Inscription Sample Clauses

Inscription. To provide the information for the inscription to be placed by the Church on the faceplate on the front of the niche.
Inscription. The Corporation shall cause, and the Shareholders shall vote their Shares to cause the Corporation to cause, all certificates for Shares to be endorsed with the following inscription: "OWNERSHIP, ALIENATION AND ENCUMBRANCE OF THE SECURITIES REPRESENTED BY THIS CERTIFICATE ARE SUBJECT TO THE TERMS OF THE SHAREHOLDERS' AGREEMENT MADE AS OF AUGUST 15, 2002 AS AMENDED, A COPY OF WHICH IS ON FILE AT THE REGISTERED OFFICE OF THE CORPORATION."
Inscription. The authors, composers and interpreters that want to participate in the 57th International Singing Festival of Viña del Mar 2016 must register their songs following the requirements bellow:
Inscription. This contract is entered into by the following representatives: Negotiating Committee for Creston Negotiating Committee for Federation of Community School District State County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO, Local 3467 School Board Chairman AFSCME Local 3467 Representative Dr. Brad James LuAnne Neuharth Superintendent AFSCME Council 61 Representative Steve McDermott Julie Dake-Abel AFSCME Local 3467 Representative AFSCME Local 3467 Representative Creston Community School District 2017-2018 Classified Salary Schedule Appendix A A B C D E F G H Substitute 14.65 13.93 12.04 11.73 10.08 16.37 12.97 0 14.65 13.93 12.04 13.55 11.73 10.08 16.37 12.97 1 14.86 14.14 12.26 13.77 11.94 10.29 16.37 13.18 A: Bus Drivers
Inscription. (a) Each Pledgor and the Security Agent shall, at or prior to closing, sign each shareholders' register of LHSP under the following notation in English in the shareholders' register maintained in the United States, and in both English and in Dutch in the shareholders' register maintained in Belgium: "Stock Certificates numbered __ through __, representing 2,000,000 shares in the aggregate, are sold (subject to certain limitations) to RGC International Investors LDC, Shepherd Investments International, Ltd. and Stark International ("Purchasers") under a Securities Purchase Agreement among ---------- Purchasers and LEHA, a Netherlands Foundation, Oldco N.V., a Belgian corporation, L&H Holding III S.A., a Luxembourg corporation, Jo Lernout and Pol Hauspie ("Sellers") dated April 14, 1998 ("Securities Purchase Agreement") and ------- ----------------------------- are pledged in favor of Kredietbank N.V. as Security Agent for Purchasers under a Pledge and Security Agreement dated April 14, 1998 to secure, among other things, the obligations of Sellers under the Purchase Agreement. The address of record for all notices and payments made in respect of the shares identified in the foregoing sentence shall hereafter be Kredietbank, 125 W. 55th St., 10th Floor, New York, NY 10019. Attn: Pierre Konings, General Manager and Senior Vice President." Any modification or removal of the foregoing legend will require the consent of the Security Agent.
Inscription. RESOLVED: Council agreed that the lettering on slab be in silver and that the Clerk & Cllr Teresa Parry agree the wording. ADDENDUM: Cllr Teresa Parry and Clerk agreed the following wordingIN HONOUR OFOUR FALLEN MEN AND WOMEN OF CEFN HENGOED AND HENGOED WHO SERVED DURINGTHE GREAT WAR, WORLD WAR II AND ALL OTHER CONFLICTS ER COF AM Y RHAI A FU FARW DROS EIN RHYDDIDRHAG I NI ANGHOFIO IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO DIED FOR OUR FREEDOMLEST WE FORGET Members agreed that they are to research the names of the fallen in the area with the War Memorial Commission
Inscription. Benches can be marked with a 9” by 3” plaque affixed to the end of the bench. Messages must be no more than 4 lines and 80 characters, including spaces. Natural Lands does not allow religious messaging and reserves the right to reject language it deems inappropriate for the preserve setting. Please share your inscription wishes here: Cost Natural Lands will install a natural wood bench, including customized plaque, at the agreed upon location for a donation of $2,500. Your donation covers the construction and installation of the bench as well as the continued maintenance of the bench and surrounding area for the natural life of the bench, on average 10 years. Checks may be payable to Natural Lands or a gift can be made via our website at under “donate now” section. In the “Comments” section please note that the gift is for a tribute or memorial bench.

Related to Inscription

  • Corporate Seal The Board of Directors may provide a suitable seal, containing the name of the Corporation, which seal shall be in the charge of the Secretary. If and when so directed by the Board of Directors or a committee thereof, duplicates of the seal may be kept and used by the Treasurer or by an Assistant Secretary or Assistant Treasurer.

  • Seal The seal of the Trust shall consist of a flat-faced die with the word "Massachusetts," together with the name of the Trust and the year of its organization cut or engraved thereon but, unless otherwise required by the Trustees, the seal shall not be necessary to be placed on, and in its absence shall not impair the validity of, any document, instrument or other paper executed and delivered by or on behalf of the Trust.

  • Circular (a) As promptly as reasonably practicable after the execution of this Agreement, the Corporation shall prepare and complete, in consultation with Acquireco, the Circular together with any other documents required by the CBCA, the Securities Act and other applicable Laws in connection with the Meeting and the Arrangement, and the Corporation shall, as promptly as practicable after obtaining the Interim Order, cause the Circular and other documentation required in connection with the Meeting to be sent to each Shareholder and beneficial holder of Shares and filed as required by the Interim Order and applicable Laws.

  • Professional Seal Where applicable in the determination of the City, the first page of a technical report, first page of design specifications, and each page of construction drawings shall be stamped/sealed and signed by the licensed professional responsible for the report/design preparation.

  • Corporate Name No Borrower has been known by any other corporate name in the past five years and does not sell Inventory under any other name except as set forth on Schedule 5.6, nor has any Borrower been the surviving corporation of a merger or consolidation or acquired all or substantially all of the assets of any Person during the preceding five (5) years.

  • TITLE SEARCH Buyer shall be allowed until 6:00 p.m. on the.......................... day of................................., 20. , (Requisition Date) to examine the title to the property at Buyer’s own expense and until the earlier of: (i) thirty days from the later of the Requisition Date or the date on which the conditions in this Agreement are fulfilled or otherwise waived or; (ii) five days prior to completion, to satisfy Buyer that there are no outstanding work orders or deficiency notices affecting the property, and that its present use(. ) may be lawfully continued and that the principal building may be insured against risk of fire. Seller hereby consents to the municipality or other governmental agencies releasing to Buyer details of all outstanding work orders and deficiency notices affecting the property, and Seller agrees to execute and deliver such further authorizations in this regard as Buyer may reasonably require.

  • Paper Record Search If the Reporting Financial Institution’s electronically searchable databases include fields for and capture all of the information described in subparagraph D.3. of this section, then no further paper record search is required. If the electronic databases do not capture all of this information, then with respect to High Value Accounts, the Reporting Financial Institution must also review the current customer master file and, to the extent not contained in the current customer master file, the following documents associated with the account and obtained by the Reporting Financial Institution within the last five years for any of the indicia described in subparagraph B.1. of this section: