Known Sample Clauses

Known was known to the Receiving Party or any of its Affiliates, without any obligation to keep it confidential or any restriction on its use, prior to disclosure by the Disclosing Party; or

Related to Known

  • Information The Buyer and its advisors, if any, have been, and for so long as the Note remain outstanding will continue to be, furnished with all materials relating to the business, finances and operations of the Company and materials relating to the offer and sale of the Securities which have been requested by the Buyer or its advisors. The Buyer and its advisors, if any, have been, and for so long as the Note remain outstanding will continue to be, afforded the opportunity to ask questions of the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company has not disclosed to the Buyer any material nonpublic information and will not disclose such information unless such information is disclosed to the public prior to or promptly following such disclosure to the Buyer. Neither such inquiries nor any other due diligence investigation conducted by Buyer or any of its advisors or representatives shall modify, amend or affect Buyer’s right to rely on the Company’s representations and warranties contained in Section 3 below. The Buyer understands that its investment in the Securities involves a significant degree of risk. The Buyer is not aware of any facts that may constitute a breach of any of the Company's representations and warranties made herein.

  • Disclosure to Representatives Recipient agrees that it shall maintain the Confidential Information in strict confidence and that the Confidential Information shall not, without Provider’s prior written consent, be disclosed by Recipient or by its affiliates, or their respective officers, directors, partners, employees, agents, or representatives (collectively, “Representatives”) in any manner whatsoever, in whole or in part, and shall not be used by Recipient or by its Representatives other than in connection with the Solicitation and the evaluation or negotiation of the Agreement; provided that, PG&E may use Confidential Information, consolidated with other market information and not specifically attributed to the Provider, to analyze or forecast market conditions or prices, for its own internal use or in the context of regulatory or other proceedings. Moreover, Recipient agrees to transmit the Confidential Information only to such of its Representatives who need to know the Confidential Information for the sole purpose of assisting Recipient with such permitted uses, as applicable; provided that, Recipient shall inform its Representatives of this Confidentiality Agreement and secure their agreement to abide in all material respects by its terms. In any event, Recipient shall be fully liable for any breach of this Confidentiality Agreement by its Representatives as though committed by Recipient itself.

  • Disclosure to Future Employers I will provide a copy of this Agreement to any prospective employer, partner or coventurer prior to entering into an employment, partnership or other business relationship with such person or entity.

  • Disclosure of Account Information We may use agents and/or subcontractors to assist in administering your Xxxx XXX. We may release nonpublic personal information regarding your Xxxx XXX to such providers as necessary to provide the products and services made available under this agreement, and to evaluate our business operations and analyze potential product, service, or process improvements.

  • Proprietary Information of the Trust GFS acknowledges that the Shareholder list and all information related to shareholders furnished to GFS by the Trust or by a shareholder in connection with this Agreement (collectively, “Customer Data”) all information regarding the Trust portfolios, arrangements with brokerage firms, compensation paid to or by the Trust, trading strategies and all such related information (collectively, Trust Proprietary Information”) constitute proprietary information of substantial value to the Trust. In no event shall GFS Proprietary Information be deemed Trust Proprietary Information or Customer Data. GFS agrees to treat all Trust Proprietary Information and Customer Data as proprietary to the Trust and further agrees that it shall not divulge any Trust Proprietary Information or Customer Data to any person or organization except as may be provided under this Agreement or as may be directed by the Trust or as may be duly requested by regulatory authorities.

  • Unknown Claims Executive acknowledges that Executive has been advised to consult with legal counsel and that Executive is familiar with the principle that a general release does not extend to claims that the releaser does not know or suspect to exist in his or her favor at the time of executing the release, which, if known by him or her, must have materially affected his or her settlement with the releasee. Executive, being aware of this principle, agrees to expressly waive any rights Executive may have to that effect, as well as under any other statute or common law principles of similar effect.]3

  • Disclosure to Executive Company has and will disclose to Executive, or place Executive in a position to have access to or develop, Confidential Information and Work Product of Company (or its affiliates); and/or has and will entrust Executive with business opportunities of Company (or its affiliates); and/or has and will place Executive in a position to develop business good will on behalf of Company (or its affiliates). Executive agrees to preserve and protect the confidentiality of all Confidential Information or Work Product of Company (or its affiliates).

  • Information in Postings Such notice shall contain the following information: nature of position, experience, qualifications, wage or salary rate or range, location, shift schedule, hours per week, the closing date, location where applications are to be sent, and whether the employee is required to use her automobile in the performance of her duties. Qualifications may not be established in an arbitrary or discriminatory manner. All job postings shall state, "This position is open to male and female applicants", except where bona fide occupational requirements prevent it. The burden of proof of bona fide exceptions rests with the Employer. All postings shall also state "this position requires Union membership".

  • Employer Information The Employer shall supply full and timely information to the Administrator on all matters relating to the Executive’s compensation, death, Disability or Separation from Service, and such other information as the Administrator reasonably requires.

  • Corporate Information Promptly upon, and in any event within five (5) Business Days after, becoming aware of any additional corporate or limited liability company information or division information of the type delivered pursuant to Section 6.01(f), or of any change to such information delivered on or prior to the Closing Date or pursuant to this Section 8.01 or otherwise under the Credit Documents, a certificate, certified to the extent of any change from a prior certification, from the secretary, assistant secretary, managing member or general partner of such Credit Party notifying the Administrative Agent of such information or change and attaching thereto any relevant documentation in connection therewith.