ION Sample Clauses

ION. Seller agrees to develop and maintain an ION (electronic mail) interface with Buyer.
ION. (a) It is agreed that an orientation program will be provided new nurses. This program will be reviewed and updated from time to time by of the Association Management Committee. Before a newly hired nurse to duties, the Centre will first provide orientation to the Centre and to the Residential Health Office. understood that such nurse may be assigned to any tour as part of her program, providing such assignment in accordance with any scheduling regulations or objectives contained in Collective Agreement. Where there is a significant change in duties, a request by such nurse for further orientation shall not be unreasonably denied. Nurses required by the Employer to attend in-service and education programs at Centre, whether during or outside of their normal working hours, shall be paid for time in attendance at their regular hourly rate of This Agreement shall continue in effect up to and March and shall effect from year er unless either party gives the other party written notice of termination or desire to the Agreement. Notice that amendments are required or that either party desires to terminate this Agreement may only be within period of ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date of this Agreement or to any anniversary of such expiration date. The salary rates in effect during the term of Agreement shall be those set forth in Appendix to and forming part of this Increases to the salary schedule including the ninth but excluding shall be retroactive and apply to all the bargaining unit as of April on the basis of each hour paid to them from April to the date salary rates are Such retroactive pay be paid out within three pay periods six (6) of the date of the ratification of this settlement by the new employees hired since April shall be entitled to a pro rata adjustment to their remuneration from the date of their employment. Except as otherwise provided, all other the Agreement come into effect the of the ratification of this settlement by this The Centre be responsible to contact in writing at their last any who left the of the Centre and/or unit since advise them of their entitlement to any retroactivity within (15) days following date of the ratification of this settlement Such employees will have a period of thirty (30) days after the mailing of the notice in which to claim such adjustments, and not
ION. The Employer agrees to supply the Alliance on an annual basis with the name, the date of appointment and classification of each employee in the bargaining unit. The list be in January of each year. The Employer shall supply each employee with a copy of the Collective Agreement in pamphlet form of approximately X and he w i l l endeavour to do so within ninety (90) days from the date of signing of the Collective Agreement but in any event within one month after receipt from the printer. The Employer agrees to acquaint the fact that a Collective Agreement is in effect and to provide such employees with a copy of the Collective Agreement within five (5) days the first day of on the job. The Employer agrees to introduce new and/or newly transferred to their union representative and/or his alternate on the first day of working on the job. When employees enter or leave the bargaining unit, the Employer shall notify the Alliance within fifteen (15) working days. employees shall be provided with a copy of the job description concerning their position, and the chart as well as a detailed folder concerning the pension plan the insurance plans. Changes made to the above shall be in writing to the an employee enters his last year of pensionable service under the Public Service Superannuation Plan requests in writing a statement of his superannuation account, the Employer shall provide him with the following information:
ION. For the purpose of this Collective Agreement the terms “employee” and employees” shall mean anemployee and in a classification specifically set forth in Schedule “A”. Where the masculine pronoun is used in this Agreement it shall be deemed to include feminine, and vice versa, where the context so requires.
ION. All matters relative only to Material Processors and their working conditions shall be contained within this schedule. SCHEDULE ARTICLE Consistent with the efficiency of operations, there shall be a one half hour unpaid meal period in each full shift. SCHEDULE ARTICLE As per paragraph of the main body of the agreement.
ION. An employeewho has one (1) year of service as of June 30th of the current vacation year shall be entitled to two (2) weeks of vacation with pay. An employee who has seven (7) years of service as of June 30th of the current vacation year shall be entitled to three (3) weeks of vacation with pay. Vacation pay for each week of vacation entitlement shall be two (2%) percent of gross earnings or forty (40) hours pay whichever is greater. Vacation shall not be accumulated or waived but must be taken within the current vacation year. Vacation pay is accumulated from July to June 30th. Vacation entitlement must be taken within the calendar year. Any employee who leaves the employment of the Company for any reason prior to June 30th shall receive a vacation pay based on the previous year's vacation entitlement.
ION. This Agreement shall remain in force from the 1st day of January to the day of December and shall continue in force from year to year thereafter unless in any year either party furnishes the other party with notice of termination or of a proposed revision to this Agreement. Either party may give notice on or before July the year in which the Agreement terminates. The parties agree that they will schedule a later than the last week of August for the purpose of exchanging proposals to renew or amend this Agreement. The parties agree that they have with respect to all subjects of collective bargaining and have settled such matters as set forth in the Agreement. Further, it is certified that this Agreement was ratified by The County Board of on the 7th day of March and the Union of Public Employees Local on the 4th day of March
ION. For purposes of this Agreement, a grievance is defined as a difference arising between the parties relating to the Interpretation, administration or alleged of the Agreement including any question as to whether a matter arbitrable. At the time formal discipline is imposed or at any stage of the procedure an employee shall have the right upon request to the presence of xxxxxxx. In the case of suspension or discharge the Hospital shall notify the employee of this right in advance. It is the mutual desire of the parties hereto complaints of employees shall be as quickly as possible, and It understood that an employee has no grievance he has first given his immediate supervisor the opportunity of his Such complaint shall be discussed his immediate supervisor within (9) calendar days after the circumstances giving rise to it have occurred or ought reasonably to have to the attention of the employee and falling settlement within nine (9) calendar days, it shall then be taken up as a grievance within nine (9) calendar days following advice of his immediate supervisor's decision in the following manner and sequence:
ION either party requests that any matter be submitted to arbitration as herein before provided, it shall make such request in writing addressed to the other party to this Agreement, and at the same time nominate an arbitrator. Within five days thereafter the other party shall nominate an arbitrator; provided, however, that if such party fails to nominate an arbitrator as herein required the Minister of Labour for the Province of Ontario shall have power to effect such an appointment upon the application thereto by the party invoking arbitration procedure. The two shall, within five days of the appointment of the latter of them, attempt to select by agreement a Chairman of the Arbitration Board. If they are unable to agree upon such a Chairman within such a of five days, they shall then request the Ontario Labour Arbitration Commission to assist in an impartial Chairman, provided that the Chairman shall be from other than the Civil Service and shall be chosen having regard to his impartiality, his qualific- ations in interpreting collective agreements and his familiarity with industrial relations. No person may be appointed as an arbitrator who has been involved in an attempt to negotiate or settle the grievance. No matter may be submitted to arbitration which has not been properly carried through all previous Steps of the Procedure. this nor Arbitration Board shall not be authorized to make any decision inconsistent with provisions of this to alter, modify or any part of of the Arbitration Board will be by the parties hereto, and the decision of the majority, or failing that, the Chairman of such Board, will be final and binding upon the parties hereto and the employee or employees concerned. Each of the parties hereto will bear the expense of the arbitrator representing it, and parties jointly bear the expense of Chairman of the Arbitration Board. ARTICLE LEAVE OF ABSENCE FOR UNION REPRESENTATIVES A leave of absence with seniority maintained will be granted for a period of two years to two employees (only one per department) at any time accepting a full- time position with the Union subject to renewal upon mutual agreement of the Company and the Union. For the interpretation of this clause for leave of absence for union representatives means that the time spent on leave of absence is accumulated €or seniority purposes only, but not for fringe benefits, e.g. pension service, etc., unless specifically agreed upon. Reasonable time off with seniority maintained ...