INCLUSIVE RESIDENCE CHARGE. 3.1 The Student shall pay to the College as rent the Inclusive Residence Charge and all other sums due under this Agreement.
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  • CONTRACT LIMIT, FEES AND EXPENSES changing the not-to-exceed amount of the Contract from ONE MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED NINTY THOUSAND DOLLARS AND ZERO CENTS ($1,790,000.00) to TWO MILLION ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS AND ZERO CENTS ($2,100,000.00), as approved by the Executive Director on October 22, 2021.

  • Types and Amounts of Coverage Without limiting Grantee's liability pursuant to Article 9, Grantee shall maintain in force, during the full term of this Agreement, insurance in the following amounts and coverages:

  • Benefits – Prepayment or Repayment of Premiums During Unpaid Portion of Leave 11.4.1 Teachers may prepay or repay benefit premiums payable during the duration of parental leave.

  • Payment of Principal, Interest, Escrow Items, Prepayment Charges, and Late Charges Borrower will pay each Periodic Payment when due. Borrower will also pay any prepayment charges and late charges due under the Note, and any other amounts due under this Security Instrument. Payments due under the Note and this Security Instrument must be made in U.S. currency. If any check or other instrument received by Lender as payment under the Note or this Security Instrument is returned to Lender unpaid, Lender may require that any or all subsequent payments due under the Note and this Security Instrument be made in one or more of the following forms, as selected by Lender: (a) cash; (b) money order; (c) certified check, bank check, treasurer’s check, or cashier’s check, provided any such check is drawn upon an institution whose deposits are insured by a U.S. federal agency, instrumentality, or entity; or (d) Electronic Fund Transfer. Payments are deemed received by Lender when received at the location designated in the Note or at such other location as may be designated by Lender in accordance with the notice provisions in Section 16. Lender may accept or return any Partial Payments in its sole discretion pursuant to Section 2. Any offset or claim that Borrower may have now or in the future against Lender will not relieve Borrower from making the full amount of all payments due under the Note and this Security Instrument or performing the covenants and agreements secured by this Security Instrument.

  • Scheduling Payments Funds must be available in your Bill Payment Account on the scheduled payment date. If the date you schedule a payment to be initiated falls on a non-Business Day (Saturday, Sunday, or holiday), funds must be available in your Bill Payment Account the following Business Day (e.g. Monday). After funds are withdrawn from your Bill Payment Account to make a payment, we may make the payment either by transferring funds electronically (using the Federal Reserve Banks’ ACH system) to the payee or by mailing the payee a check. Payments scheduled via bill pay will be delivered in two (2) to five (5) Business Days, depending on the method. For payees that accept electronic payments, they will receive the payment within two (2) Business Days after the scheduled send on date. If the payee does not accept electronic payments, a check will be issued and mailed to the address you provide. This is a default method used to ensure that the delivery of the payment is made, even if we’re (bill pay provider) is unable to validate the payee, address or account number. The funds are debited from the linked account one (1) to two (2) Business Days after the send on date. While we will make commercially reasonable efforts to deliver your payments made through the Bill Payment Service by the designated delivery date, you acknowledge that circumstances beyond our control may cause delays in the delivery, handling, or posting of payment. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PREVENT ANY DELAY IN THE DELIVERY OF PAYMENTS, AND YOU CAN PREVENT SUCH DELAYS BY SCHEDULING DELIVERY OF YOUR PAYMENT IN ADVANCE OF YOUR PAYEE’S ACTUAL DUE DATE. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DELAYS CAUSED BY THE POSTAL SERVICE, YOUR PAYEE, OR ANY OTHER PARTY BEYOND OUR REASONABLE CONTROL.

  • Payment of Charges All amounts chargeable to Borrower under Section 6 hereof shall be Obligations secured by all of the Collateral, shall be payable on demand and shall bear interest from the date such advance was made until paid in full at the rate applicable to Revolving Credit Loans from time to time.

  • Maintenance Charges 3.1 The annual service charge for the Maintenance Service is payable annually in advance. Payment for services provided to the Customer in addition to the Maintenance Services is due on presentation of an invoice by the Supplier.

  • Finance Charges A finance charge is the cost you pay for credit. We will charge Interest Charges and Fees to your account as described to you in your statements and other Truth in Lending Disclosures. The fol- lowing describes how the finance charge will be calculated on the M-124281 Account. You have a 25-day grace (no finance charge) period on your pur- chase balance and for new purchases if you paid the entire New Balance on your last statement by the end of the grace period. You also have a 25-day grace period for new purchases if you did not have a balance on your last statement. The grace period starts on the billing cycle closing date. If you do not pay the entire New Balance by the end of the grace period, a finance charge will be imposed on the unpaid balance from the first day of the next billing cycle and on new purchases from the date they are posted to your Account. There is no grace period for cash advances. A finance charge will be imposed on cash advances from the date the cash advance is posted to your Account. Balance transfers as permit- xxx by Credit Union from time to time in Credit Union’s sole discre- tion will be treated as cash advances for the purpose of all finance charges and finance charge calculations. Finance charges on your Account are calculated by applying the applicable Monthly Periodic Rate to the average daily balances for purchases and cash advances. Separate average daily balances are calculated for purchases and cash advances. To get each av- erage daily balance, the daily balances for purchases and cash advances for the billing cycle are added and the totals are divided by the number of days in the cycle. To get the daily balance for cash advances, new cash advances are added to the day’s begin- ning balance and payments and credits are subtracted. To get the daily balance for purchases, new purchases are added to the day’s beginning balance and payments and credits are subtracted; how- ever, new purchases are not added if you paid the entire New Bal- ance on your last statement by the end of the grace period or if you did not have a balance on your last statement. Fees and unpaid finance charges are not included in the calculation of the average daily balance. Finance charges will continue to accrue on your Ac- count until what you owe under this Agreement is paid in full. Credit Union may offer balance transfer, introductory rate, or other special rate promotions for your Account from time to time in Credit Union’s sole discretion. The applicable Monthly Periodic Rate and ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE for any promotion and any promo- tion terms and conditions will be disclosed to before or at the time you make use of such promotion.

  • ATM Fees If you use an ATM to obtain a cash advance and the ATM is not operated by us, you may be charged an ATM surcharge by the ATM operator or an ATM network utilized for such a transaction. The ATM surcharge may be charged to your account if you complete the transaction.

  • REIMBURSEMENT FOR MILEAGE AND INSURANCE 1. An employee who is required by their employer to use their private vehicle for school district related purposes shall receive reimbursement of: Effective July 1, 2019 $ 0.56 c/Km Effective July 1, 2020 $ 0.57 c/Km Effective July 1, 2021 $ 0.58 c/Km

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