ION Sample Clauses

ION. (B) Proton
ION d such power or function has been delegated to the LB, the LB may further delegate to any person serving on the L her or any other holder of an executive office, such of their powers or functions as they consider desirable to be ex egation may be made subject to any conditions either the Trust or the RB may impose and may be revoked or alter ny power or function of the Trust or the LB is exercised by any subcommittee, any Director or member of the LB, t holder of an executive office, that person or subcommittee shall report to the LB in respect of any action taken or d to the exercise of that power or function at the meeting of the LB immediately following the taking of the action or to the provisions contained in this Constitution and the Scheme, the LB may regulate its proceedings as the membe hall meet at least six times in every school year. Meetings of the LB shall be convened by the clerk to the LB. In exe der this Scheme the clerk shall comply with any direction given by the Trust or by the Chairman or, in his absence o e office of chairman, the vice-chairman of the LB, so far as such direction is not inconsistent with any provision me e members of the LB may, by notice in writing given to the clerk, requisition a meeting of the LB; and it shall be th ene such a meeting as soon as is reasonably practicable. mber of the LB shall be given at least seven clear days before the date of a meeting: 1 notice in writing thereof, signed by the clerk, and sent to each member of the RB at the address provided by each to time; and 2 provided that where the chairman or, in his absence or where there is a vacancy in the office of chairman, the vic mines on the ground that there are matters demanding urgent consideration, it shall be sufficient if the written no he copy of the agenda thereof are given within such shorter period as he directs. vening of a meeting and the proceedings conducted thereat shall not be invalidated by reason of any individual not t to paragraph 12.12, the quorum for a meeting of the LB, and any vote on any matter thereat, shall be any three o here greater, any one third (rounded up to a whole number) of the total number of members of the LB at the date e appointed any additional members of the LB pursuant to clause of this Scheme, then the quorum must in may act notwithstanding any vacancies on its board, but, if the numbers of persons serving is less than the numbe continuing persons may act only for the purpose of filling vacanci...
ION. Holder Newco. Term Seven years beginning on the issuance date (the "Warrant Period"). Underlying 100,000,000 shares of Class A Common Stock. Securities Warrant Exercise The holder(s) of the Warrants may exercise the Warrants in whole or in part at any time prior to the expiration of the Warrant Period. Exercise Price $0.75 per share, which must be paid by the holder in cash and not on a net basis.
ION. Holder CLP and NBCU.
ION. Holder NBCU.
ION. (The following will appear in all ;collective agreements replacing any provision related to New or Changed that existed in the Hospital's expiring collective agreement:) When a new classification in the bargaining unit is established by the Hospital, or the Hospitalmakes a substantialchange in the job content of an existing classification, the Hospital shall advise the Union of such new or substantially changed and the rate of pay which is If so requested within thirty (30) calendar days of such advice, the Hospital to meedwith the Union to permit the Union to make representations with respectto the rate of pay, any such meetings shall not delay the n of the new or substantially changed
ION. Each Party shall take all necessary and appropriate steps, in accordance with the laws and regulations of its country, to provide for the cooperation of its authors and inventors which are required to carry out the provisions of this Agreement. The Parties assume the sole responsibility for any award or compensation that may be due its personnel in accordance with the laws and regulations of its country, provided, however, that this Agreement creates no entitlement to any such award or compensation.