LEASE BUYOUT Sample Clauses

LEASE BUYOUT. Lessee shall have the right to terminate this Lease ------------ at the beginning of the twenty fifth (25th) month of this Lease term subject to the following requirements.
LEASE BUYOUT. Buyer and Seller acknowledge and agree, that following the date hereof, Seller may engage in certain Lease Buyouts. With respect to each Lease Buyout, in the event that the purchase price negotiated by Seller for such Lease Buyout is:
LEASE BUYOUT. Should circumstances arise which do not allow you to complete the lease term, a Lease Buyout is an option for you to consider. Only one and two bedroom Premise are eligible. All occupants must agree to terminate the lease agreement. A Lease Buyout may be paid at on the first of the month with a move out by the end of the same month. Please check with the office for exact details, costs and terms. All Lease Buyouts are at the sole discretion of management.
LEASE BUYOUT. Landlord agrees to deposit into escrow (the "Lease Buyout Escrow") for use by Tenant in the manner described below the sum of Two Hundred Seventy Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($270,000.00), or such other amount as is determined by multiplying $15,000.00 by the number of whole or partial months remaining in the term of the "Existing Lease" [as defined below] as of the commencement date of the term of this Lease. Landlord shall make such deposit into the Lease Buyout Escrow within 30 days of the commencement date of this Lease. The escrow holder shall be Trammell Crow Company ("Escrow Agent"), which company Tenant and Landlord each hereby acknowledge and agree is also acting as real estate broker for Landlord in connection with this Lease. The Lease Buyout Escrow may be used by Tenant only for the following purposes and for no other use or purpose: Tenant may use the Lease Buyout Escrow for the purpose of offsetting Tenant's Lease obligations under another lease at 660 Hembree Parkway, Suite 106, Roswell, Georgia (the "Existing Lease"), including without limitation the making of regularly monthly payments of "rents" and/or "additional rents" (however described or denominated) pursuant to the Existing Lease, and/or, subject to Landlord's review and approval in Landlord's reasonable good faith discretion, for the purpose of settling and compromising, and buying out, all future such rental payment obligations under the Existing Lease (an "Approved Buyout") pursuant to a lease termination agreement (a Lease Termination Agreement"). Escrow Agent is hereby authorized and instructed by Landlord and Tenant to disburse from escrow and remit to Tenant an amount equal to the monthly rental payments made by Tenant under the Existing Lease for any whole or partial months during the term of this Lease. Such monthly disbursements from escrow shall be made monthly within five (5) business days after Escrow Agent receives from Tenant a copy of Tenant's check in payment of such rents to the Landlord under the Existing Lease. Subject to Escrow Agent's receipt of further written approval from Landlord with respect to any Lease Termination Agreement and Approved Buyout pursuant thereto, Escrow Agent is also hereby authorized and instructed by Landlord and Tenant to release from escrow and disburse by check payable to the landlord under the Existing Lease a check in the amount of any Approved Buyout of the Existing Lease. Landlord shall have no other obligations with respect to th...
LEASE BUYOUT. Lessee will have the right after the second (2nd) lease year to buyout and terminate the Lease upon One Hundred Eighty (180) days written notice and payment of Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000.00) to Lessor. Lessee will continue to pay base rent and operating expenses until the 180 day notice expires. In addition to the buyout notice and fee, Lessee will pay to Lessor the unamortized portion of all the generator wiring expenses incurred by Lessor. The generator expenses for purposes of this Lease will be amortized over a five (5) year period.
LEASE BUYOUT. 44.1 LESSEE shall have the right to terminate this Lease after the expiration of the fourth year of the Lease Term provided that:


  • Lease Estoppels With respect to each Mortgage Loan predominantly secured by a retail, office or industrial property leased to a single tenant, the Seller reviewed such estoppel obtained from such tenant no earlier than 90 days prior to the origination date of the related Mortgage Loan, and to the Seller’s knowledge based solely on the related estoppel certificate, the related lease is in full force and effect or if not in full force and effect the related space was underwritten as vacant, subject to customary reservations of tenant’s rights, such as, without limitation, with respect to common area maintenance (“CAM”) and pass-through audits and verification of landlord’s compliance with co-tenancy provisions. With respect to each Mortgage Loan predominantly secured by a retail, office or industrial property, the Seller has received lease estoppels executed within 90 days of the origination date of the related Mortgage Loan that collectively account for at least 65% of the in-place base rent for the Mortgaged Property or set of cross-collateralized properties that secure a Mortgage Loan that is represented on the Certified Rent Roll. To the Seller’s knowledge, each lease represented on the Certified Rent Roll is in full force and effect, subject to customary reservations of tenant’s rights, such as with respect to CAM and pass-through audits and verification of landlord’s compliance with co-tenancy provisions.

