Joint Venture Company Sample Clauses

Joint Venture Company. A company or partnership that the Associate Company or a company within the [ASSOCIATE COMPANY NAME] group of companies owns jointly with a third party(ies) for a joint venture purpose.
Joint Venture Company. Go Public and WLG may decide to form a corporate entity for the Joint Venture in the future. The terms of this Agreement shall be reflected in the organizational documents of such entity to the extent possible. To the extent that the terms of this Agreement are not incorporated into any such organizational documents, the terms of this Agreement shall remain in effect.
Joint Venture Company. Upon the formation of a Joint Venture under Section 2.5(a), MPDP and AMERA may form a Joint Venture Company. The Joint Venture and the Joint Venture Company, if any, shall be structured in such a manner as to be tax efficient for the Parties. The Parties will promptly cause their respective Interests in the relevant Claim Group to be conveyed to the Joint Venture Company upon its formation. Not later than thirty (30) days after the formation of a Joint Venture the Parties will execute and deliver a Joint Venture Agreement with respect to the Claim Group in the form negotiated and agreed upon pursuant to Section 2.5(c)
Joint Venture Company. The Parties acknowledge that in connection with any Joint Venture Company Agreement, it is required to incorporate a Sociedad Anonima in or outside of the situs of the New Project for purposes of the ongoing joint operations (a “Joint Venture Company”) and:
Joint Venture Company. The SHA is made in the ordinary course of business of PGB and serves to set out the respective shareholdersrights and obligations under the joint venture for the formation of a joint venture company to be set up for the purpose of the construction, ownership and operations of the ASU plant. The Final Investment Decision has been obtained from the respective board of directors of both PGB and Linde. The total project cost is estimated at USD172 million with PGB’s portion of the cost amounting to an estimated USD88 million. The source of funding for the Project is expected to be via a combination of equity and debt from the respective parties. The project is expected to commence construction activities by Quarter Three of 2016 and to achieve commercial operation by Quarter Four of 2018.
Joint Venture Company. Upon the exercise of the 15% Option, the Parties and IMPERIAL shall form a joint venture company (“JVC”) that will own and operate the Property. Provided that the interest of the parties has not been adjusted in accordance with clause 10, the JVC will initially be 75% owned by RISE with EASTFIELD and IMPERIAL combined owning the remaining 25%. After the formation of the JVC, each party will contribute to its share to fund operations on the Property commensurate to such party’s interest in the Property. If one party does not contribute its interest in the Property will be reduced pro-rata.
Joint Venture Company. In accordance to the terms of the JV Agreement, ANPL and Fullcast will incorporate a joint venture company, Fullcast International Co., Ltd (“Joint Venture Company”). The Joint Venture Company will have a registered share capital of 80,000,000 Japanese Yen (“JPY”) (approximately S$1,040,000), comprising 1,600 ordinary shares. Fullcast and ANPL (each a “Party” and collectively, the “Parties”) have agreed to contribute in the following proportions to the Joint Venture Company:
Joint Venture Company. Pursuant to the JV Agreement, the joint venture company (the “JVCo”) will be incorporated in Singapore with an issued and paid-up share capital (“share capital”) of S$1,455,000 comprising 1,455,000 ordinary shares to be held by the Parties in the proportion set out below. Parties No. of Shares Percentage of Entire Issued Share Capital REVEZ Corporation Ltd. 800,250 55% Tan Xxxx Xxxxx 509,250 35% Lim Xxxx Xxxx 145,500 10% Total 1,455,000 100% 4.2 Consideration for Subscription of Shares
Joint Venture Company. The exploration results belong to the Joint Venture after the Joint Venture Company and Party A through consultation decide the responsibility of the cost and expenditures spent by Party A on such exploration.