Indemnity; Limitation of Liability Sample Clauses

Indemnity; Limitation of Liability a. The CPA Affiliate indemnifies and agrees to keep indemnified INGOT Broker , its employees, agents and contractors from and against all actions, claims, suits, costs, expenses, charges, losses or damage (including without limitation, consequential loss or damage) suffered or brought, maintained or made against INGOT Broker , its servants and agents by any person or body of persons, including the costs and expenses in defending such actions claims, suits or demands, arising out of any actions or omissions by the Referrer, its employees, agents, and associates including the failure to observe the obligations in this agreement or otherwise.
Indemnity; Limitation of Liability. Subscriber agrees to defend, indemnify and hold SPS, its agents and affiliates, harmless from any claim asserted by any third party against either SPS or ODFI for damages (including but not limited to fines, judgements, penalties, assessments, settlements, and attorney legal fees), including without limitation lost profits, direct, incidental, consequential, special, indirect or punitive damages arising out of or relating to (a) any breach of Section 9 above; (b) any incorrect information provided to SPS by Subscriber hereunder; or (c) Subscriber’s use of the Service including but not limited to improper licensure, originating transactions under violation of state or Federal law, employee fraud and collusion. Subscriber agrees that SPS shall have no duty of indemnity or contribution for a third party claim arising from the use of the Service or the performance or non-performance of SPS of any Service hereunder. Except as expressly set forth herein, SPS makes no warranty, express or implied, and it is agreed that no implied at law warranty shall arise from this Agreement or from performance hereunder. In no event shall SPS’s liability under this Agreement exceed the total amount of fees paid to SPS by Subscriber pursuant to this Agreement during the preceding quarter. Subscriber shall treat all information in connection with this Agreement as confidential and certifies to utilize information only for originating business transactions as defined herein.
Indemnity; Limitation of Liability. A. Satcom shall be liable for any damage to property, equipment or facilities or injury to person caused by the activities of Satcom, its agents or employees pursuant to, or in furtherance of, rights granted under this Agreement. Satcom shall indemnify and hold BellSouth harmless from and against any judgments, fees, costs or other expenses resulting or claimed to result from such activities by Satcom, its agents or employees.
Indemnity; Limitation of Liability. The Parties acknowledge and agree that the provisions relating to indemnity and limitation of liability are set forth in the Omnibus Agreement. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement or the Omnibus Agreement to the contrary and solely for the purpose of determining which of HFRM or HEP Operating shall be liable in a particular circumstance, neither HFRM or HEP Operating shall be liable to the other Party for any loss, damage, injury, judgment, claim, cost, expense or other liability suffered or incurred (collectively, “Damages”) by such Party except to the extent set forth in the Omnibus Agreement and to the extent that HFRM or HEP Operating causes such Damages or owns or operates the assets or other property in question responsible for causing such Damages.
Indemnity; Limitation of Liability. 6.1 The Licensee indemnifies, holds harmless and defends UBC, its Board of Governors, officers, employees, faculty, students, invitees and agents against any and all claims (including all associated legal fees and disbursements actually incurred) arising out of the exercise of any rights under this Agreement, including without limitation against any damages or losses, consequential or otherwise, arising in any manner at all from or out of the use of the Technology licensed under this Agreement by the Licensee.
Indemnity; Limitation of Liability a. In the course of the relationship between the parties, the parties may be privy to confidential information in respect of the business of each party and their associates. Such confidential information shall include any systems, technology, processes, client database and all information, material and documentation (whether written, verbal or in any other form) to which a party is given access, but does not include information which is publicly available or already known to a party.
Indemnity; Limitation of Liability. In partial consideration of the Services rendered hereunder, the Company shall indemnify SkyWorks and certain other Indemnified Persons (as defined in Schedule A hereto) in accordance with Schedule A attached hereto. The Company shall not and shall cause its affiliates and its and their respective directors, officers, employees, shareholders and agents not to, initiate any action or proceeding against SkyWorks or any other Indemnified Person in connection with this Agreement, this engagement or any Financing unless such action or proceeding is based solely upon the bad faith or gross negligence of SkyWorks or any such Indemnified Person.
Indemnity; Limitation of Liability. (a) DataLogic will indemnify and hold harmless MBMC against any and all losses, claims, damages, obligations, penalties, judgments, awards, liabilities, costs, expenses and disbursements (and any and all actions, suits, proceedings and investigations in respect thereof and any and all legal and other costs, expenses and disbursements in giving testimony or furnishing documents in response to a subpoena or otherwise), including, without limitation, the costs, expenses and disbursements, reasonably incurred, as and when incurred, of investigating, preparing or defending any such action, suit, proceeding or investigation (whether or not in connection with litigation in which MBMC is a party), directly or indirectly, caused by, relating to, based upon, arising out of, or in connection with this letter agreement or MBMC's performance hereunder, except to the extent primarily caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of MBMC.
Indemnity; Limitation of Liability. (a) Company shall indemnify and hold harmless Getko and its Affiliates (including Cendant), officers, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns from any claims, damages, liabilities, losses, government procedures and costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs of suit, arising from any third party claims for (i) Company's or its employees' or agents' failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations, negligence or willful misconduct, or misrepresentation, or breach of any warranty, obligation or covenant of this Agreement and (ii) libel, slander or defamation or violation (or misappropriation) of intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights or similar rights arising from any content or advertising placed or displayed on the Company Web Site, Internet Portal or other approved Web Site only to the extent that such content or advertising is furnished by Company. In no event shall the indemnity obligation set forth in this subsection (a) apply to any information (including content) furnished to Company by Getko, provided Company has been authorized to use such information and has used such information in accordance with Getko's approval.