the Leased Premises unto Tenant for the Term pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Lease. Except as necessary to construct and operate the Improvements and appurtenances thereto, Tenant is not granted any air rights over or subsurface rights under the Land. Neither Landlord nor Tenant will develop, permit any development of, or interfere in any way with anyof the air rights or air space above the Land or any of the subsurface rights and space below the Land without the prior written consent of the other Party.3.2 Delivery of Possession; Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment; Leasehold Priority. Delivery of Possession. On the Execution Date, Landlord will deliver toTenant exclusive possession, use and occupancy of the Leased Premises free of all tenancies and parties in possession subject only to (i) the Permitted Exceptions and(ii) the rights and reservations of Landlord under this Lease. Subject to Tenant’s rights to access the Leased Premises pursuant to any early access agreement, Tenant shall not have the right to use or occupy any part of the Leased Premises prior to the Execution Date. Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment. Landlord covenants for the Term that Tenant, so long as no Tenant Default has occurred and is continuing, shall and may quietly and peaceably hold, occupy, use and enjoy the Leased Premises during the Term without ejection or interference by or from Landlord or any other Person claiming by, through or under Landlord (other than Persons claiming by, through or under Tenant), subject only to (i) rights of permitted Subtenants arising by, through or under Tenant,(ii) the Permitted Exceptions, (iii) Applicable Laws and (iv) the rights and reservations of Landlord under this Lease. Landlord (a) shall, and shall cooperate with Tenant to, promptly relocate or vacate all inactive easements on the Land under Landlord’s control necessary or advisable for the construction of the Project Improvements (at no expense to Tenant), and (b) shall cooperate with Tenant to promptly relocate or vacate all other existing easements on the Land necessary or advisable for the construction of the Project...
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