Invoice From Sample Clauses

Invoice From. <<Company name>> <<address>> Description Amount Pursuant to <<contract and section reference>> <<payment type>> $ 0.00 (i)
Invoice From the Supplier to the Buyer shall be paid at the latest forty-five (45) days after an invoice has been issued. Payment shall be made in RMB or such other currency that the Supplier and the Buyer may agree, in a timely manner and in accordance with the payment terms set forth in this Section 4.2.
Invoice From. To: Xxxxx the L.A.S.T. Brand [FSU BLSA] Payment amount: Speaker Fee ($500.00) Travel Expenses to include Flight, Meals and Lodging [Unpaid]

Related to Invoice From

  • Invoice The Interconnected Transmission Owner shall provide Transmission Provider a quarterly statement of the Interconnected Transmission Owner’s scheduled expenditures during the next three months for, as applicable (a) the design, engineering and construction of, and/or for other charges related to, construction of the Interconnection Facilities for which the Interconnected Transmission Owner is responsible under the Interconnection Service Agreement and the Interconnection Construction Service Agreement, or (b) in the event that the Interconnection Customer exercises the Option to Build pursuant to Tariff, Attachment P, Appendix 2, section, for the Interconnected Transmission Owner’s oversight costs (i.e. costs incurred by the Transmission Owner when engaging in oversight activities to satisfy itself that the Interconnection Customer is complying with the Transmission Owner’s standards and specifications for the construction of facilities) associated with Interconnection Customer’s building Transmission Owner Attachment Facilities and Direct Connection Network Upgrades, including but not limited to Costs for tie-in work and Cancellation Costs. Interconnected Transmission Owner oversight costs shall be consistent with Tariff, Attachment P, Appendix 2, section Transmission Provider shall bill Interconnection Customer on behalf of the Interconnected Transmission Owner, for the Interconnected Transmission Owner’s expected Costs during the subsequent three months. Interconnection Customer shall pay each bill within twenty (20) days after receipt thereof. Upon receipt of each of Interconnection Customer’s payments of such bills, Transmission Provider shall reimburse the Interconnected Transmission Owner. Interconnection Customer may request that the Transmission Provider provide a quarterly cost reconciliation. Such a quarterly cost reconciliation will have a one-quarter lag, e.g., reconciliation of Costs for the first calendar quarter of work will be provided at the start of the third calendar quarter of work, provided, however, that Section 11.2.3 of this Appendix 2 shall govern the timing of the final cost reconciliation upon completion of the work.

  • Invoices Each invoice or pay request shall include the TIPS Member’s purchase order number or other identifying designation as provided in the order by the TIPS Member. If applicable, the shipment tracking number or pertinent information for verification of TIPS Member receipt shall be made available upon request.

  • Invoice Format Invoices furnished by Contractor under this Agreement must be in a form acceptable to the Controller and City, and must include a unique invoice number. Payment shall be made by City as specified in 3.3.6 or in such alternate manner as the Parties have mutually agreed upon in writing.

  • Invoice Certification When and if requested by DXC, as a condition precedent to payment thereof, Supplier shall separately certify each invoice as follows: “We certify that contract deliverables listed hereon were produced in compliance with all applicable requirements of Sections 6, 7, and 12 of the Fair Labor Standards Act, as amended, and of regulations and orders of the U.S. Department of Labor issued under Section 14 thereof. We further certify that any and all additional contract deliverables will be produced in compliance with same.”

  • Invoice Disputes If you believe any delivered software or service does not conform to the warranties in this Agreement, you will provide us with written notice within thirty (30) days of your receipt of the applicable invoice. The written notice must contain reasonable detail of the issues you contend are in dispute so that we can confirm the issue and respond to your notice with either a justification of the invoice, an adjustment to the invoice, or a proposal addressing the issues presented in your notice. We will work with you as may be necessary to develop an action plan that outlines reasonable steps to be taken by each of us to resolve any issues presented in your notice. You may withhold payment of the amount(s) actually in dispute, and only those amounts, until we complete the action items outlined in the plan. If we are unable to complete the action items outlined in the action plan because of your failure to complete the items agreed to be done by you, then you will remit full payment of the invoice. We reserve the right to suspend delivery of all SaaS Services, including maintenance and support services, if you fail to pay an invoice not disputed as described above within fifteen (15) days of notice of our intent to do so.

  • Invoice Submission The Contractor shall accept payment of invoices via EFT. Invoice submission information shall be contained in each individual Order. Payment of invoices will be made by the payment office designated in each individual Order.

  • PAYMENT AND INVOICE PROVISIONS An itemized invoice addressed to the ordering entity shall reference purchase order number, contract number, quantity, description, list and net unit price. Installation/Labor and any other ancillary charges will be shown as a separate line item on all quotes and invoices. Payment will be made in accordance with applicable State of Arkansas accounting procedures upon acceptance by the Agency. The State may not be invoiced in advance of delivery and acceptance of any commodity. Payment will be made only after the contractor has successfully satisfied the state agency as to the goods purchased. Contractor should invoice agency by an itemized list of charges. Purchase Order Number and/or Contract Number should be referenced on each invoice.