League Requirements Sample Clauses

League Requirements. NAPLES GATORS will provide to the CITY the following: • Copies of Constitution and By Laws, Rules and Regulations, current Board of Directors, volunteers and participants. • Sample of Participant registration form, including hold harmless agreement.• Sample of Adult volunteer application or registration including release statement for criminal background checks and hold harmless agreement. • Description of divisions of participants (ages and weights) for players and cheerleaders and other restrictions or requirements for tackle and flag program. • List of fees and expected expenses of individual participants, including but not limited to registration fees, traveling expenses, required equipment or uniform accessories. • Description of NAPLES GATORS expected schedule of events including but not limited to: practice starting dates, regular season game dates, playoffs, and tournaments. • Request in advance for changes to any scheduled events including but not limited to practices, games and meetings. • Updates or changes to membership including Board of Directors, coaches, any youth participants and adult volunteers. • Provide a copy to the CITY of all press releases and other information sent to the media.