  • Early Occupancy If Tenant occupies the Property prior to the Commencement Date, Tenant's occupancy of the Property shall be subject to all of the provisions of this Lease. Early occupancy of the Property shall not advance the expiration date of this Lease. Tenant shall pay Base Rent and all other charges specified in this Lease for the early occupancy period.

  • Tenant Estoppels (a) Each Seller shall prepare and deliver to each Tenant at such Seller’s Property an estoppel certificate in the form of Exhibit A attached hereto (the “Tenant Estoppel”) and request each such Tenant to execute and deliver the Tenant Estoppel to such Seller. Each Seller shall use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain the prompt return of the executed Tenant Estoppels in substantially the same form as Exhibit A attached hereto from each Tenant at such Seller’s Property prior to the Closing, without the obligation to make any payments or grant any concessions under the Leases. If a Tenant returns an executed Tenant Estoppel (or Lease Required Estoppel or Statement of Lease as defined below) to such Seller, such Seller shall promptly deliver to the Buyer, or make available on Seller’s transaction website, a copy of such executed Tenant Estoppel (or Lease Required Estoppel or Statement of Lease, if applicable) following such Seller’s receipt of such Tenant Estoppel (or Lease Required Estoppel or Statement of Lease, if applicable).

  • Lease of Equipment In accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Lessor shall lease to Lessee, and Lessee shall lease from Lessor, the personal property described in the lease schedule(s) (each, a "SCHEDULE") to be entered into from time to time into which this Agreement is incorporated (each Schedule, together with this Agreement, a "LEASE"), together with all substitutions, replacements, repairs, parts and attachments, improvements and accessions thereto (the "EQUIPMENT"). Capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this Agreement have the meanings specified in the applicable Schedule. Each Lease shall constitute a separate, distinct, and independent lease and contractual obligation of Lessee. Except as expressly set forth in any Lease, Lessor shall at all times retain the full legal title to the Equipment, it being expressly agreed by both parties that each Lease is an agreement of lease only.

  • Landlord’s Work Landlord shall perform improvements (the “Landlord’s Work”) in the Premises in accordance with the attached Work Letter and all such improvements shall be in compliance with all applicable laws, codes and regulations. Landlord shall engage The Richmond Group as the general contractor for the performance of the tenant improvements in the Work Letter that are identified with an “X” in the column labeled “Tenant” (the ‘‘Tenant Items”). The items on the Work Letter that are identified with an “X” in the column labeled “Landlord” shall be performed by Landlord at Landlord’s sole cost and expense with contractors chosen at Landlord’s sole and absolute discretion. All costs for the Tenant Items in the Work Letter shall be paid solely with funds from the TI Allowance (defined below). Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Landlord shall not be required to spend more than the TI Allowance (defined below) for the Tenant Items and any cost of the portions of Landlord’s Work that are Tenant Items which are in excess of the TI Allowance shall be paid by Tenant. For purposes of this Lease, “substantial completion” of Landlord’s Work shall be deemed to occur when the Premises are ready for Tenant’ occupancy except for minor items which do not cause material interference with Tenant’s use and occupancy of the Premises with Landlord having obtained a certificate of occupancy for the Premises. If substantial completion of Landlord’s Work is delayed by a Tenant Delay, then substantial completion shall be deemed to occur on the date on which the Landlord’s Work in the Premises would have been substantially completed but for the occurrence of any Tenant Delay. As used herein, a “Tenant Delay” shall mean each day of delay in the performance of the Landlord’s Work that occurs (a) because of Tenant’s failure to timely deliver or approve any required documentation such as any design or space plans (it being agreed that Tenant shall have a reasonable time to review and comment on any such design or space plan, which reasonable time shall be no less than five (5) business days), (b) because of any change by Tenant to any design or space plans after the same have been approved as final by Tenant in writing, or (c) because Tenant or its employees, agents, or contractors otherwise delay completion of the Landlord’s Work. On or before October 15 2018, Tenant’s architect shall deliver all plans, drawings, narratives and other materials required for submission of a TAA to Massport. For avoidance of doubt, Tenant’s failure to cause its architect to delivery such plans by such date shall be a Tenant Delay. In the event Tenant does not spend the entire TI Allowance, all remaining TI Allowance funds shall remain property of Landlord. Tenant shall not be obligated to pay any charge for the use of the building services (including, but not limited to, parking, freight elevators, loading docks, air handling capacity, utilization of the building chases for ducting purposes, and electricity) during construction of Landlord’s Work or during Tenant’s move into the Premises. The loading dock which may be used by Tenant during the Term shall be identified on a ground floor plan to be attached hereto as Exhibit A-1. Landlord shall provide for Tenant’s exclusive use a generator with an output not to exceed 250kW. Landlord shall contribute an amount not to exceed $50,000 towards the generator costs, which shall include but are not limited to the procurement and installation of the generator and transfer switch (collectively, the “Generator Installation Costs”), but shall exclude any costs related to any dunnage installation to the Building necessary to install the generator (the “Generator Dunnage Costs”). The Generator Dunnage Costs shall be the sole responsibility of Landlord. All Generator Installation Costs in excess of Landlord’s $50,000 contribution, exclusive of the Generator Dunnage Costs, shall be borne by Tenant. In addition, Tenant shall have the right, subject to Article 6.2.4, to install HVAC equipment, antennas and satellite dishes on the roof or other part of the Building.

