Initiate Sample Clauses

Initiate. The words “initiate,” “initiated” and “initiating” mean to “start” products or services as we allow. Please see the definition of “Start.” Internet Service. The phrases “internet service,” “internet ser- vices,” “e-commerce services” and “online services” mean our products and services that can be accessed and used through the internet as we offer, which are part of our computer system.
Initiate maintain and monitor safety precautions and programs in connection with the Project to minimise personal injuries and property damage. This will include the development of a Project Safety Program compatible with NEWCO's standards.
Initiate. To introduce by a first act; originate; begin. 5 7 required of a specific job or function and the ability to apply such knowledge to the
Initiate. To originate, to introduce in the first instance, to cause or bring to pass by original act, as in organising a plan, policy or procedure.
Initiate prepare, certify, and administer its budget;
Initiate oversee and actively participate in arranging, negotiating and closing debt and public or private equity financings.
Initiate. This phase encompasses the work necessary to achieve a signed proposal. (This phase is usually completed with the signed proposal).
Initiate authorize, aid, or participate in any strike, picketing, or distribution relating to the employee's employment or the employment of any other person by the City or any other employee; or refuse to cross any picket line by whomever established where such refusal would interfere with or impede the performance of the employee's duties as an employee of the City.
Initiate review and make recommendations concerning proposed amendments to the PSA, this Agreement and to its Agreement Schedules.
Initiate a reptile immunology and pathogen surveillance program to further monitor the health of wild and head started Texas horned lizards on WR3.