Joint Development Committee JDC Sample Clauses

Joint Development Committee JDC. (a) As of the Effective Date, the Parties establish a Joint Development Committee (the JDC), which shall have the responsibilities for overall coordination and oversight of the clinical and non-clinical Development activities of the Parties under this Agreement.
Joint Development Committee JDC 

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  • Joint Development Committee The Parties shall form a joint development committee (the “Joint Development Committee” or “JDC”), made up of an equal number of representatives of Merck and BioLineRx, which shall have responsibility of coordinating all regulatory and other activities under, and pursuant to, this Agreement. Each Party shall designate a project manager (the “Project Manager”) who shall be responsible for implementing and coordinating activities, and facilitating the exchange of information between the Parties, with respect to the Study. Other JDC members will be agreed by both Parties. The JDC shall meet as soon as practicable after the Effective Date and then no less than twice yearly, and more often as reasonably considered necessary at the request of either Party, to provide an update on the progress of the Study. The JDC may meet in person or by means of teleconference, Internet conference, videoconference or other similar communications equipment. Prior to any such meeting, the BioLineRx Project Manager shall provide an update in writing to the Merck Project Manager, which update shall contain information about the overall progress of the Study, recruitment status, interim analysis (if results available), final analysis and other information relevant to the conduct of the Study. In addition to a Project Manager, each Party shall designate an alliance manager (the “Alliance Manager”), who shall endeavor to ensure clear and responsive communication between the Parties and the effective exchange of information, and shall serve as the primary point of contact for any issues arising under this Agreement. The Alliance Managers shall have the right to attend all JDC meetings and may bring to the attention of the JDC any matters or issues either of them reasonably believes should be discussed, and shall have such other responsibilities as the Parties may mutually agree in writing. In the event that an issue arises and the Alliance Managers cannot or do not, after good faith efforts, reach agreement on such issue, the issue shall be elevated to the Head of Clinical Oncology for Merck and the Vice President of Medical Affairs or Business Development for BioLineRx.

  • Development Committee The PARTIES agree to work together in good faith in the collaboration under this Agreement and to keep each other reasonably informed of its activities hereunder. Additionally, and in support of the foregoing, promptly after the Effective Date, the PARTIES will form a four-member committee (the “Development Committee”), equally represented by EAGLE and SCIDOSE, for the management of the development of the PRODUCTS, which will consist of the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of each of EAGLE and SCIDOSE. Each Party shall have the right, from time to time, to substitute new members, on a permanent or temporary basis, for any of its previously designated members of the Development Committee. Each Party shall bear its own costs associated with participation in the Development Committee.

  • Local Professional Development Committee 1. The Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) shall be established to oversee and review professional development plans pursuant to ORC 3319.22.

  • Professional Development Committee There shall be a Professional Development Committee composed of at least two (2) representatives of the Association and an equal number of representatives from the Hospital. Each party may have alternates to replace a member from time to time.

  • Joint Commercialization Committee (a) Within thirty (30) days of the Original Effective Date, the Parties will establish the Joint Commercialization Committee. When established, the JCC shall be composed of two representatives appointed by each of IDEC and Genentech. Either Party may replace any or all of its representatives at any time upon prior written notice to the other Party. The JCC will be an operational committee made up of individuals with expertise and responsibilities in the areas of product development and marketing, sales management or market research. The JCC will meet on a quarterly basis, except that from submission of a BLA for a Franchise Product in the Co-Promotion Territory until the end of the second year of sales for such Franchise Product in the Co-Promotion Territory, the JCC shall meet more frequently in order to prepare for and oversee the launch of such Franchise Product. The JCC will operate by consensus, except as expressly set forth herein. Each representative will have one vote. If the JCC is unable to resolve a dispute regarding any issue presented to it, such dispute shall be resolved in accordance with Section 17.1.

  • JOINT LABOUR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 18.01 A Joint Labour Management Committee shall be established to attend to those matters which are of mutual interest. To ensure its effectiveness the Committee shall be separate and apart from the grievance procedure.

  • Steering Committee Each Party shall name a mutually agreed upon equal number of representatives for the Steering Committee, which shall meet twice per calendar year, or as otherwise mutually agreed by the Parties. In the event that a Steering Committee dispute cannot be resolved, such dispute shall be escalated to a senior executive of each of Customer and Lonza. The primary function of the Steering Committee is to ensure the ongoing communication between the Parties and discuss and resolve any issues arising under this Agreement. In addition to the primary function described above, the Steering Committee shall also take on the following responsibilities:

  • Joint Committee 1. The Contracting Parties shall establish a Joint Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) with a view to accomplishing the objectives of this Agreement. The functions of the Committee shall be:

  • Joint Steering Committee Within fifteen (15) days after the Effective Date, or as mutually agreed to by the Parties, the Parties shall establish a joint steering committee (the “Joint Steering Committee” or “JSC”). The JSC shall consist of two (2) representatives from each of the Parties, each with the requisite experience and seniority to enable such person to make decisions on behalf of the Parties with respect to the issues falling within the jurisdiction of the JSC. From time to time, each Party may substitute one (1) or more of its representatives to the JSC subject to providing prior written confirmation (which may be by email) to the other Party. The chairman of the JSC shall alternate on an annual basis between a representative selected by Licensor and a representative selected by Denali, with the first JSC chairman selected by Licensor. From time to time, Denali or Licensor may change the representative who will serve as chairperson on written notice to the other Party.

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