  • Operating Lease (i) Each Borrower shall (a) promptly perform and observe all of the covenants required to be performed and observed by it under the Operating Leases and do all things necessary to preserve and to keep unimpaired its material rights thereunder; (b) promptly notify Lender of any material default under any Operating Lease of which it is aware; (c) promptly deliver to Lender a copy of any notice of default or other material notice under any Operating Lease delivered to any Operating Lessee by Borrower; (d) promptly give notice to Lender of any notice or information that Borrower receives which indicates that an Operating Lessee is terminating its Operating Lease or that any Operating Lessee is otherwise discontinuing its operation of the applicable Individual Property; and (e) promptly enforce the performance and observance of all of the material covenants required to be performed and observed by the Operating Lessee under the applicable Operating Lease.

  • Substitute Premises Landlord shall have the right at any time during the term hereof, upon giving Tenant not less than sixty (60) days prior written notice, to provide and furnish Tenant with space elsewhere in the Building of approximately the same size as the Premises and remove and place Tenant in such space with Landlord to pay all reasonable costs and expenses incurred as a result of such removal of Tenant. Should Tenant refuse to permit Landlord to move Tenant to such new space at the end of said sixty (60) day period, Landlord shall have the right to cancel and terminate this Lease effective ninety (90) days from the date of original notification by Landlord. If Landlord moves Tenant to such new space, this Lease and each and all of its terms, covenants and conditions shall remain in full force and effect and be deemed applicable to such new space, and such new space shall thereafter be deemed to be the Premises as though Landlord and Tenant had entered into an express written amendment of this Lease with respect thereto.

  • Lease The Lease Agreement (Federal Express Corporation Trust No. N670FE) dated as of May 1, 1997, entered into by the Lessor and the Lessee concurrently with the execution and delivery of the Indenture, including, without limitation, supplementation by one or more Lease Supplements entered into pursuant to the applicable provisions of the Lease.

  • Landlord Consents Pledgor shall use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver to Secured Party an executed letter in form and substance acceptable to Secured Party from each landlord from which Pledgor leases premises on which Goods or Inventory of Pledgor with a book value in excess of ten million dollars ($10,000,000) is located, stored, used or held in the United States of America promptly upon the book value of Goods or Inventory located, stored, used or held at such premises reaching ten million dollars ($10,000,000) (each such letter, a "LANDLORD WAIVER LETTER") pursuant to which such landlord, among other things, acknowledges the security interest granted by Pledgor to Secured Party in such Goods and Inventory, waives or subordinates any Lien such landlord may have in respect of such Goods or Inventory and agrees to provide the Secured Party with access to such premises upon the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default.

  • Tenant Estoppel Contributor represents and warrants that it shall use reasonable good faith efforts to obtain and deliver to FWRLP within thirty (30) days after the Acceptance Date, a tenant estoppel letter in the form attached hereto as Exhibit F (or such other form as required by FWRLP's mortgage lender) from each of the tenants of the Property confirming the information set forth in Exhibit B attached hereto.