Lease Buyout Sample Clauses

Lease Buyout. Buyer and Seller acknowledge and agree, that following the date hereof, Seller may engage in certain Lease Buyouts. With respect to each Lease Buyout, in the event that the purchase price negotiated by Seller for such Lease Buyout is:
Lease Buyout. Landlord agrees to deposit into escrow (the "Lease Buyout Escrow") for use by Tenant in the manner described below the sum of Two Hundred Seventy Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($270,000.00), or such other amount as is determined by multiplying $15,000.00 by the number of whole or partial months remaining in the term of the "Existing Lease" [as defined below] as of the commencement date of the term of this Lease. Landlord shall make such deposit into the Lease Buyout Escrow within 30 days of the commencement date of this Lease. The escrow holder shall be Trammell Crow Company ("Escrow Agent"), which company Tenant and Landlord each hereby acknowledge and agree is also acting as real estate broker for Landlord in connection with this Lease. The Lease Buyout Escrow may be used by Tenant only for the following purposes and for no other use or purpose: Tenant may use the Lease Buyout Escrow for the purpose of offsetting Tenant's Lease obligations under another lease at 660 Hembree Parkway, Suite 106, Roswell, Georgia (the "Existing Lease"), including without limitation the making of regularly monthly payments of "rents" and/or "additional rents" (however described or denominated) pursuant to the Existing Lease, and/or, subject to Landlord's review and approval in Landlord's reasonable good faith discretion, for the purpose of settling and compromising, and buying out, all future such rental payment obligations under the Existing Lease (an "Approved Buyout") pursuant to a lease termination agreement (a Lease Termination Agreement"). Escrow Agent is hereby authorized and instructed by Landlord and Tenant to disburse from escrow and remit to Tenant an amount equal to the monthly rental payments made by Tenant under the Existing Lease for any whole or partial months during the term of this Lease. Such monthly disbursements from escrow shall be made monthly within five (5) business days after Escrow Agent receives from Tenant a copy of Tenant's check in payment of such rents to the Landlord under the Existing Lease. Subject to Escrow Agent's receipt of further written approval from Landlord with respect to any Lease Termination Agreement and Approved Buyout pursuant thereto, Escrow Agent is also hereby authorized and instructed by Landlord and Tenant to release from escrow and disburse by check payable to the landlord under the Existing Lease a check in the amount of any Approved Buyout of the Existing Lease. Landlord shall have no other obligations with respect to th...
Lease Buyout. Lessee shall have the right to terminate this Lease ------------ at the beginning of the twenty fifth (25th) month of this Lease term subject to the following requirements.
Lease Buyout. Lessee will have the right after the second (2nd) lease year to buyout and terminate the Lease upon One Hundred Eighty (180) days written notice and payment of Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000.00) to Lessor. Lessee will continue to pay base rent and operating expenses until the 180 day notice expires. In addition to the buyout notice and fee, Lessee will pay to Lessor the unamortized portion of all the generator wiring expenses incurred by Lessor. The generator expenses for purposes of this Lease will be amortized over a five (5) year period.