Interval Meter & Phone Line Sample Clauses

Interval Meter & Phone Line. Interval Meters are required for accounts with a maximum annual peak demand greater than or equal to 100 kW for the most recent twelve-month period. DPLER will pay to DP&L the acquisition and installation charges for the required interval metering. In the event that Customer elects, or is required, to receive generation service from any entity other than DPLER, its successor or assignee, including Customer’s return to DP&L Standard Service Offer, DPLER, its successor or assignee may require Customer to reimburse it for the amount paid to DP&L for the interval meter and its installation. Interval metered customers are required, by DP&L tariff, to install a dedicated telephone line to the interval meter. Customer is entirely responsible for the telephone line installation and any ongoing or extraordinary costs related thereto. DPLER may, at its sole discretion, choose to terminate this Agreement if Customer neglects or refuses to sign the Interval Meter Request Form or install the telephone line as required by the DP&L Electric Generation Service, Alternate Generation Supplier Coordination Tariff, Sheet No. G8, within 7 days of written request.