Key Personnel Other Consultants and Subcontractors Sample Clauses

Key Personnel Other Consultants and Subcontractors 

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  • Employees and Subcontractors It is understood that, from time to time, it may become necessary for the Contractor to replace an individual working as an employee or subcontractor of the Contractor. All such removals or replacements shall be subject to Owner’s prior approval. Owner reserves the right to approve a replacement, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, or terminate the Work, either partially or in its entirety without further obligation to the Contractor thereunder other than to remit payment for the Work rendered up to the termination date. Contractor agrees that Owner may, at any time, with cause, require Contractor to remove an individual from the performance of the Work. An election by Owner of any of its rights under this Section 19 shall not affect the Contractor’s responsibilities, liabilities or warranties under this Agreement.

  • Contractors and Subcontractors Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988

  • Architects, Consultants and Contractors Landlord and Tenant hereby acknowledge and agree that: (i) the general contractor and any subcontractors for the Tenant Improvements shall be selected by Landlord, subject to Tenant’s approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed, and (ii) DGA shall be the architect (the “TI Architect”) for the Tenant Improvements.

  • SUBCONTRACTORS AND SUPPLIERS The Commissioner reserves the right to reject any proposed Subcontractor or supplier for bona fide business reasons, including, but not limited to: the company failed to solicit New York State certified minority- and women-owned business enterprises as required in prior OGS Contracts; the fact that such Subcontractor or supplier is on the New York State Department of Labor’s list of companies with which New York State cannot do business; the Commissioner’s determination that the company is not qualified or is not responsible; or the fact that the company has previously provided unsatisfactory work or services.

  • Employees and Contractors The Recipient agrees to disclose Confidential Information to any agents, affiliates, directors, officers, or any other employees, collectively known as the “Employees,” solely on a need-to-know basis and represents that such Employees have signed appropriate non-disclosure agreements or have taken appropriate measures imposing on such Employees a duty to third parties:

  • Payroll Records Contractors and Subcontractors must keep original payrolls or transcripts subscribed and affirmed as true under the penalties of perjury as required by law. For public works contracts over $25,000 where the Contractor maintains no regular place of business in New York State, such records must be kept at the work site. For building services contracts, such records must be kept at the work site while work is being performed.

  • Contractor’s Project Manager and Key Personnel Contractor shall appoint a Project Manager to direct the Contractor’s efforts in fulfilling Contractor’s obligations under this Contract. This Project Manager shall be subject to approval by the County and shall not be changed without the written consent of the County’s Project Manager, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. The Contractor’s Project Manager shall be assigned to this project for the duration of the Contract and shall diligently pursue all work and services to meet the project time lines. The County’s Project Manager shall have the right to require the removal and replacement of the Contractor’s Project Manager from providing services to the County under this Contract. The County’s Project manager shall notify the Contractor in writing of such action. The Contractor shall accomplish the removal within five (5) business days after written notice by the County’s Project Manager. The County’s Project Manager shall review and approve the appointment of the replacement for the Contractor’s Project Manager. The County is not required to provide any additional information, reason or rationale in the event it The County is not required to provide any additional information, reason or rationale in the event it requires the removal of Contractor’s Project Manager from providing further services under the Contract.

  • Subconsultants Whichever of the following is marked applies to this Approved Service Order: The Consultant can not use any subconsultants. The Consultant can use the following subconsultants to assist in providing the required services and deliverables: Subconsultant’s Name Area of Work

  • Agents and Subcontractors The MCP, in compliance with 45 CFR 164.502(e)(1)(ii) and 164.308(b)(2) as applicable, shall ensure all its agents and subcontractors that create, receive, maintain, or transmit PHI from or on behalf of the MCP and/or ODM agree to have, in a written agreement, the same restrictions, conditions, and requirements that apply to the MCP with respect to the use or disclosure of PHI.

  • Contractor Key Personnel ‌ The Contractor shall assign a Corporate OASIS Program Manager (COPM) and Corporate OASIS Contract Manager (COCM) as Contractor Key Personnel to represent the Contractor as primary points-of-contact to resolve issues, perform administrative duties, and other functions that may arise relating to OASIS and task orders solicited and awarded under XXXXX. Additional Key Personnel requirements may be designated by the OCO at the task order level. There is no minimum qualification requirements established for Contractor Key Personnel. Additionally, Contractor Key Personnel do not have to be full-time positions; however, the Contractor Key Personnel are expected to be fully proficient in the performance of their duties. The Contractor shall ensure that the OASIS CO has current point-of-contact information for both the COPM and COCM. In the event of a change to Contractor Key Personnel, the Contractor shall notify the OASIS CO and provide all Point of Contact information for the new Key Personnel within 5 calendar days of the change. All costs associated with Contractor Key Personnel duties shall be handled in accordance with the Contractor’s standard accounting practices; however, no costs for Contractor Key Personnel may be billed to the OASIS Program Office. Failure of Contractor Key Personnel to effectively and efficiently perform their duties will be construed as conduct detrimental to contract performance and may result in activation of Dormant Status and/or Off-Ramping (See Sections H.16. and H.17.).