Incident Response Plan Sample Clauses

Incident Response Plan. Policies and procedures are implemented, designed to detect, respond to, and otherwise address incidents, including specific points of contact in the event of an incident, and procedures to: (i) monitor and detect actual and attempted attacks on, or intrusions into, the processing systems, (ii) identify and respond to suspected or known incidents, (iii) immediately mitigate the harmful effects of any incidents without detriment to measures or actions necessary to determine the seriousness of the breach.
Incident Response Plan. Alteryx maintains an incident response program to address any suspected unauthorized access to or use of Licensee Content or to Alteryx systems that process or have access to Licensee Content, including, but not limited to: (i) promptly notifying Licensee of a confirmed breach, together with sufficient detail to inform Licensee of any potential risks to Licensee systems or data; (ii) taking all reasonable steps required to address the source of the suspected breach and to mitigate any identified risks; and (iii) providing Licensee with updates and information to demonstrate adequate resolution of the vulnerabilities giving rise to the suspected breach.
Incident Response Plan. The SI's Information Security Program shall include an incident response plan to address and handle Security Incidents relating to NFPS Data and MTA Group Confidential Information and, at a minimum, shall also apply to NFPS Security-Sensitive SI Resources (the "Incident Response Plan"). This Incident Response Plan shall comply with Good Industry Practices and the requirements set out in the Technical Specifications. The SI shall periodically test its incident Response Plan, all in accordance with Good Industry Practices. The SI shall submit a draft of the Incident Response Plan to the MTA for review and approval, and the SI shall otherwise ensure that the Incident Response Plan has been approved and is implemented prior to the earlier of (i) the commencement of the first Pilot Test, and (ii) the SI's collection of NFPS Data from any MTA Group customer.
Incident Response Plan. Vendor shall have a written incident response plan, to include prompt notification to HCSD in the event of a security or privacy incident, as well as best practices for responding to a breach of HCSD Protected Information and Data. Provider agrees to share its incident response plan upon request. Upon the occurrence of any actual or suspected unauthorized use or disclosure of HCSD Protected Information and Data. Vendor shall take reasonable steps to minimize or mitigate the risk of harmful or potentially harmful effects resulting from said actual or suspected unauthorized use or disclosure.
Incident Response Plan. Procedures for responding to, documenting, and mitigating where practicable suspected or known incidents involving a possible breach of security and their outcomes.
Incident Response Plan. Upon notification of the City by TxDOT of an irrigation leak or malfunction, the City will contact the responsible property owner or tenant by telephone or email within two
Incident Response Plan. Supplier shall develop an incident response plan containing a roadmap for implementing its incident response capability, describing the structure and organization of the incident response capability, providing a high-level approach for how the incident response capability aligns with its overall organizational policies and procedures, and meets the unique requirements of the Supplier, which relate to mission, size, structure, and functions. The incident response plan will also define reportable incidents and resources needed to effectively maintain and mature an incident response capability, as well as provide metrics for measuring the incident response capability. The plan shall then be approved by designated Supplier officials.
Incident Response Plan. Nuance shall maintain a written incident response plan and processes to detect, identify, report, respond to, mitigate and remediate information security incidents as required by this ISA and the BAA.
Incident Response Plan. A. Each post of duty for Agency employees shall have access to the Incident Response Plan that establishes procedures for safeguarding lives in the event of fire, earthquake, bomb threat, tornado, flood, hurricane, terrorist attack, biological threat, chemical threat, hostage-taking, nuclear explosions and radiological contamination, or similar natural or man-made emergency. Employees may request specific information on emergency plans from the SSU. See the Appendix of this Agreement for further information on the Incident Response Plan.