Joint Consultations Sample Clauses

Joint Consultations. The Company and the Union recognize the mutual value of ongoing joint consultations in matters pertaining to working conditions, supervision, and Labour/Management relations generally. Company Representatives, Union Stewards, and the Union Representative if available, will meet at least every two (2) months for the purpose of discussing matters of concern and benefit, including matters of safety. The Company agrees to notify the Union Representative at least one (1) week in advance of the scheduled meeting. Minutes of such meetings are to be forwarded to the Union office. The parties may mutually agree to set out a calendar.

Related to Joint Consultations

  • JOINT CONSULTATION 31.01 The parties acknowledge the mutual benefits to be derived from meaningful and effective joint consultation and will consult on matters of common interest.

  • Joint Consultation Committee 8.01 On the request of either party, the parties must meet at least once every four (4) months, for the purpose of discussing issues relating to the workplace that affect the parties or any employee bound by the Agreement.

  • Technical Consultations 1. Where a Party considers that a relevant technical regulation or conformity assessment procedure of the other Party has constituted unnecessary obstacles to its exports, it may request technical consultations. The requested Party shall respond as early as possible to such a request.

  • Consultations 1. A Party may request in writing consultations with the other Party with respect to any matter referred to in Article 174 (Scope of Application). 2. The requesting Party shall deliver the request to the other Party, and shall set out the reasons for the request, including identification of the measure or other matter at issue and an indication of the legal basis for the complaint. 3. The requested Party shall reply to the request in writing within 25 days following the date of receipt of the request. 4. The Parties shall enter into consultations in good faith within: (a) 35 days following the date of receipt of the request for consultations regarding urgent matters (20); or (b) 40 days following the date of receipt of the request for consultations for all other matters. 5. The consulting Parties shall make every attempt to arrive at a mutually satisfactory resolution of any matter raised through consultations under this Article or other consultative provisions of this Agreement.

  • Consultation Services The company hereby employs the consultant to perform the following services in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement: The consultant will consult with the officers and employees of the company concerning matters relating to the management and organization of the company, their financial policies, the terms and conditions of employment, and generally any matter arising out of the business affairs of the company.

  • Union Consultation The Union is entitled to consult the Employer or its representative, whenever it is alleged that Employees are required to work unreasonable amounts of overtime.

  • INFORMATION AND CONSULTATION 8.1 You are entitled, under the Data Protection Xxx 0000 to inspect personal information held on you in our housing files. We will provide photocopies of this information on request. We may make a charge of up to £10 for this. We will provide you with a copy of any such information we hold within forty days of your request in writing. You may have other rights under that Act in relation to your personal data, which we will honour. You are entitled to check information you have provided in connection with your housing application free of charge.

  • Consultation 25. The Company shall, during the currency of this Agreement, consult with and keep the State fully informed on a confidential basis concerning any action that the Company proposes to take with any third party (including the Commonwealth or any Commonwealth constituted agency, authority, instrumentality or other body) which might significantly affect the overall interest of the State under this Agreement.

  • Telephone Consultation Where an employee is consulted by a Supervisor or his/her delegate by telephone outside of his/her normal hours of work concerning a problem of work, a telephone consultation premium will be paid as follows:

  • Review and Consultation The Executive hereby acknowledges and agrees that he (i) has read this Agreement in its entirety prior to executing it, (ii) understands the provisions, effects and restrictions of this Agreement, (iii) has consulted with such of his own attorneys, accountants and financial and other advisors as he has deemed appropriate in connection with his execution of this Agreement, and (iv) has executed this Agreement voluntarily. THE EXECUTIVE HEREBY UNDERSTANDS, ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES THAT HE HAS NOT RECEIVED ANY ADVICE, COUNSEL OR RECOMMENDATION WITH RESPECT TO THIS AGREEMENT FROM ANY DIRECTOR OR EMPLOYEE OF, OR ANY ATTORNEY, ACCOUNTANT OR ADVISOR FOR, THE BANK OR THE HOLDING COMPANY.