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International Preliminary Examination. Article 31
International Preliminary Examination. Chapter I: International Application and International Search Article 3 The International Application
International Preliminary Examination. Chapter I: International Application and International Search
International Preliminary Examination. Once you receive the international search report as an applicant, you can make a specific request for international preliminary examination by filing a demand in which the designated States are elected. This enables you to obtain an opinion as to whether the claimed invention meets any or all of the criteria of patentability, i.e. whether it appears to be novel, whether it appears to involve an inventive step and whether it appears to be industrially applicable. A fee for international preliminary examination is due when a demand is filed with the International Preliminary Examining Authority, together with a handling fee to cover the work of the International Bureau. Applicants from certain States are entitled to a sizable reduction of the handling fee. As in the case of the International Searching Authorities, the International Preliminary Examining Authorities are appointed by the Assembly of the PCT Union. The offices which have been appointed are the same as those appointed as International Searching Authorities, with the exception of the Spanish Patent and Trademark office. The results of the international preliminary examination are given in a report which is made available to the applicant and the elected offices (which are the offices of, or acting for, the elected States) through the International Bureau, which is also responsible for translating the report into English, if required by any elected office. The opinion on the patentability of the invention, on the basis of the international criteria provides the applicant with an even stronger basis for calculating the chance of obtaining a patent, and the elected offices have a better basis for their decision whether to grant a patent. In countries where patents are granted without examination as to substance, the international preliminary examination report will provide a solid basis for parties interested in the invention (e.g., for licensing purposes) to evaluate the validity of such patents. Usually upon publication of the international application (but at the latest by the end of the 19th month after the priority date), the International Bureau communicates the international application to the designated offices. The copy communicated will be used for the subsequent prosecution of the international application before those offices since the PCT is only a system for filing and not for granting patents. Patent granting is the exclusive task and responsibility of the designated offices. In pract...
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