Junior Securities Sample Clauses

Junior Securities shall refer to Common Stock, any class or series of preferred stock issued after the Original Issue Date or any security or right convertible into or entitling the holder to receive shares of Common Stock.
Junior Securities. So long as any shares of Series B Preferred Stock remain outstanding, the Corporation shall not, directly or indirectly, make any Junior Securities Distribution unless (A) all accrued and unpaid dividends on the shares of Series B Preferred Stock shall have been paid in cash and (B) sufficient consideration shall have been paid or set apart for the payment of the dividend for the current Dividend Period with respect to the Series B Preferred Stock and the current dividend period with respect to any Parity Securities.
Junior Securities. Subject to the restrictions set forth herein and the preemptive rights set forth in Section 5.10(j), the Partnership may, without the approval of a Class A Preferred Unit Majority create (by reclassification or otherwise) and issue Junior Securities, including by amending the provisions of any existing class of Partnership Interests, other than the Class A Preferred Units, to make such class of Partnership Interests a class of Junior Securities.