Iran Divestment List Sample Clauses

Iran Divestment List. With the execution hereof, Firm, certifies that they are not on the Iran Final Divestment List created by the N.C. State Treasurer pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 147-86.58, and will not contract with anyone on such List in performance of the work hereunder.EXHIBIT AMINIMUM INSURANCE REQUIREMENTSThe Work under this Contract shall not commence until the Firm has obtained all required insurance and verifying certificates of insurance have been approved in writing by the Town. The Town shall be named as additional insured on all policies, except Worker’s Compensation and Professional Liability policies. These certificates shall document that coverages afforded under the policies will not be cancelled until at least thirty (30) days after mailing written notice, by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the insured and the Town of such cancellation. If endorsements are needed to comply with the notification or other requirements of this article copies of the endorsements shall be submitted with the certificates.