Job Termination Grievances Sample Clauses

Job Termination Grievances. Grievances regarding disciplinary actions involving termination shall be submitted directly to the department head at Step 3 within five (5) working days after receiving the Notice of Termination.
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Related to Job Termination Grievances

  • Employee Grievances 3.2(a) Grievances on behalf of employees shall be handled as follows:

  • Policy Grievance – Employer Grievance The Employer may institute a grievance alleging a general misinterpretation or violation by the Union or any employee by filing a written grievance with the Bargaining Unit President, with a copy to the Labour Relations Officer within twenty (20) days after the circumstances have occurred. A meeting will be held between the parties within ten (10) days. The Union shall reply within ten (10) days after the meeting, and failing settlement, the matter may be referred to arbitration.

  • Employee Termination A) Regular employees other than those serving a probationary period, shall give twenty-eight (28) calendar days written notice of termination to a representative designated by the Employer with the authority to accept such written notice.

  • Employee Grievance If an employee considers there has been a significant change to the job content of the position held, the employee may initiate a grievance by using Step 1 of the Grievance Procedure. If the issue is not resolved at this step, the Job Classification Review Procedure of Article 22.02(B) above shall be utilized.

  • Union Policy Grievance or Employer Grievance A Union policy grievance or an Employer grievance may be submitted to the Employer or the Union, as the case may be, in writing, within ten (10) work days of the time circumstances upon which the grievance is based were known or should have been known by the griever. A meeting between the Employer and the Union shall be held within five (5) work days of the presentation of the written grievance and shall take place within the framework of Step 3 of Article 22.05

  • Benefit Termination Any employee terminating employment shall be entitled to receive the District insurance contribution for the remainder of the calendar month in which the contribution is effective. In cases where separation occurs after completion of the employee’s full contract obligation (i.e. the end of the school/work year), benefit coverage will continue through August 31 of that year.

  • Employer Grievance The Employer may institute a grievance by delivering the same in writing to the President of the Local Union and the President shall answer such grievance in writing within five working (5) days. If the answer is not acceptable to the Employer, the Employer may, within ten (10) working days from the day the President gives her answer, give ten (10) working days notice to the President of the Local Union of its intention to refer the dispute to arbitration.

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