Information; Confidentiality Sample Clauses

Information; Confidentiality. Purchaser and its advisors, if any, have been furnished with all publicly available materials relating to the business, finances and operations of the Company and such other publicly available materials relating to the offer and sale of the Shares as have been requested by Purchaser. Purchaser and its advisors, if any, have been afforded the opportunity to ask questions of the Company. Neither such inquiries nor any other due diligence investigations conducted by Purchaser or its advisors, if any, or its representatives shall modify, amend or affect such Purchaser’s right to rely on the Company’s representations and warranties contained herein. Purchaser understands that its investment in the Shares involves a high degree of risk. Purchaser has sought such accounting, legal and tax advice as it has considered necessary to make an informed investment decision with respect to its acquisition of the Shares.
Information; Confidentiality. Without limiting any pre-existing confidentiality obligations of Investor, Investor agrees that it will not, until the Closing, without the Company’s and Pubco’s prior written consent, disclose to any other person or entity the nature, extent or fact that Investor is entering this Agreement or the terms and conditions hereof, or any information Investor may receive in connection with this Agreement (in each case to the extent the Company or Pubco or their respective Representatives have communicated the confidentiality thereof) other than (a) pursuant to the order of any court or administrative agency or in any pending legal or administrative proceeding, or otherwise as required by applicable law or compulsory legal process (in which case Investor agrees, to the extent not prohibited by applicable law, to inform the Company and Pubco promptly thereof prior to such disclosure and cooperate with any efforts by the Company or Pubco to prevent or limit such disclosure), (b) to the extent that such information is or becomes publicly available other than by reason of disclosure by Investor or its Representatives in violation of this Agreement, or (c) to Investor’s Representatives who need to know such information and who are informed of the confidential nature of such information and are obligated to keep such information confidential. Investor will cause its Representatives to comply with the confidentiality provisions of this Agreement as fully as if they were a party hereto and will be responsible for a breach of the confidentiality provisions of this Agreement by any such Representatives. In addition, Investor shall not, for a period of six (6) months from the date hereof, make any public disclosure of the nature, extent or fact that Investor is entering this Agreement or the terms and conditions hereof, without the prior written consent of the Company and Pubco.
Information; Confidentiality. Each passenger authorizes THE CARRIER to process all information provided, which shall be used to formalize the reservation, transportation service, business purposes, promotion of services of THE CARRIER and / or its affiliates of products and services, operation of the frequent flyer program ConnectMiles; complying with applicable laws, regulations, government requests and/or judicial orders. The use of the data provided for commercial purposes, promotions of THE CARRIER and / or its affiliates of products and services and the operation of the frequent flyer program ConnectMiles will not apply to passengers from countries whose regulation requires compliance with any additional formality.
Information; Confidentiality. Administrative Agent and each Lender agrees that it will not disclose to third Persons any information that it obtains about Borrower or its operations or finances that are designated by Borrower in writing as confidential or that Borrower has advised Administrative Agent and Lenders in writing constitutes non-public information. Administrative Agent and Lenders may, however, disclose such information to each other, to assignees and participants (including prospective assignees and participants) and to all of their respective officers, attorneys, auditors, accountants, bank examiners, agents and representatives who have a need to know such information in connection with the administration, interpretation or enforcement of the Loan Documents or the lending and collection activity contemplated therein or to the extent required by Law or a Governmental Authority. Administrative Agent and Lenders shall advise such Persons that such information is to be treated as confidential. Administrative Agent and any Lender may also disclose such information in any documents that it files in any legal proceeding to pursue, enforce or preserve its rights under the Loan Documents to the extent that its counsel advises in writing that such disclosure is reasonably necessary. Administrative Agent's and Lenders' non-disclosure obligation shall not apply to any information that (i) is disclosed to Administrative Agent or any Lender by a third Person not affiliated with or employed by Borrower who does not have a commensurate duty of non-disclosure, or (ii) becomes publicly known other than as a result of disclosure by Administrative Agent or a Lender.
Information; Confidentiality. As a state agency, the University’s contracts are generally public records, and therefore no provision of this contract shall restrict the University’s ability to produce this contract in response to a lawful request or from otherwise complying with the Kansas Open Records Act (K.S.A. 45- 215, et seq.). Moreover, no provision of this contract shall be construed as limiting the Legislative Division of Post Audit from having access to information pursuant to K.S.A. 46-1101, et seq.
Information; Confidentiality. The Employee will not, at any time, or in any manner, during the continuance of his employment hereunder, divulge any of the confidential affairs or secrets of the Company to any person or persons, without the previous consent in writing of the Directors. During the continuation of the
Information; Confidentiality. (a) Each of the Company, Atkore HoldCo and Atkore will, and will cause each member of the Company Group to, use its reasonable best efforts to furnish, or to cause their respective subsidiaries and agents to furnish, Tyco Manager with such information (the “Information”) as Tyco Manager reasonably believes appropriate to its engagement hereunder. The Company acknowledges and agrees that (i) Tyco Manager will rely on the Information and on information available from generally recognized public sources in performing the Consulting Services and (ii) none of Tyco Manager, its affiliates and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents assumes responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the Information and such other information.
Information; Confidentiality. All drawings, plans, specifications, designs, data, reports, studies or other documents or information of any nature, in any form, that are developed by the CONTRACTOR or by any of its subcontractors, or provided to the CONTRACTOR by PEP, in relation to the performance of the work hereunder, will be the exclusive property of PEP.