Intrusion Sample Clauses

Intrusion. The State Point of Contact shall be notified by the Quest Account Representative as soon as reasonably possible to report any and all suspicious activity regarding the System equipment, or to report any attempts by unauthorized persons attempting to access the System for the purpose of accessing the System equipment.
Intrusion. The installation of malware by computer hackers on Arby’s network to access the point-of-sale systems at certain Arby’s locations, as announced by Arby’s in February 2017.
Intrusion. The CDOS shall be notified by Quest as soon as possible to report any and all suspicious activity regarding the System equipment, or to report any attempts to access the System by unauthorized persons.

Related to Intrusion

  • Intrusion Detection All systems involved in accessing, holding, transporting, and protecting DHCS PHI or PI that are accessible via the Internet must be protected by a comprehensive intrusion detection and prevention solution.

  • Mold The OWNER/AGENT has inspected the unit prior to lease and knows of no damp or wet building materials and knows of no mold contamination. Resident agrees to accept full responsibility and maintain the premises in a manner that prevents the occurrence of an infestation of mold in the premises. Resident also agrees to immediately report to the OWNER/AGENT any evidence of water leaks, excessive moisture or lack of proper ventilation and evidence of mold that cannot be removed by cleaning.

  • Smoke This peril means sudden and accidental damage from smoke, including the emission or puffback of smoke, soot, fumes or vapors from a boiler, furnace or related equipment. This peril does not include loss caused by smoke from agricultural smudging or industrial operations.

  • Environment 2. The Borrower shall ensure or cause the Project Executing Agency to ensure that the preparation, design, construction, implementation, operation and decommissioning of the Project comply with (a) all applicable laws and regulations of the Borrower relating to environment, health and safety; (b) the Environmental Safeguards; and (c) all measures and requirements set forth in the IEE, the EMP, and any corrective or preventative actions set forth in a Safeguards Monitoring Report.

  • Wildlife The Sublessee acknowledges that a concentration of birds or other wildlife on an airport constitutes a significant hazard to aircraft operations. The Sublessee agrees to keep the Sublease Premises clean of fish slime, fish waste, or any other material or item that might attract birds or other wildlife. The Sublessee accepts full responsibility to maintain the Sublease Premises in a manner that will not attract wildlife.

  • Contamination The presence in, on or under land, air or water of a substance (whether a solid, liquid, gas, odour, heat, sound, vibration or radiation) at a concentration above the concentration at which the substance is normally present in, on or under land, air or water in the same locality, that presents a risk of Environmental Harm, including harm to human health or any other aspect of the Environment, or could otherwise give rise to a risk of non-compliance with any Statutory Requirement for the protection of the Environment.

  • Threats Any employee who is threatened with physical harm or harassed by any person or group while carrying out assigned duties shall immediately notify the Superintendent/designee and, if necessary, the appropriate law enforcement authority. Immediate steps shall be taken by the Superintendent in cooperation with the employee to provide for the employee's safety. Steps may include notifying law enforcement, providing legal counsel and/or other xxxxxxx efforts. Precautionary measures for the employee's safety shall be reported to the employee and the President by the Superintendent at the earliest possible time.

  • Noise The Hirer shall ensure that the minimum of noise is made on arrival and departure, particularly late at night and early in the morning. The Hirer shall, if using sound amplification equipment, make use of any noise limitation device provided at the premises and comply with any other licensing condition for the premises.

  • Prevention IP shall take all appropriate measures to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse, and child safeguarding violations, by its employees, personnel or subcontractors. IP shall, inter alia, ensure that its employees, personnel or subcontractors shall have undertaken and successfully completed appropriate training with regard to the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse, and training on safeguarding children. Such training shall include but not be limited to: reference to definitions of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, and child safeguarding violations; a clear and unambiguous statement that any form of sexual exploitation and abuse, and any conduct that undermines the safeguarding of children, is prohibited; the requirement that any allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse, or child safeguarding violations be promptly reported as provided for in Article 14.4; and the requirement that alleged victims of sexual exploitation and abuse or child safeguarding violations, be promptly informed of and referred to available professional assistance, upon her or his consent.

  • Evacuation (1) If the Combatant Commander orders a mandatory evacuation of some or all personnel, the Government will provide assistance, to the extent available, to United States and third country national contractor personnel.