Landfill Gas Sample Clauses

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Landfill Gas. Contractor shall, whenever economically feasible, recapture and use or recycle any landfill gas that may be generated at the landfill.
Landfill Gas. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1.01, City retains ownership to and the right to extract landfill gas from the Site and any other property made available pursuant to this Lease to Partnership. City shall be fully responsible for control of such landfill gases so as not to unreasonably impact the operation and use of the Amphitheatre unless such impact is caused by Partnership. Partnership recognizes the existence of such landfill gas and will reasonably design and construct the Amphitheatre, parking and related improvements taking into account the landfill gas.
Landfill Gas methane gas and other gases produced by the anaerobic decomposition of matter within the Landfill.