LABOR/MANAGEMENT MEETINGS. The parties are in agreement that full cooperation and understanding between the parties and a harmonious relationship will promote efficient performance which is in the interests of the employees, the Employer and the Union. To this end, it is recognized that matters other than formal grievances may arise which may be appropriate to discuss in a Labor/Management meeting. Meetings will be held monthly by mutual agreement between the Union and the individual Hospitals or by mutual agreement when the occasion arises for discussion and/or resolution of reasonable and appropriate subjects, with the Employer’s representatives and Union representatives in attendance.
LABOR/MANAGEMENT MEETINGS. The Employer and the Union will hold Labor Management meetings monthly at mutually agreeable times and additionally as needed to discuss issues and attempt to resolve concerns that affect members of the bargaining unit. Either party may bring issues/topics to the meetings. Meetings may be cancelled by mutual agreement.
LABOR/MANAGEMENT MEETINGS. A Labor/Management Meeting is a meeting between the Union and appropriate representatives of the University to consider matters of general interest and concern relating to the wages, hours, or terms and conditions of employment of House Staff Officers. Labor/Management meetings shall not be used to present formal grievances but may be used to discuss and resolve issues of concern that affect more than one House Staff Officer in order to avoid having to resort to the grievance procedure. Labor/Management meetings may be requested in writing by either party by sending a request including a statement of the issues to be discussed to the Office of Academic Labor Relations or the appropriate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, or the CIR, whichever is applicable. These meetings shall take place at a mutually convenient time and place. Arrangements will be made by the Office of Academic Labor Relations and/or the CIR. A maximum of eight (8) House Staff Officers, in addition to (2) two CIR staff representatives, may attend such meetings. Rutgers University and CIR recognize that future changes in the healthcare industry may impact the hospitals and their residencies. The committee may be used to collaboratively address any issues resulting from these changes, as mutually agreed upon. Labor/Management meetings may be scheduled on a quarterly basis with follow-up on an as- needed and agreed upon basis.
LABOR/MANAGEMENT MEETINGS. In the interest of sound labor/management relations, unless mutually agreed otherwise, every six (6) months on a mutually agreeable day and time, the Chief and/or designee(s), and not more than three(3) representatives of the FOP shall meet to discuss pending problems and to promote a more harmonious labor/management relationship. An agenda will be exchanged by the parties at least five (5) working days in advance of the scheduled meeting with a list of matters to be taken up in the meeting and the names of those FOP representatives who will be attending and shall be copied to the Township Administrator. The purpose of such meeting shall be to:
LABOR/MANAGEMENT MEETINGS. Representatives of the University Administration shall meet with GEO representatives at mutually agreed upon times to discuss matters of concern. Such meetings shall not be for the purpose of discussing particular grievance cases or for the purpose of formally conducting negotiations on any subject. The party requesting the meeting shall submit a written agenda in advance of the meeting. Such meetings shall take place at least once a month, and other consultations may occur by mutual agreement, as needed. Nothing contained herein shall prevent the aforementioned from meeting less frequently, upon mutual agreement. The Administration agrees to pay for up to four mailings and to deliver two electronic mail messages to graduate student employees each year for communication that is mutually agreed upon as necessary.
LABOR/MANAGEMENT MEETINGS. Upon the request of either party the Superintendent and one other representative of the Administration shall meet with the Association President and one other representative of the Association to discuss any item affecting employee working conditions.
LABOR/MANAGEMENT MEETINGS. The Sheriff and the Union agree to meet to discuss this Agreement as well as any terms or conditions of employment on a quarterly basis, unless there is no mutual agreement on the agenda items within five (5) business days in advance of the meeting. Equipment condition and employee job safety shall be legitimate agenda items for discussion at these meetings. Issues which are the subject of a pending grievance are not to be addressed in Labor/Management meetings. It is the intention of the parties hereto that such individuals as may be knowledgeable regarding items to be discussed in such meetings may be in attendance, but normally no more than three (3) bargaining unit members and one (1) Union representative may attend.
LABOR/MANAGEMENT MEETINGS. Union and School representatives, not to exceed 9 from each side, plus a Union staff representative and a representative from School’s Office of Human Resources (the “Labor/Management Committee”) shall meet quarterly (unless otherwise agreed by the parties) to discuss contract administration issues and other employment issues of mutual concern. Such meetings shall be coordinated by the Executive Director of Human Resources, or designee, and shall be conducted in accordance with such rules and procedures as the Labor/Management Committee shall establish. By mutual agreement of the parties, certain contract administration and/or other employment issues may be referred by the Labor/Management Committee to the appropriate Department for discussion in accordance with procedures established by the Committee.
LABOR/MANAGEMENT MEETINGS. The Employer and the Union agree that during the life of this Agreement, individuals from both parties (not to exceed three from each) be designated, in writing, by each party to the other for the purpose of meeting on a monthly basis or mutually agreeable times and places so as to apprise the other of problems, concerns, suggestions, ideas, etc., related to the facility to promote better understanding with the other. Either party shall have complete discretion to decline to discuss any issue which it views as inappropriate for labor management meetings. Such meetings shall not be for the purpose of initiating or continuing collective bargaining nor in any way to modify, add to, or detract from the provisos of this Agreement and such meetings shall be exclusive of the grievance and arbitration provisions in this Agreement as grievances shall not be considered proper subjects at such meetings. The meetings may be on work time.
LABOR/MANAGEMENT MEETINGS. Employees shall, after giving notice to their Supervisor, be allowed reasonable time off with pay during working hours to attend labor/management meetings, meetings covering modifications of supplemental agreements arising during the term of the Agreement, FIRST and SECOND step Grievance Proceedings, committee meetings and activities if such committees have been established by this Agreement, or meetings called or agreed to by the Employer, if such Employees are entitled or required to attend such meetings by virtue of being Union representatives, grievants and/or necessary witnesses and FIRST and SECOND step Grievance Proceedings, and if such attendance does not substantially interfere with Employer’s operations as determined by the Employer. Labor Management meetings will occur on a quarterly basis, provided the requesting party provides agenda items to the other within seven (7) calendar days of the scheduled meeting.