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  • Authorized and Issued Capital The authorized capitalization of the Company, the Parent and each of their Subsidiaries is set forth on Schedule 5(c). Except as set forth on Schedule 5(c), the Company and the Parent have not issued any other shares of their Capital Stock and there are no further subscriptions, contracts or agreements for the issuance or purchase of any other or additional equity interest in the Company, the Parent or any of their Subsidiaries, either in the form of options, agreements, warrants, calls, convertible securities or other similar rights. All the outstanding shares of Capital Stock have been duly and validly authorized and issued and are fully paid and nonassessable and will have been offered, issued, sold and delivered in compliance with applicable federal and state securities laws. Set forth on Schedule 5(c) is a listing of all directors, managers, officers, partners, members and shareholders (including the number of shares of each class or percentage partnership interest, as the case may be, owned by each such Person) of the Company, the Parent and each of their Subsidiaries and of the holders of all outstanding options, agreements, warrants, calls, convertible securities and other rights relating to the issuance of equity securities of, or interests in, the Company, the Parent and each of their Subsidiaries. Except as set forth on Schedule 5(c), neither the Company, the Parent nor any of their Subsidiaries is a party to any "phantom stock", employee stock option plan, other equity-based incentive plan or similar agreement. Except as set forth on Schedule 5(c), (i) there are no preemptive or similar rights to purchase or otherwise acquire equity securities of, or interests in, the Company, the Parent or any of their Subsidiaries pursuant to any Requirement of Law or Contractual Obligation applicable to the Company, the Parent or any of their Subsidiaries and (ii) no registration rights under the Securities Act have been granted by the Company, the Parent or any of their Subsidiaries with respect to its equity securities or interests.

  • Availability of Authorized but Unissued Securities The Company will reserve and keep available that maximum number of its authorized but unissued securities that are issuable upon the exercise of any of the Warrants and the Private Placement Warrants outstanding from time to time and upon the conversion of the Founder Shares.

  • Procedure for Identical Bids If two or more Lenders have submitted Competitive Bids at the same Absolute Rate or Eurodollar Bid Margin, as the case may be, for the same Interest Period, and the result of accepting all of such Competitive Bids in whole (together with any other Competitive Bids at lower Absolute Rates or Eurodollar Bid Margins, as the case may be, accepted for such Interest Period in conformity with the requirements of Section 2.03(e)(iii)) would be to cause the aggregate outstanding principal amount of the applicable Bid Borrowing to exceed the amount specified therefor in the related Bid Request, then, unless otherwise agreed by the Borrower, the Administrative Agent and such Lenders, such Competitive Bids shall be accepted as nearly as possible in proportion to the amount offered by each such Lender in respect of such Interest Period, with such accepted amounts being rounded to the nearest whole multiple of $1,000,000.

  • Procedure for taking possession - The Promoter, upon obtaining the occupancy certificate* from the competent authority shall offer in writing the possession of the [Apartment/Plot], to the Allottee in terms of this Agreement to be taken within two months from the date of issue of occupancy certificate. [Provided that, in the absence of local law, the conveyance deed in favour of the allottee shall be carried out by the promoter within 3 months from the date of issue of occupancy certificate]. The Promoter agrees and undertakes to indemnify the Allottee in case of failure of fulfilment of any of the provisions, formalities, documentation on part of the Promoter. The Allottee, after taking possession, agree(s) to pay the maintenance charges as determined by the Promoter/association of allottees, as the case may be after the issuance of the completion certificate for the project. The promoter shall hand over the occupancy certificate of the apartment/plot, as the case may be, to the allottee at the time of conveyance of the same.

  • Procedure for Change of Scope 16.2.1 In the event of the Authority determining that a Change of Scope is necessary, it shall issue to the Concessionaire a notice specifying in reasonable detail the works and services contemplated thereunder (the “Change of Scope Notice”).

  • Authorized to do Business To the extent required under applicable law, as of the Cut-off Date or as of the date that such entity held the Mortgage Note, each holder of the Mortgage Note was authorized to transact and do business in the jurisdiction in which each related Mortgaged Property is located, or the failure to be so authorized does not materially and adversely affect the enforceability of such Mortgage Loan by the Trust.

  • Description of the service 9.1.1 Internet banking service implies an ability for the client to manage and receive remotely the following services from the bank by means of using the special Internet-site of the bank xxxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx:

  • Procedure for Discrepancies Agent shall follow its regular procedures to attempt to reconcile any discrepancies between the number of shares of Additional Common Stock that any Subscription Form may indicate are to be issued to a stockholder upon the exercise of the Rights and the number that the Record Stockholders List indicates may be issued to such stockholder. In any instance where Agent cannot reconcile such discrepancies by following such procedures, Agent will consult with Company for instructions as to the number of shares of Additional Common Stock, if any, Agent is authorized to issue. In the absence of such instructions, Agent is authorized not to issue any shares of Additional Common Stock to such stockholder and will return to the subscribing stockholder (at Agent’s option by either first class mail under a blanket surety bond or insurance protecting Agent and Company from losses or liabilities arising out of the non-receipt or non-delivery of the Subscription Form or by registered mail insured separately for the value of the applicable Rights) to such stockholder’s address as set forth in the Subscription Form, any Subscription Form delivered to Agent, any other documents delivered therewith and a letter explaining the reason for the return of such documents.

  • Distinction of Funds Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the parties agree that the assets and liabilities of each Fund of the Trust are separate and distinct from the assets and liabilities of each other Fund and that no Fund shall be liable or shall be charged for any debt, obligation or liability of any other Fund, whether arising under this Agreement or otherwise.

  • Procedure for Closing If Buyer shall not timely elect to terminate this Contract under Section 13.2 above, or if the loss, damage or condemnation is not substantial, Seller agrees to pay to Buyer at the Closing all insurance proceeds or condemnation awards which Seller has received as a result of the same, plus an amount equal to the insurance deductible, and assign to Buyer all insurance proceeds and condemnation awards payable as a result of the same, in which event the Closing shall occur without Seller replacing or repairing such damage. In the case of damage or casualty, at Buyer’s election, Seller shall repair and restore the Property to its condition immediately prior to such damage or casualty and shall assign to Buyer all excess insurance proceeds.